The Poetry of One Man and His Wife

The Poetry of One Man and His Wife Reading The Poetry Of One Man And His Wife William C Heffernan Nature This Book Contains The Collection Of Poetry And Words For Songs Written By William C Heffernan Between The Years 1962 And 2013.Everywhere William Goes He S Accompanied By His Note Book In Which He Records Places, Incidents, Statements And Interesting Newspaper Headlines In The Form Of Short Phrases.The Notebook Is Revisited Sometime After The Record Is Made And So The Emotive Issue Is Brought Into The Meter Of Poetry In Some Cases The Meter Is Strong Enough To Instantly Show That It Is Worthy Of Becoming A Song Which William Puts Together With An Acoustic Guitar.His Song Writing Can Be Found With His Co Writers Michael Johnson And David Allen Under The Name Of MUSiCiNC And Can Be Found On You Tube And Their Website Songwriters