Medicine and Ethics in Black Womens Speculative Fiction

Medicine and Ethics in Black Womens Speculative Fiction Through The Transgressive Works Of Prominent Writers Like Octavia Butler, Nnedi Okorafor, And Nalo Hopkinson, Medicine And Ethics In Black Women S Speculative Fiction Explores The Fraught History Of Medicine As It Relates To Black Women And The Inconsistent Application Of Medical Ethics In Today S World As Jones Argues, Black Female Speculative Authors Connect Representations Of Personal Illness To Much Larger Societal Sicknesses, Shedding Light On The Ethical Issues On Topics Like Militarized Rape, Children Born Of War, Female Circumcision, Organ Donation, Mental Illness, And Disability These Authors Come To Reveal The Vital Role That Religion Plays For Black Women In Countering Such Problematic Medical Ethics, Presenting Them With Alternative Ethical Paradigms That Challenge The Construction Of Black Women And Girls As Pathological In So Doing, Black Feminist Speculation Enters The Larger Tradition Of Community Building And Advocacy In Black Women S Fiction Writing, Scholarship, And Activism. TOC Introduction Eating Salt Black Women s Health and the Politics of Difference in Medicine 1 The Black Girl s Burden Eugenics, Genomics, and Genocide in Octavia Butler s Fledgling 2 The Unbearable Burden of Culture Sexual Violence, Women s Power, and Cultural Ethics in Nnedi Okorafor s Who Fears Death 3 Organ Donation, Mythic Medicine, and Madness in N
Esther L Jones BK, Fisk University, 1998AuthorFrom the publisher From the publisher Through the transgressive works of prominent writers like Octavia Butler, Nnedi Okorafor, and Nalo Hopkinson, Medicine and Ethics in Black Women s Speculative Fiction explores the fraught history of medicine as it relates to black women and the inconsistent application of medical ethics in today s world As Jones argues, black female speculative authors connect representations of personal illness to much larger societal sicknesses, shedding light on the ethical issues on topics like militarized rape, children born of war, female circumcision, organ donation, mental illness, and disability These authors come to reveal the vital role that religion plays for black women in countering such problematic medical ethics, presenting them with alternative ethical paradigms that challenge the construction of black women and girls as pa

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