A Gate of Night (A Shade of Vampire, #6)

A Gate of Night (A Shade of Vampire, #6) BOOKS A Gate Of Night A Shade Of Vampire, 6 Bella Forrest Thomashillier.co.uk BOOK 6 HAS ARRIVED Welcome Back To The Shade Derek And Sofia Are Finally Enjoying A Well Deserved Break Staying At A Resort With Good Food, Sun And Sea, Sofia Is Thrilled To Witness Derek S Re Introduction To The Human World They Would Almost Be Mistaken For A Normal Young Couple, If It Were Not For The Red Eyed Monster Lurking In The Shadows And Watching Their Every Move, Waiting For His Signal To Pounce Just one clicked this baby ummm I NEED a release date for this like NOWI read the whole series in a matter of 4 days We were strongest together and we were weakest apart A Gate Of Night is book six in the series A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest I do believe this latest installment in this series is the most stressful of all the books so far During most of the book, our characters are all in three different places, and things are not going well in any of them Derek and Sofia finally have a beautiful future together within their grasp They are on their honeymoon and Derek is a human Sofia is so enjoying introducing Derek to all the wonders of being a human But their happiness is short lived There are so many different agendas at play The Elders want Sofia The Ageless who is kind of the Queen of the witches, wants Derek The hunters want the vampires The Elders also want to take over The Shade Its heartbreaking because all of the characters we have gotten to know throughout these books seem to have love and happiness within their grasps only to have it ripped away The Elders are truly evil and it horrified me to see what was to become of the beautiful island, Th
I liked it. but at the same time. I was a bit annoyed A Gate of Night is just another book from the A Shade of Vampire series that separates Derek from Sophia It was kind of annoying how they were just kidnapped and then separated for about 5ish months Yes, they still love each other. but what the hell is with everyone going after Sophia I get that she s immuned and all and people what her babies and shit. but damn can the girl ever catch a break Plus the action in this book was just subpar
When I first met Sofia and Derek than a year ago, I couldn t help not to fall in love with them and their story And since then, I really enjoyed reading the series and it s always on my top reading priority But after 6 books I m not sure any It s because I don t know what the main focus in this series any And there are always new bad guys in each book First there were Lucas and Gregor Novak, and then Borys and Ingrid Maslen Next was Emilia, a daughter of The Elder Now th
What Was That Holy crap Why end such a book like that Anyway, this book is basically ugh, I don t know what to think about All the while, the book kind of annoyed me because I didn t see any progress at all The events were cruel and the characters were put into misery that I guess, is way too much for them to handle The upper hand was obviously on their enemies n
Favorite Lines Sofia is my calm Because if he wasn t able to escape, then he s most likely dead, and that s a reality I won t be able to live with He s alive That means he is somewhere You are who you choose to be No matter how much light is shed upon you, if you still choose to remain in darkness, that s your doing, not anyone else s Don t tell me that you can t You want to know how Derek turned to light He stopped playing the part of a victim and began taking responsibility for his own actions That s how He owned up to his choices instead of cowering away from them If there s anything I ve learned watching you and Sofia blossom into the couple that you have become, it s that we hold our fate in our hands We always have a choice Don t settle for less than the future that you dream of with her It s because we re family that I need to agree to this Whenever I start a new book in the series, I always wonder can Bella Forrest do it again OF COURSE SHE CAN Derek and Sophie are one of my favorite couples They are true soul mates It s heartbreaking to watch what they have to go through So heartbreaking but through it all the one thing that never diminishes is there love for each other Sophia is stuck in The Blood Keep and Derek is stuck in another realm It s madness There are Elders and Guardians playing games with people s lives and it makes me livid I want to tell you the OMG moments because they are EPIC This author just keeps getting better
I am extremely disappointed that I invested in this series Bella Forrest is obviously an amateur writer and expects her readers to just accept whatever she throws at them Just when you think you know the rules of what is going on, she changes the entire game Book 6 had me frustrated than any of the other books because it seemed to draw out for so long I liked the way she gave each character s point of view in the first books It allowed you to see the story from all angles My problem with Book 6 is it felt like a soap operajust when you got invested in one story line, it switched The cliffhanger she leaves at the end was extremely disappointing to me because she completely changed the rules she herself set as a writer If you are going to make a key part of the story revolve around one certain thingyou can t change that rule just for shock factor I was very irritated and frustrated with the book I will read book 7 only because I am already invested in the story linebut if the 7th book d
Agonisingly Brilliant.OkI ve loved all these books and eagerly await the next one and like all lovers of romance I want the two main characters to find their happy ever after, in the case of Derek and Sofia I always assumed that he would remain a vampire, after all I love vampires so that would be good, and I somehow hoped that something would happen to make Sofia immortal giving the book a perfect ending The end of the last book threw my thinking for a loop, the cure had been found and Derek was human, why was I not happier, well even though I wanted them to be happy I somehow felt saddened that Derek was no longer a vampire, he d have to be turned back surely but then would he be as strong or would he be a normal new vampire, if he didn t turn back who d keep Sofia safe, I had all these questions flying around and wondered just where on earth Bella was going to go from here, I must admit I felt a bit apprehensive on starting book and that apprehension was right.It starts with Derek and Sofia enjoying their honeymoon Derek even has a tan, life is looking good, dare they even hope this continues Meanwhile life in the Shade is not going as well Vivienne and Aiden are running things but it s not easy having the humans and vampires of the shade living in close quarters with the hunters that hate them so much surely it s only a matter of time before it blows up in their faces.While the honeymoon s going
I love this series Definitely a great series so farThis is one of those series I am very happy it is on kindle unlimited because otherwise I would not be able to read all the books in this series The story just keeps getting better