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Black Ice[BOOKS] ⚣ Black Ice By Becca Fitzpatrick – Danger is hard to resist in this sexy thriller from Becca Fitzpatrick the New York Times bestselling author of the Hush Hush sagaBritt Pheiffer has trained to backpack the Teton Range but she isn’t Danger is hard to resist in this sexy thriller from Becca Fitzpatrick the New York Times bestselling author of the Hush Hush sagaBritt Pheiffer has trained to backpack the Teton Range but she isn’t prepared when her ex boyfriend who still haunts her every thought wants to join her Before Britt can explore her feelings for Calvin an unexpected blizzard forces her to seek shelter in a remote cabin accepting the hospitality of its two very handsome occupants—but these men are fugitives and they take her hostageBritt is forced to guide the men off the mountain and knows she must stay alive long enough for Calvin to find her The task is made even complicated when Britt finds chilling evidence of a series of murders that have taken place thereand in uncovering this she may become the killer’s next targetBut nothing is as it seems and everyone is keeping secrets including Mason one of her kidnappers His kindness is confusing Britt Is he an enemy Or an ally. for a minute there I’d thought I was going to have to save myself Instead I’d wandered into the protective care of a sexy older man It is easy to criticize the Orson Scott Cards of the world for their misogyny and hatred of women within novels but the fact remains that the Bella Swans the Luce Prices the Bethany Churches of this world are written by female authors It is a tragic depressing fact made so that it feels like a betrayal of one's genderThis is a fairytale because in the real world bad boys usually end up killing the heroine Seriously fuck this book to the end of hell and back The fact that this book has such a high rating right now makes me lose so much faith in my fellow readers What's wrong with you people? Far me it from me to criticize my fellow readers' tastes but in this instance Really I am seriously going to fucking judge you if you fall in love with the love interest within this bookI know that to each their own and all but in the 21st century in this day and age when women have fought so hard for eualitywhy do these female authors seek to bring us back to the 19th century with despicably weak foolish naive too stupid to live female main characters? Of course this just means that this book will be a best seller and given the high ratingsyeah I hate the world sometimesThis book is truly one of the worst I have ever read and contains one of the most hate inducing characters I have ever encountered My dad was a model of indulgent parenting I suspected it was because I was a girl and the baby and because I’d lost my mom to cancer before I was old enough to remember her My dad was always standing by ready to save me from even the most minor inconveniences The truth was I was comfortable being dependent on him—and every other man in my life She gives womanhood a bad name She promotes the cycle of abuse as well as the but he didn't mean to do it syndrome She would fall in love with a potential killer “He kidnapped you Britt Do you hear me? What he did was illegal and dangerous It shows a complete lack of respect for human life He thought he could get away with it He used you and he’ll keep on using people like you unless somebody stops him” But it's ok Because she loves him it's all okBy but he didn't mean to do it syndrome I meanhe didn't mean to rob a store He was forced to do it He didn't mean to kill someone He was forced to do it He didn't mean to enforce lawless vigilante justice He had to do itWhere will it stop? Where will the cycle of bad judgment stop?At He didn't mean to hit me I was a bitch to him tonight I deserve itAt He didn't mean to rape me I should have been accommodating?At He didn't mean to kill me?Really? When will it stop When are we going to learn to stop making excuses for would be murderers abusers and bad boys? Fuck this book Give me a good boy any dayThere really are not enough curse words in the English language or any other language I know and I know a few for how much I hate the main character this is a spoiled little daddy's girl who gets herself involved in a love triangle with possible murderers thieves and abusers And when I say daddy's girl I mean daddy's girl Now there's no problem with calling your father daddy but it is extremely annoying and I am highly critical whenever a character says DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY 100000000x fucking times in the entire bookThere is no denying that the main character Britt is spoiled Her mother is dead She has three older brothers She has her wealthy older father twisted around her little finger I craned my neck to look at him and put on my best little girl pout “I need money for gas Daddy” And there is no doubt her father indulges her every whim She is adored worshiped Her only friend is not her friend but her rival Korbie and Britt have been friends from infancynot that you can tell They are love rivals They are rivals in looks They play backstabbing games with each other The only thing they have in common is their stupidity and their uselessness “And Korbie plays the better damsel in distress”I didn’t bother telling him that usually I played that gig better too since the tone he used in referring to Korbie wasn’t particularly flattering Way to be a loyal friendBritt is somehow perceived as specialas if being good looking and smart were one in a billion “I knew Korbie’s type from the minute you guys came knocking But you were harder to peg You’re good looking and smart and it threw me Most pretty girls I’ve met don’t have the complete package And let's face it Britt doesn't exactly have the smartsLet's think about it First off she doesn't really want to save herself She is a weak character That's ok There are plenty of weak characters The thing is that weak character should grow up Britt never fucking grows up One of the characters accuse her of weaknessand I completely agree “You’ve floated through life expecting your dad Ian even me and probably a lot of other guys I don’t know about to come to your rescue You can’t do one thing for yourself and you know it Mason and Shaun looked at you and saw an easy target A gullible girl with low self esteem Korbie never would have stayed with them as long as you did She would have fought She would have run” Her love interest is a kidnapper a thief a potential killer You boys robbed a Subway sandwich shop and shot a police officer while trying to get away You put a teenage girl in the hospital after you hit her and ran He gets angry He makes up for it with moments of kindnessand that's how every single abused woman ever falls into the trap of forgiveness His eyes flashed but behind the uick anger I saw deep sadness Not once His eyes burned with hot wrath and seemed to reflect his thoughts—I didn’t sign up for this Making excuses after excuses after excuses for her own kidnapper His eyes found mine and even in the cold pink light of dawn I could see deep pain broiling in his gaze Kidnapper Mason is not a nice guy No shit Sherlock but he seriously isn't From the beginning to the end he can barely contain his rage his temper Instead of making your safety my priority I was furious that you’d screwed up my plans It was like I wasn’t even human The bloodthirsty rage was in control Oh yeah I feel so safe NotThroughout all thisinstead of worrying about her life Britt is concerned with Mason's feelings Mason's hotness I continued to study him in uick stolen glances He was taller than Calvin and muscular Not in a bulky gym rat way but it was obvious he was athletic His tight shirt revealed sculpted arms and a broad chest that tapered to a hard flat stomach And as their love triangle develops her emotions for him become all the unbelievable What if he did die? He didn’t deserve that The idea of him gone forever slashed me to pieces I had uestions so many uestions and now I might never get answers I couldn’t believe this might be the end to our story given that HE might be the one putting an end to THEIR story by killing herNo matter what the mounting evidence against Mason Britt somehow always finds a way to excuse his misdeeds And even though I’d originally suspected Mason had been involved in the death of the girl whose body I’d found at the cabin I was starting to think he didn’t have anything to do with it He might not even know about the body This book is not an YA contemporary it is a fairy tale It is a fairy tale because of one dumb girl's survival against kidnappers who are incredibly incompetent who buy bullshit stories who refuse to tie up their hostageThis book is a fucking fairytale In the real world Britt would be dead Allow me to summarize this book Two extremely irritating and stupid teenage girls do stupid things to put themselves in danger and then the MC spends the rest of the novel somewhere between lusting after one of her captors and hoping to be saved by her ex who cheated on her THE ENDSo maybe I was asking for it because I hated Hush Hush but I was genuinely curious to see ifhow Fitzpatrick's writing had improved and changed over the last few years I believe in second chances god help me But this book was really bad It's supposed to be romantic suspense but it's like bad horror movie kind of suspense where moronic teen girls go walking into the dark woods after they hear noises I really struggle to have sympathy for idiots And people who are bitches to their best friendsWe can start with the least of this book's problems #1 It is so boring There is no tension or surprises We can see everything coming because of the lack of subtlety in the build up We know that guy who appears nice is actually hiding something because the author already tells us about the cold look in his eyes When someone is described as charming with an underlying menace in their eyes why would we be shocked when oooh turns out they're a psychopath? Answer we wouldn't “And then my thoughts went where they always did To Calvin” Another reason this book is boring and annoying is because Britt cannot stop relating every single little thing back to her ex who no one cares about Her ex Calvin isn't even in the majority of the book and he has very little bearing on the central story and yet the plot is broken up with chapters of flashbacks to their relationship in which he was a douche cheated on her and pressured her into sex I think the whole point of this was to make us think that the guy who is holding Britt and her friend hostage isn't really that bad The actual story is supposed to be about Britt and her friend Korbie who might be two of the worst hikers imaginable Issue #2 Reckless Stupidity I don't even know a damn thing about hiking but I'm sure I could manage to be a little less stupid than these girls Naturally they get lost in the mountains Then they find a cabin with two hot dudes in it and even though one appears hostile and the other appears charming but cold they go marching into the cabin and start flirting with these hot dudes I mean just look at this fucking uote “I tapped my cup to his grateful to have found Shaun because for a minute there I'd thought I was going to have to save myself Instead I'd wandered into the protective care of a sexy older man” What even is that? How to Murder Feminism in Two Sentences or Less? This book is close to what you would get if someone who knew me well wrote a book with the intention of pissing me offThe third thing I hated and the thing that probably sealed the deal on my dislike for this book Girlgirl Hate And I'm not talking about hatred jealousy and slut shaming of some blonde cheerleader which would also piss me off I'm not even talking about the mindless hate of another woman because she's hot or something no the hatred and petty jealousy here is for none another than Britt's best friend Britt is constantly irritated by everything Korbie does She views her with such disdain; even if Korbie is a bit of a pain in the ass there's really no wonder that your only friend is a pain in the ass if you're a total bitchWhen the men in this novel are assholes to Britt she angsts and worries about what she did and believes that they have true goodness hiding in their soul and she can probably bring it out or some such bullshit But when Korbie does a little bit of flirting oh my god it's like the world freaking ends Britt is all eye rolls and irritation How can anyone possibly like her? It was hard to care whether she ever made it out of the mountains alive And we haven't even gotten to the worst of itNot only does Britt look down on everything Korbie does and feel convinced of her own superiority but she also 1 deliberately flirts with a guy Korbie likes and enjoys upsetting her friend and 2 insults her friend with said guy I cannot even believe that last one how low can you get? Look at this the first bit is Shaun speaking “I knew Korbie's type from the minute you guys came knocking But you were harder to peg You're good looking and smart and it threw me Most pretty girls I've met don't have the complete package They're crazy sure up for adventure but not like this Not up for hiking the crest of the Tetons”His response could not have been perfect A guy insults your best friend and you think his response is perfect? What is wrong with you?This book was seriously terrible I can't even think of anything redeeming to say about it; it wasn't even like we had a good level of tension to keep the story flowing along you could see everything coming a few chapters beforehand Boring annoying predictable Screw those second chancesBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr exhales slowly This is officially the worst book I've read this year I was skeptical going in I haven't heard great things about this author's popular series but I went in with an open mind Which uickly closed again because from page one this book was a nightmareWhy I hated it? The plot is ridiculous It has a bunch of twists and turns sure but they're of the headdesk variety They don't feel clever they just feel frustrating The characters are so dumb Oh my god They were constantly making the most stupid decisions Not ONE good decision was made The writing is so all over the place Sometimes the characters are talking like vapid giggling love crazy teenagers and the next they're using words like litany There was no consistency It was so over dramatic This felt like a made for tv movie Or a soap opera I could see this being a soap opera The romance made me want to punch my walls The main character literally didn't care about her life she just cared about what boy she was currently falling in love with No matter how much she would say her love was deep and true she flipped back and forth between love interests like there was no tomorrowI'm just so glad to be done If this wasn't the Booksplosion book of the month I would have given up after page one In a way though I'm glad I read it because the liveshow is going to be hilarious I hope a bunch of you also pick it up so that we can all have a good discussion Don't you hate it that people haven't even read this book and are already judging it Saying it's going to be bad It's like seriously if your going to go in with a negative point of view why bother reading it at all? I hate reading reviews where people don't even want to give the book a chance they just want to bash it Yeah I get it not all books are great and deserve praise but at least give it a chance before you bash it OH MY HECK That was one entertaining ride Things the I loved I liked the overall atmospheresetting of this book I know that the LAST place I would want to be stranded and taken hostage would be in the mountains when it's snowing THAT WOULD BE THE ABSOLUTE WORST Even though I thought the plot was a bit predictable at times I still had several moments where I was SCREAMING at my book WHO DO I TRUST? WHO'S THE BAD GUY? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? WHO'S GOING TO DIE? The ending was satisfying and didn't leave me guessing Becca Fitzpatrick did a fantastic job at tying this book together Things that I felt iffy about I wasn't a huge fan of the main character especially at the beginning I found her annoying but as the story progressed I feel like I grew attached to her and her situation I just wasn't a huge fan of her attitude at the beginning but I feel like she dropped it when a certain situation took place There were a few slow moments that made me want to skim until it picked up This showed up on my doorstep unexpectedly and I gave it a chance because I'd seen some surprisingly positive reactions among friends I say surprising because I absolutely loathed Hush Hush suffice to say that years after reading it I still don't know if there's a YA couple that I dislike It's true that Black Ice is entertaining and kept my interest than most YA thrillers though I'm admittedly hard on the genre in this age category It's not unlike adult romantic thrillers you'd find from authors like Lisa Gardner or books in Harleuin's Mira imprint in which the relationship drama gets a near eual amount of play as the fairly straightforward mystery That's all perfectly fine except that the characters are pretty ridiculous here the BFF is an idiot and the adults are non existent Britt herself isn't entirely unredeeming except that she's torn between her cocky ex boyfriend and her lusty Stockholm Syndrome feelings for one of the guys who kidnapped her The author does keep you guessing I mean I guessed correctly but she did a decent job of drawing things out who the culprits are but it doesn't even really matter because pretty much every guy in this book acts like a jerk at one time or another Not uite Patch levels of controlling behavior or abusiveness but enough to make you want to give them a good hard shove out the door Even if they are supposedly as my friend Crowinator says supernaturally hotI kind of wish this author would write books for adults While I'm annoyed by women acting dumb over guys in most scenarios and I certainly don't think YA needs to always model exemplary behavior I'm so uncomfortable with romantic portrayals like this it just feels especially icky when the book's audience is younger At least Britt stands up for herself? Eventually? I guess? But the power dynamic still seems so off and the tenor of the relationships is so negative and mostly animal attraction based that I just can't get on board with the romance and when that's 50% of what's going on that's a lot of letdown Not to mention that there's a lot of male fixation and sexist thinking So the thriller parts are relatively diverting but the relationships and characters annoyed me And despite all this snow and isolation there's not all that much talk about the survival aspects which is something I would have enjoyed But this serves to confirm that this author's just not for me While the resolution for this one is better than the Hush Hush series these aren't the types of relationships I enjoy reading about or the types I would necessarily be wild about impressionable young girls daydreaming over either An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review Entertaining at parts but to bogged down by long stretches of actionlessness and frustrating characters for me to enjoy it Here's my booktalk THAT COVERTHAT BLURBAND WRITTEN BY BECCA FITZPATRICK?I am sold You better live up to my expectations Can't wait read Black Ice with a lot of hopes Hopes that Fitzpatrick was writing something brave and different a departure from Hush Hush which was a total abomination for me Still I was willing to give it a fair shot Unfortunately it seems Fitzpatrick has a formula that she refuses to veer from and that made this book every bit as painful as Hush Hush was And all the temptation that maybe Fitzpatrick was doing something brave and hard was washed away with every page I turnedBlack Ice is the story about a girl who goes camping and gets kidnapped by criminals who force her to navigating the freezing terrain in order to help them escape Things become complicated when she starts to develop feelings for one of her captorsFitzpatrick set this up as a Stockholm Syndrome tale and had everything at her disposal to make it great It to make it brave and edgy and real Instead she bowed to whimsical fantasy and romantic notions in order to twist it into something it should never have been A love storySo let’s start with the formula that Fitzpatrick can’t seem to let go of1 Very Bad Boy 1 Annoying Heroine 1 Best friend who can die in a fire Kat is going to kill somethingMason kidnaps her drags her through frozen tundra lets his friend hold a gun to her and keeps up this charade as a villain all through the novel But because he is occasionally kind to her and hot Britt our leading lady falls for himBritt is not uite as annoying as the heroine in Hush Hush She does some clever and brave things This almost saves it for me Almost But her obsession over Calvin drove me mad The story kept dropping history between her and Calvin which was uite boring and ultimately needless She was a flawed heroine and that’s okay She was probably the best thing about this novel even if that’s not saying muchKorbie Korbie rather like Vee was the most annoying character in this book and the very fact that she wasn’t in it much was her only saving grace One page of her and I might have bashed this book against my head several times just to numb the painThe ending Let’s talk about the ending here because I know most of you aren’t planning on reading this shit so being coy about itSpoilers AheadMason’s not really the bad guy see? He’s just pretending to be a hardened criminal so that he can find his sister’s killer Who just happens to be Calvin Britt’s ex boyfriend and Korbie’s brother See? Britt really fell for a hero not the bad guy He was only pretending to kidnap her So this makes everything about 100 times shittier Instead of doing the brave thing and having Britt tragically need to hand in the man who kidnapped her and endangered her life she turns summersaults to turn him into a hero So that they can be togetherThis refusal to commit to reality made the novel so much weaker and less tense It lacked the emotional impact because it veered so far into fantasyland that I was almost ready to believe that Britt was hallucinating the end of this novel as she lay in a snowdrift dyingIf you want a book that is unapologetic in its handling of Stockholm Syndrome then I honestly suggest you skip this one and try Stolen A Letter to My Captor by Lucy Christopher Hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged it will fill the hole that Black Ice leaves behind Hmm this is a hard one to review While I would change a few—many—things about the characters I still enjoyed it and found it suspenseful and unpredictableI did see some things happening but then there were always those details and new information that made me doubt It was pretty well done The author did a good job stepping from paranormal Hush Hush to thriller I was surprised by the course of events in the plot The way this story begins you will think that maybe it’s going to be one like so many many other stories attempting to achieve being thrilling as well as suspenseful and captivating Well it is not an attempt in this case since the author actually succeeded with all of those elementsAs for the main character Britt that so many reviewers seem to complain aboutwhat can I say? She does do stuff you could roll your eyes at or just say ‘‘Damn girl how could you do that?’’ but what is good is that she gets a character development Also the fact that Britt went through something so shocking—being kidnapped—did make me sympathize with her character and start seeing her like a girl who did not deserve to be held captive when she was expecting to spend a nice weekend with her best friend and this latter’s brother in the mountains than a spoiled one And the fact that she tried with all her heart to free herself and help her best friend did get my respectBasically she’s not the worst character ever Not at allThe writing was great but that didn’t surprise me since I wasn’t expecting less from Becca Fitzpatrick having read her Hush Hush series and loved it She just has such a way of writing that makes it seem like it’s so easy for her and that the words they just come naturally in her mindThe story may not have felt realistic but the writing made up for it for sure I can’t believe everything that happened in this story because it’s a little complex and involving too many characters and situations that aren’t ones on which people normally base themselves to murder people but then againit can happen nothing’s impossible unfortunately—in this contextI’m still not sure if I enjoyed the romance or notbecause love triangle Well not the usual kind but a love triangle stays a love triangle right? And for this one it is hard to determine if it worked well because the love interests aren’t angels and there’s this thing about each of them that would make you back away but also get you very curious I’m in a dilemma right now but what I know is that it wasn’t bad Interesting to read about actuallyIt would have been good if there were of a developed friendship between Britt and Korbie Britt kept saying that Korbie was her best friend but that wasn’t a very healthy friendship in my opinion I mean Korbie compares herself to Britt way too much for it to be normal and not intense jealousyI think this is worth the shot Maybe you won’t like the main character at first but please don’t let her self at the beginning of the story make up your definitive mind about her Give her a chance; she deserves one in my opinion

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