Hunters Unlucky

Hunters Unlucky Hunters Unlucky Free Author Abigail Hilton He S Not Bigger He S Not Faster He S Not Meaner So He D Better Be Smarter.Storm Is Born Into A World Of Secrets An Island No One Visits, Names No One Will Say, And Deaths That No One Will Talk About The Answers Are Locked In His Species Troubled Past, Guarded By The Fierce Creasia Cats But When Storm S Friends Are Threatened, He Decides That He Must Act, Pitting Himself Against The Creasia To Show That They Can Be Resisted And Outwitted To Prove His Point, He Must Stay One Step Ahead Of Clever Hunters, Who Have To Lose Than Storm Imagines.Hunters Unlucky Is An Animal Story For Anyone Who Loved Richard Adams S Watership Down, Rudyard Kipling S Jungle Book, And Jack London S Call Of The Wild Kids Who Enjoyed Erin Hunter S Warriors Books Will Also Enjoy Hunters The Animals In This Story Do Not Carry Swords, Walk On Two Legs, Or Drink Tea They Fight They Starve Sometimes, They Eat Each Other.This 214,000 Word Novel Is DRM Free And Carefully Formatted. HUNTERS UNLUCKY is a hard book to pigeonhole You ve heard a lot of stories that are a little bit like this one enough to see the similarities and point at them but very few books try to accomplish everything that this one does Even fewer succeed so marvelously, on so many levels.First of all, this is a talking animal story You ve seen that before The Jungle Book, Watership Down, and Redwall, to name a few But most of Hilton s animals have interesting twists that make them different from anything you ve read about, either in the real world or in standard fantasy fare The most prominent species in HUNTERS UNLUCKY, the ferryshaft, occupy an interesting ecological niche they re omnivorous, capable of subsisting equally well on meat and foliage While they are prey to some other creatures in their world, they are capable of being fierce and brave in their own right As one of their would be hunters remarks at a key point in the story, Ferryshaft are not deer This moves them out of the Designated Victim category in the talking animal genre, so that their fate is much in their own hands err, hooves than would typically be the case in a story like this.Second, this is a Bildungsroman a coming of ag
HUNTERS UNLUCKY is a fantasy novel about intelligent, speaking animal like creatures co existing in a land of forests, rivers, plains and a large lake I say co existing because there is persistent fear and hatred between the species living there The ferryshaft have lost a war to the cretia cats, who keep them in submission by periodically attacking them to limit their numbers Members of each group hate the other group, and all fear the other creatures telshees, lishties, and curbs The protagonist is a ferryshaft named Storm, who as a foal is rejected by the others because of his size and lineage Storm, though, is fast and courageous He disrupts a cretia attack by running to places where they cannot go This simple act upsets the world order and sets in motion a series of events that changes things forever.This is not a black and white world, and these are not simple characters There are reasons behind the cretia s murderous treatment of the ferryshaft The other species are not simply predators The author reveals the story from multiple points of view, and by the end
Ahhhhhh this was wonderful It was LONG, in a wonderful way There is time for character development and for specific scenes and events to play out onscreen, which was lovely The world building is exquisite I alrea
Hunter s Unlucky is a grand story about friendships, loyalty, and standing up for others It is engaging, exciting, and emotional The characters are not absolute in terms of who is good and who is evil Some of the antagonists are interesting, three dimensional
I read the omnibus version so I will review it as one book Spoiler free part Book theme song Rise by Skillet warnings not to discourage you from reading the book, just a heads up lots of violence and about as much gore as a typical nature documentary Phenomenal worldbuilding and characterization The only species I don t like are the telshees They re interesting, but there s too many unanswered questions about them I like that the audience learns along with Storm, and that he relies on his friends The side characters are definitely not forgotten, and every character is very likeable I d recommend this book to anyone who likes the yes it s about animals but it s about wild animals not cute fluffy cartoons kind of story, like Warrior Cats and Watership Down, and anyone who likes high fantasy, adventure, and mystery Spoiler part I like that the reader s vision of who is the bad guy keeps changing throughout the series as information is revealed I also really like the theme of if you don t learn from the past you repeat it It s not seen very often in stories at least the stories I read and watch and it s done very well here The lishties are a fascinating and gruesome take on zombies Each species has their own culture and society that are well developed, though I don t think it was qui
Abigail Hilton is probably best know for her podcasts if you don t know what I m talking about, subscribe to The Prophet of Panamindorah or The Guild of the Cowry Catchers feeds through iTunes or purchase the audio or epub versions you won t be disappointed however, her foray into print will not disappoint If you are familiar with the aforementioned, you could almost surmise that Hunters Unlucky could also be set in the same universe past, present or future That said, for those not acquainted with Ms Hilton s prior works, Hunters Unlucky is an exceptional starting point While the reader may find some similarities to Richard Adam s Watership Down, it s my belief that Hunters Unlucky takes it a step further through the complex intra and inter species relationships, both conflictual and collaborative, that drive the story The story itself begins with a pivotal event in the lives of two species, resulting in the dominance of one and the subjugation of the other From there it follows the story of
This is my first Abigail Hilton book, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as an adult listener I have the audio book Watership Down is one of my number one go to stories I pick up again and again, and I sure do get tired of ANY story told from the perspective of non human animals being described as like Watership Down I actually think the comparison is off with this book as well, but I enjoyed the story and the writing so I ll let that trivial point slide.The characters seemed pretty cliche at the beginning of the story struggling youngster from one oppressed species there omnivorous gazelle deer things with long tails doing things to possibly challenge the species doing the oppressors gigantic predatory lion creatures The plot had many twists and turns you wouldn t expect and the characters moved past what you would expect by a degrees as the plot developed Other species really interesting UNIQUE creatures were introdu
Abbie s Panamindorah novels were the first things I read, and I didn t think I could get into a completely new world I was wrong This novel is a fantasy in the same way that Watership Down is fantasy it touches on topics that are very human through non human characters Enemies are not always your enemies, friends are not always your friends Vengeance crosses species, and peace can happen.This novel focuses primarily on two intelligent species, meaning they have readily understandable speech and writing similar to how we view humans v animals Creasia are cats, and Ferryshaft are a new creature, somewhat between a horse and llama, but omnivorous I would really have liked to know about the Ela ary, the large eagle like birds They have the smallest role in the novel, but I kept hoping they d make of an appearance Abbie, I hope you have a novel featuring them in you As I was reading, I always managed to have to stop right at a crucial moment in the action When I started the book, I thought I would just read a few chapters to get going, then go to bed I ended up reading 2 hours longer than
I got sucked into Hunters Unlucky from the onset It s ridiculously refreshing as Hilton once again has no human characters These animals are believeable characters with some human like traits, but when you get down to it, they re still animals and have animal behaviors They think like animals If Animal Farm met fantasy, this is what you d come up with, and Hilton really nailed it I m not talking about the social commentary, I m talking about the value Don t disregard this book because it s talking animals It s not simple or childish in any way.I never felt left out for being human, though It would be so easy to fail to connect with the characters because they re not human Honestly, I didn t care one bit I still can t say for certain exactly what a ferryshaft is, but I have my ideas Hilton never really explains them It would not make sense in the book for her to Being Ferryshaft isn t unusual for them, so why would they inspe
I finished this audiobook with a contented smile satisfied with the tale I experienced and comfortable letting the characters take it from there I very much enjoyed the story and must hand it to the author that, though I felt frustration at times because of seeming inadequacies in characters thinking, in the end I think it all made sense and was acceptable, and I imagine thought out, than I believed I love that the main character is not the main character And that various types of friendships play such huge roles I suppose in a way that s wh