A History of Rome

A History of RomeThis Magisterial Survey, Spanning Over 1,300 Years, Is Widely Acclaimed As The Best Single Volume History Of Rome The Second Edition Incorporates A Number Of Improvements Including New Subject Sections And Maps, Expanded Coverage Of Key Chapters, And Updated Resource And Bibliographic Material Incorporates A Number Of Improvements, Many Of Which Have Been Suggested By Readers.Provides Extensive Treatment Of Key Areas.Includes Completely New Sections To Cover Subjects Omitted From The First Edition.Continues To Include Extensive Illustrative Material Plates, Tables, Chronologies, And Maps Including Two New Ones.A Comprehensive Index Will Ensure The Book Is Now Easier To Use Please Visit Our Roman History Website At Http Www.blackwellpublishing.com Cherry For On Line Resources, Details Of Related Books, And A Unique Cross Reference Tool To Help You Make The Best Use Of The Roman World A Sourcebook And A History Of Rome. Keeping abreast with scholarship over 4 editions, this is a solid introduction to Roman history for college students.A textbook that is the definition of a textbook dry, factual, comprehensive, nowhere in depthI don t claim to be omniscient on Ancient
A descriptive book about Roman history, though sometimes it is too detailed, and sometimes too dry But all in all a great place to start to learn about Rome I also want to add that I read it as part of my studies at University, so for me this book was part of my history studies. Even though this book covers a great deal of time and territory it does a wonderful job of providing a survey type of understanding of Rome from its founding The divisions are very helpful with timelines, maps, and
History is the topic on which the most number of books are reviewed in this blog So, it is embarrassing for me to admit that I am yet to read a complete history of the Roman Empire from start to finish Familiarisation with the world s oldest superpower has been in bits and pieces from the descriptions in other books which deal with only a part of the story One of my pet projects to review the entire unabridged version of Toynbee s A Study of History is nearing completion and the next logical step is to try Gibbon s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire , considered by scholars to be the best historical work in the English language A primer is hence absolutely necessary on Roman history and that s the relevance of this volume This book is aimed on students rather than casual or serious readers and is said to be the best single volume history of Rome All three authors were eminent professors of history at the prominent universities in France.The first part of the volume describes the story of the Roman state from its origins to the establishment of a continent spanning Empire The transition to the Empire was from a republic but not in the modern sense The post revolutionary emergence of democracy in the western world brought with it new political structures Fundamentals of the modern re
I think everyone who knows me know that I love history Even so, this book was one of the most dry, tedious things that I have ever read This book exhibits exactly what the problem is with the way that history is taught in schools today It was page after page of unpronounceable names, meaningless dates, and useless terminology There was not even the slightest attempt at making history a continuous flow, connecting the dots or making it interesting with narrative In addition, the author seemed to focus the most extensively on the most complex and boring aspects of history such as economics and population numbers Mind numbing The only reason it gets even two stars is because it contai
This is a general history of Rome meant, I believe, for use in schools as a textbook It s written that way anyway, so it s rather dry.The strength of the book is in the early going when it provides a great deal of pre history to the empire, pretty much all of which I was unfamiliar with Another strength is that the authors mostly refuse to speculate, so this is likely an accurate history, not one that thrives on biased ancient accounts or on inventing motives for historical actors.But the book has two majo
An impressive piece of historical scholarship by numerous Roman historians, this fourth edition expanded and updated is an excellent treatment to the history of Rome From prehistoric Italy, to the complex workings that led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century A.D I thoroughly enjoyed this text, as it helped me formulate my historical understanding of 1st century Christianity namel
A great beginning to end text of Roman history I ve read quite a bit of Rome in my days in pieces However this was the first complete overview I ve had Nothing spectacular, but solid and thorough just enough to help choose a specific topic for my next read of Rome. Un excellent manuel d histoire romaine, clair, ambitieux. Une excellente synth se de l histoire romaine, des fondations la dislocation de l Empire, aucune facette n est oubli e, tout est voqu , y compris les doutes quant aux interpr tations.

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