Midwestern Gothic

Midwestern Gothic Issue Features Fiction From Dave, Barrett, Meredith Boe, Justin Carmickle, Marianne Chan, DeLeon DeMicoli, Chris Drabick, Jason Marc Harris, Stephanie Heit, Joseph Horton, Alex Mattingly, Courtney Elizabeth Mauk, Christopher Merkner, Lia Swope Mitchell, Brian Pals, Robyn Ryle, Shane Stricker, Matt Weinkam, Alexander Weinstein, And Brenna Womer Poetry By Monica Berlin, Grady Chambers, Jenelle Clausen, Jessica Duncan, William Engelhart, Wil Gibson, Steve Henn, Coop Lee, Greg Loselle, Katie Kalisz, Alex Mouw, Casey Patrick, Dale Patterson, And Catherine Rankovic Midwestern Gothic Is A Quarterly Print Literary Journal Out Of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dedicated To Featuring Work About Or Inspired By The Midwest, By Writers Who Live Or Have Lived Here Midwestern Gothic Aims To Collect The Very Best In Writing Inspired By The Midwest EDITOR S COMMENTARY Purchase a copy at summer, another issue of Midwestern Gothic It s amazing that no matter how long we do this, there s always wrenches and new wrinkles that get thrown into the process This issue will always stand out to me I hope, if it happens again I ll probably get committed to an asylum as the one we lost In the midst of copyediting, my hard drive fried and my multiple layers of redundancy backups failed, sending most of the work spent laying out the galley and making copyediting changes into the ether I gave myself a half hour to feel bad for myself and ate some fast food that made me feel even worse, and then got right back at it.The positive that came out of that experience was that I was able to get reacquainted with the stories and poems inside There s something about laying out a galley and designing how the words appear on the page that s very tactile, almost like you can feel the work taking shape And it reinforced why I enjoyed one of my favorite pieces in the issue, Gen Mods, by Brian Pals When I tell people about Midwestern Gothic, one of my usual lines is that we re than corn and cows Well, this story is all about corn Specifically, a group of men rogueing corn for Monsanto That s probably why I liked it so much, that it took t