Knowing the Scriptures. Rules and Methods of Bible Study

Knowing the Scriptures. Rules and Methods of Bible StudyNothing Like An Exhaustive Treatment Is Attempted In The Pages Which Follow No Doubt Many A Devout Reader Might, Out Of His Own Treasure, Bring Forth Things New And Old, Outranking In Importance What Is Here Found Perhaps, However, Others Who Have Not Digged So Deep Into This Mine Of Celestial Wealth May Find Somewhat Here To Incite To A Painstaking Study But All Who, For Themselves, Will Prayerfully Search, Will Find The Scriptures Testifying To Their Own Divine Original, And Will Reap The Reward Of The Explorer Who, From New Paths Of Investigation And Discovery, Brings New Trophies Or Of The Miner Who Digs Up New Nuggets Of Gold, Or Gems Here Are To Be Found Ever New Truths, Precious Stones Of Beauty And Radiance Surpassing The Gold Of Ophir, The Precious Onyx And The Sapphire Arthur T Pierson May, Quite possibly my most referred to book when I m confused on how to interpret a portion of Scripture This guidebook is an overview on how to interpret the different types of literature found in the Bible Easy to read and understand as well