Queen Liliuokalani

Queen Liliuokalani Discover Queen Liliuokalani, The Hawaiian Kingdom S Last Monarch Get This Book By Author Kale Makana The 1800 S, Particularly The Latter Half Of That Century, Was A Time Full Of Change, Orchestrated Chaos, And New Beginnings England Was In The Throes Of The Industrial Revolution The United States Of America Was Blazing A Trail For The Western Half Of The Country In Addition To The Exploration Of The Continent, The Country Broke Out In A Civil War Over The Matter Of States Rights South America Was In A Sort Of Cultural Revolution As They Drifted Away From The Control Of Spain And Their Governments Were Ruled By Military Dictators Yet, Located In The Center Of Pacific Ocean, A String Of Islands Existed Making Waves In World History Comparable To Any Other Much Larger Country Or Nation This String Of Islands Is Referred To Today As Hawaii.From How The Archipelago Measuring Over Three Thousand Kilometers Long Formed The First Settlement To The Unification Of The Islands By King Kamehameha The Great, Hawaii S Rich Culture, And History Takes A Hold Of You And Takes You On A Ride Of The Highs And Lows Of The Monarchy That Is, Until Subterfuge, Trickery, And Greed Snatch The Islands From The Hands Of The Last Monarch Queen Lili Uokalanai.Watch As In A Matter Of Forty Eight Years, The Population Of Native Hawaiians Drops From Ninety Five Percent To A Tiny Fifteen Percent The Young Princess Must Make A Decision That Could Cost Many Of Those Under Her Control The Loss Of Financial Prosperity And Choose Between The Lives Of Her People Or Their Livelihood Follow Along As William McKinley Deals A Final Blow To The Hawaiian Kingdom With His McKinley Tariff Act Of 1890.Then Came The Day That The Tiny Kingdom Would Find Itself Absorbed Into Another The Day That Hawaii Became A Territory Of The United States Of America In 1898 After The Overthrow Imprisonment Of The Queen Sliced Through The Heart Of A Kingdom Forever Changing Its History Purchase Or Download This Book Today, Available On Kindle In Print. It read like a college term paper I was far from impressed I read a great deal of History, in addition to being an amateur historian and this book was woefully lacking in substance, direction, and emotion I guess in today s world anyone can publish a book. This is less of a book, and of a published term paper A great deal of typographical errors occurred, which I initially chalked up to being done during a conversion to the e format After reading further, I doubt this was the case An editor would have caught these typos and the odd, repetitive phrases used One such error included calling President Clinton George Bill Clinton rather than William Jefferson Cli
More like a term paper than a book I gave it 3 stars because there was some great information that I didn t know before and I have lived in Hawaii my entire life but the book was not organized properly, there were a lot of grammatical and typographical errors and missing infor