Differentiation in Action

Differentiation in Action BOOKS Differentiation In Action Author Judith Dodge Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Judith Dodge Effectively Blends Her Years Of Experience And The Latest Research On Differentiated Instruction To Provide Teachers With Innovative Tools That Generate Immediate Impact On Classroom Teaching And Learning In This Book She Helps Teachers To Translate Research Into Action, Inform Their Instruction Through On Going And Frequent Assessments, Access Multiple Pathways For Learning, Foster Intrinsic Motivation, Use Instructional Intelligence And Flexible Groupings, Harness The Power Of Visual Tools, Scaffold Instruction For Struggling Learners, And Provide Challenging Options For Advanced Learners. This professional text has a variety of useful tools and organizers that can help differentiate and provide formative assessments in the upper elementary middle school classroom It has practical ways to use the organizers with many con