Shiva The Supreme

Shiva The Supreme PDF Epub Shiva The Supreme Author Rachna Panchal Shiva The Supreme This Is The Story Of Lord Shiva Told Through Vibrant Pictures And Crisp Narrative Each Frame Has Been Carefully Constructed And Aesthetically Presented To Draw You Into Shiva S Mesmerising Story Drawn From The Shiva Maha Purana, This Is An Authentic Yet Simple Rendering Of The Story Of Shiva It Tells Of His Descent, Of The Creation Of The World, And His Personal Life Om Namah Shivaya Immerse Yourself In Shiva S Blessing Disclaimer I m not at all religious person and this review is written solely on fact that I love graphical novels It doesn t mean to hurt any religious belief of this wonderful Indian God Shiva always has mystery in Him That is what allures everyone to want to know about this loner Look at Him, isn t He something This comic book could be modern representation of old tales but I liked it By modern representation, it doesn t mean it tries to tell something entirely different Meluha kind but graphical representation of old mythical tales Graphics are gorgeous and flawless Only problem was how do I read it When I try to read it in my current non HD reader, I ve to zoom in and out several times and it is non linear type of graphics, lots or scrolling is required So, I decided to read it on kindle fire HD 7 it was much better than non HD reader only problem I can t zoom in or out I don t whether it is eBook reader issues or s
Even those stars are mainly because of the superb illustrations and awesome coloring I very well understand that this is a mythological book but then it s a graphic novel as well If I would have wanted to read in dept about religious practices etc then I would have simply read something much serious I was expecting it to be of an story book with graphics but it was full of a lot many other things.I mean the introductory story of Shiva and origin of all those other characters is ok but there is a lot of preaching and religious information They explained Shivling, Shodasopachar, chant and a lot of other mantras in great length, there was a a detailed information on the working of the world as well Frankly speaking it was quite boring after a point.The narration style didn t helped either There are hardly any dialogues, the complete story is in captions only This represents the story only from narrator s point of view, which is obviously a lot less impressive than a usual story with proper dialogues and settings The reason might have been the page limitation but it can t be a valid excuse You have to plan all these things if you are trying to present something as vast as story of lord Shiva, specially in this medium.You can always plan few extra issue but the pace of the book should remain ideal to the extent possible On the contrary in this book there is a lot of pr
Wonderful illustrations Captions are lengthyI love seeing the illustration of Shiva The story is highly informative but very loaded with details making it a slow read for a graphic novel or comic.