The Rasner Effect

The Rasner EffectEbook The Rasner Effect Author Mark Rosendorf Rick Rasner Escaped Death In A New York City Bridge Explosion But He Couldn T Escape Becoming An Unwitting Participant In A Top Secret Military Experiment Seven Years Later, While Working At An Institution For Troubled Children, Rick Finds Himself The Target Of A Group Of Mercenaries Called The Duke Organization When They Meet, The Life Of Rick Rasner, And The Lives Of The Duke Organization, Will Change Foreverbut Not As Much As That Of Fifteen Year Old, Clara Blue Pulled Into A World Of Violence, Can Clara Escape, Or Will She Choose To Stay Rick Rasner wakes up and the only thing he remembers is his name He is told that he is lucky to be alive, that the brutal explosion on the bridge that took several lives, almost took his as well Still, Rick is unsure He is not very trusting of the people around him or his surroundings He s on constant alert trying to figure out
Two men, one connected to a terrorist group called the Duke Organization and the other hired to obliterate it, survive a bridge explosion while battling one another Seven years later, Rick Rasner, an unwitting participant in a secret military experiment, has no memory of his life prior to the explosion Jake Scarberry, living a mundane, unsatisfactory existence under the witness protection program, misses the excitement of his past life Rick takes a job as a counselor at a children s psychiatric residence where he connects with one of the patients, 15 year old Clara Blue, whose volatile temperament keeps her in trouble with the sadistic director Scarberry resides in a college town, working low paying jobs and trying to stay out of trouble Both men, feeling out of place and adrift, are unaware the Duke Organization is about to resurface, which will bring them full circl
The Rasner Effect is a thriller that encompasses many twists and turns The writing along is enough to keep the reader engaged, but the plot and characterization adds to the effect Rick Rasner is a believable character with strings and
This was one of those books that never stops Rosendorf keeps you predicting what will happen, and often throws in twists to derail those predictions.You ll want to devote time to finishing it in one or two sittings. Some interesting ideas psychologically, but somewhat poorly explored There was an immaturity to the writing, not to mention a psychopathic streak running through every character, that was a little off putting for me. From the first page, I was drawn into a unique storyline that had me trying to put the pieces together immediately Rick Rasner is the primary character, whom we meet briefly in hospital and then seven years later in a reconstructed life as a therapist in the Brookhill Children s Psychiatric Residence There he is a meek mannered man under the tutelage of Dr Obenchain, who was responsible for his rehabilitation and his placement there.With no memory of what happened in the bridge explosion that upended his life, or of his life before, Rick struggles to begin anew In the facility, he is quickly drawn into the traumas of his patients, especially Clara Blue, and seems set from Day One in conflict against the torturous reign of the administrator Katherine Miller.What I enjoyed most about this thriller, aside from the unanswered questions that only came together near the end, was how I wanted to root for Rick and even Clara Blue, despite the hint that neither of these characters was who they seemed.Both felt like underdogs, and naturally I wanted them to win out against the horrific Ms Miller There is also the matter of the large bump on Rick s head and the constant headaches and other symptoms that sugge
I enjoyed this thriller about the tangled lives of the psychotic killer, Rick Rasner and the ex mercenary, Jake Scarberry At first it was a little difficult to understand the way their lives were intertwined, but as the story continued the connection was made The simultaneous development of the two oppositional main characters, Rick Rasner and Jake Scarberry keeps the storyline moving quickly The development of the young girl locked in the Brookhill Children s Psychiatric Residence gives depth to the storyline that made one feel somewhat sympathetic for her predicament.There is actually no hero in this book as every character has a personality disorder and personal agenda The author s detailed study into the delusional world of the criminally insane, as seen in the characters of Rick Rasner and his group of killer
The Rasner Effect is one of the most unusual thrillers I ve read It is also difficult to review without giving away any of the surprising plot twists The mysterious past of Rick Rasner and his current work at the psychiatric home creates an interesting story, and just when you are very comfortable with the plotlines, everything changes I mean, really, everything changes At first, I was not happy with the changes in the book I was actually disappointed in the twists, but by the end of the book I was pleased to have read such an unusual
Good read