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Messy Grace Sometimes, Grace Gets Messy Caleb Kaltenbach Was Raised By LGBT Parents, Marched In Gay Pride Parades As A Youngster, And Experienced Firsthand The Hatred And Bitterness Of Some Christians Toward His Family But Then Caleb Surprised Everyone, Including Himself, By Becoming A Christian And A Pastor Very Few Issues In Christianity Are As Divisive As The Acceptance Of The LGBT Community In The Church As A Pastor And As A Person With Beloved Family Members Living A Gay Lifestyle, Caleb Had To Face This Issue With Courage And Grace Messy Grace Shows Us That Jesus S Command To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself Doesn T Have An Exception Clause For A Gay Neighbor Or For That Matter, Any Other Neighbor We Might Find It Hard To Relate To Jesus Was Able To Love These People And Yet Still Hold On To His Beliefs So Can You Even When It S Messy Messy Grace Is An Important Contribution To The Conversation About Sexual Identity For Churches And Leaders Caleb S Story Is Surprising And Unique, And He Weaves It Together Compellingly He States His Views Clearly, Leaves Room For Disagreement, And Champions Love No Matter Where You Are In This Conversation Jud Wilhite, Sr Pastor, Central Christian Church Straight off, I could tell Mr Kaltenbach and I approach things very differently There is a looseness to his language that I can t tolerate on theological matters I, like the noted Richard Rogers, serve a precise God , and it gives me hives to read people who don t though I readily acknowledge and lament that he s speaking in the Evangelical Vernacular By page 5, I was grimacing at his phraseology Particularly his use of messy and it s connection to grace, and his insistence that there s a tension between grace and truth but I ll return to that in a bit.The first few chapters outline the problems between the perceived and, sadly, sometimes real destructive attitudes of Christians towards LGBT people and the perceived and, sadly, sometimes real combative stances and attitudes of LGBT people towards Christians Kaltenbach illustrated this with episodes from his own childhood and what he s seen in the pastorate Sadly, he s too impressed with generalizing from his autobiography it s not a totally improper strategy, but Kaltenbach doesn t bring in anything to buttress his arguments He also displays an over reliance on platitudes and catch phrases Worst of all, he s good at using stereotypes and generalizations when calling for those he s stereotyping generalizing to stop stereotyping and using generalizations about LGBT people I admit I was thoroughly annoyed with him by the time I got to chapter 6, when he largely and temporarily put aside the anecd
Many, may years ago when I was still young, I felt I was being led to be the preacher of a certain church I began going through all the motions sending a resume, sample sermon, meeting families and members of the church, preaching trial sermon s , and finally submitting to a vote of the congregation During the course of this process I met with a particular gentleman who also happened to be an elder in the church He was an older man, from a different generation, and was necessarily conservative in his theology I distinctly recall our meeting one day before I was hired We were sitting in a quiet room off of the main sanctuary talking with the door closed I distinctly remember his question to me What do you think about the gays Not, What do you think about Jesus But, What do you think about the gays This is all prefatory to my review of this book called Messy Grace I received this in the mail on July 21 and on July 22 made it my ambition to read it I did It took me about 3 hours because I underline and make a lot of notes I will just say, straight up, I love this book That s right I love it Now don t mistake my loving of the book for agreement with all things written in the book, but I think it is safe to say that by and large there is nothing in this book that I find theologically repugnant For this review, I m staying wholly pos
To be added to every Christian reader s and all serious reader s essential reading list A well written thought provoking book about one of the most discussed topics of the day, from an unusual viewpoint Sure to be disc
MESSY GRACE HOW A PASTOR WITH GAY PARENTS LEARNED TO LOVE OTHERS WITHOUT SACRIFICING CONVICTION by Caleb Kaltenbach is a powerful inspirational and insightful book about how we love people who are different from us It s about the messiness of grace and truth With uncompromising conviction, Kaltenbach teaches each one of us to hear the heart of God and to be the face of Christ in a broken world The call for mercy, love, grace, and compassion are written on every page and are both highly courageous and poignantly raw Michelle Anthony, author of Spiritual Parenting and Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family Messy Grace is pure truth spoken in love and will help you relate to every person in a way that pleases God Jack Graham, Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist ChurchBelow are some quotes from this book that stood out to me Love is the tension of grace and truth The grace of God is bigger than any of us is willing
Caleb Kaltenbach s story of how he came to faith in Christ while being raised by two lesbian moms and a closet gay dad is fascinating in its own right The biblical teaching on homosexuality and the church that he weaves through the telling make this a must read for 21st century Christians grappling with current cultural norms of sexual identity.Though Kaltenbach never strays from supporting what the Bible says about homosexuality he spends an entire chapter reviewing what both the Old and New Testaments say , neither does he minimize the difficulty of living by its culturally unpopular position The word messy probably occurs than any other adjective in the book Again and again Kaltenbach reminds us that God s dealings with all us flawed, sinful people is a messy business and a church s grace filled response to people within the LGBT community will be no different Messiness is what happens when you try to live out God s perfect grace as a flawed person in a flawed world Kindle Location 212.The book is easy to read Kaltenbach s tone is one of a fellow traveler who is on the road to the same place as the reader The narrative and teaching parts are interspersed in such a way as to maintain the story s pace and keep our interest In my opinion, several aspects of Messy Grace make it an important book Kaltenbach s unique perspective of having grown up in and thus understanding of the LGBT community His mom and her partner routinely took him to parties, marches, and Ga
This is a departure from my normal fiction fare, but a book that I have been keen to read since I first knew it was going to be released Finding the balance between loving someone while still standing firm in God s truth has been the cause of dissent within my own extended family, not just with same sex relationships but also with opposite sex relationships outside of marriage, and so I was keen to see how someone in such a unique position approached the issue.Caleb Kaltenbach has two biological LGBT parents They divorced when he was two, meaning he lived alternately with his mother and her lesbian partner Vera , both very political and active in the LGBT community, and his father, who didn t reveal his LGBT status to Caleb until he was out of college.It should be noted that this book is not a discussion of what the Bible says about homosexuality There is a chapter in which the author discusses the Bible s teaching on the subject and explains why these passages cannot be reinterpreted as liberal theologians have tried to do, but the book s focus is
I had high hopes for this book The subject intrigued me a Christian pastor who grew up with two gay parents not a same sex couple but a mom who left her husband for another woman, and a father who was closeted The first third or so of the book kind of irritated me Kaltenbach is not the best writer He sounds very young There are too many cliches, too many exclamation points and a bit too much sermonizing, in my opinion But it did get better in the second part Kaltenbach has some helpful insights and provides some good challenges to both the LGBT and Christian communities The theological insights are OK he is not a scholar, and he admits as much I didn t care for the title of this book either Messy Grace Grace is not messy It is very precise and intentional The recipients of grace are messy
A fascinating story, if a bit shallow The author s lack of theological precision was frustrating, though I suppose I ve been spoiled by the clear thinking of John Feinberg or Al Mohler on these issues At the same time, this book is a helpful reminder to be compassiona
Basically this book is a good conversation starter into the topic It s an easy read Whether you agree with the author or not, this is a book that provokes thought and is filled with scripture What I appreciated most was that the author
My friend gave me this book to read, and being part of the LGBTQ community I figured I d give it a read I was disappointed that the author seemed to contradict himself many times At one point he says that homosexuals should not be treated like they re broken or that they need to be fixed, but then he suggests that the reader tells the gay person that they need to be fixed.I appreciated the fact that the author wanted to destroy the walls the churches built to keep gay people out and eliminate the us versus them mentality of all of it Personal rant I had to chuckle at the fact that he suggested two alternate options for gay people celibacy to all gay people which I had to chuckle at, or marry a woman anyway Like real

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