Galaxy Science Fiction, Vol. 23, No.1 (October, 1964)

Galaxy Science Fiction, Vol. 23, No.1 (October, 1964) Vol 23, No 1, October 1964 Cover Art By Schelling Illustrating Soldier, Ask Not Childe Cycle By Gordon R Dickson ALSO Battle Hymn Of The Friendly Soldiers Poem By Gordon R Dickson Martian Play Song Poem By John Burress Be Of Good Cheer By Fritz Leiber How The Old World Died By Harry Harrison The 1980 President By Miriam Allen DeFord The Tactful Saboteur By Frank Herbert What S The Name Of That Town By R A Lafferty Maxwell S Monkey By Edgar Pangborn Precious Artifact By Philip K Dick The Children Of Night By Frederik Pohl FEATURES Seeing Stars Editor S Page By Frederik Pohl For Your Information The Area Of Accessible Space By Willy Ley Interior Artwork By Jack Gaughan, Gray Morrow, Castellon, Virgil Finlay.