Emily Eases Her Wheezes

Emily Eases Her Wheezes Emily Was Full Of Energy She Whizzed To The Park On Her Scooter, She Leapt And Twirled Like A Ballerina And She Bounced On Her Trampoline For Hours But Sometimes, When Emily Had Asthma, She Was Not Allowed To Be Active Emily Feels Frustrated When Asthma Stops Her Playing With Her Friends How Can Emily Stay Fit And Active And Get Her Asthma Under Control Join Rmily, Marty And Their Friends As They Find A Way To Help Emily Ease Her Wheezes. Engaging and not as didactic as these kind of topics had a tendency to be Full review appearing soon. The dynamic illustrations in this hardcover picture book have a sense of bouncing, smashing vitality to them My favourite is the swimming race between Emily and Henry Hippo.The liveliness of the pictures complements Emily s energetic personality and her love of life and sports But Emily has a problem she suffers from asthma And fortunately, the story doesn t suffer from any tendency to be didactic about teaching kids how to deal with it Simple and matter of fact, it shows how friends can take positive steps to help those with asthma.More detailed information is included in the final few pages for educators and parents.Full disclosure this book is published by the same company w