101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

101 Foods That Could Save Your LifeWhen It Comes To Food, Nature Provides A Wealth Of Delicious Choices But Each One Also Supplies Unique Health Benefits From Apples To Yogurt, This Comprehensive Encyclopedia Of Power Foods From Top Nutritionist David Grotto Proves That What Tastes Good Can Also Be Good For You And Tells You Why Did You Know A Handful Of Tart Cherries Before Bed Can Help You Sleep Better Hot Peppers May Fight Skin Cancer Potatoes May Reduce The Risk Of Stroke Grape Juice May Be As Heart Healthy As Red Wine Honey Can Help Wounds Heal Faster In Working With Thousands Of Clients Over Many Years And Searching For The Most Nutritious And Tasty Foods, David Grotto Made A Simple But Profound Discovery Telling People What They Couldn T Eat Was Far Less Effective Than Telling Them What They Could So Began His List Of Power Foods, Rich In Nutrients, Loaded With Disease Fighting Antioxidants And Important Omega Fats And Surprisingly Familiar Than You Might Expect More Than A Reference Book, 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life Will Make A Significant Impact On Your Health By Guiding You To Gradually Add These Foods To Your Diet Plus, Each Entry Includes A History Of The Food S Origin, Therapeutic Benefits Along With Scientific Research, Tips For Use And Preparation, And An Appetizing Recipe From A Leading Chef Or Nutritionist Prepare To Awaken Your Tastebuds, Lose Excess Weight, And Feel The Healing Begin. This isn t a book you can just sit down and read before bed or while on the bus For me, it s certainly useful and fun as a sort of encyclopedia I ve been going through the index and picking something and then finding out how to fix it For example, I recently had a bout of heartburn and no tums I looked up and saw that apples and cranberries can help Also, since I m pregnant now I know I need protein so I looked up pro
101 Foods that could save your lifeAfter doing research on The American Diet 101 Foods that could save your life by David Grotto, RD, LDN is a book that had some grand idea of eating healthy This book tells what one should include in their diet and all the reasons why If one is interested in health, food, eating, reading about a combination of those things, this is a good book It can be a reference book, but it is informative and helpful when one is conscious about what to eat One of the best and well written books read regarding special foods their nutrient components and health benefit Through the book for each food gives a story, history, reasons, home remedies, specific purposes and tips on preparing, selecting and storing Purchasing this book is a
This books is highly informative and much needed in a time when fad diets tell you to eat this or eat that This book tells you what you should be including in your diet and all the reasons why It is inspiring me to make some changes to my regular grocery list. This is, for me, a bible LOVE IT I m always consulting it 3 I ve read a slue of books in this vein over the years all informative in nature and helpful to a degree add those buddy guys later This little gem, is just that little It s a quick fun treat with little historical and pop trivia and as an added bonus, for each 101 it
if you re interested in health, food, eating, reading about one or a combination of those things this is a good book it is of a reference book but it is informative and helpful as i try to be conscious about what i eat i think i m going to buy this one. I pull this book out as a reference all the time My kids are used to me at the dinner table referring to this book and why it s so important that I made such and such I can usually get a couple of bites out of my picky eaters Nothing really new here The entries are short and concise but perhaps leaving out information I find help as if a vegetable loses nutrition through cooking or storage Could have included that info and left out the boring recipes. One of the best and well written books I have read regarding individual foods their nutrient components, health benefits and folklore of the food Insightful to the average person and informative to any foodie It s a really nifty book with a lot of cool facts about food and why it s beneficial to you I have had this book for several years and I still refer to it It also has some pretty good recipes for foods that we don t commonly eat.

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  • 12 September 2018
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