Heroes of the Revolution

Heroes of the RevolutionRead Heroes Of The Revolution By David A Adler Thomashillier.co.uk Some Are Household Names, Other Are All But Forgotten These Twelve Heroes Played An Important Role In The American Revolution.Paul Revere, Silversmith, Engraver, Midnight Messenger To The Patriots Lydia Darragh, Nurse, Mother Of Five, Continental Army Spy Crispus Attucks, Escaped Slave, The First To Defy, The First To Die George Washington, Father Of The Country Deborah Sampson, The Female Soldier From Spying On The British To Rescuing Fallen Soldiers On The Battlefield, These Men And Women Stand As Unforgettable Heroes Of The Revolutionary War David A Adler S Lively Anecdotes And Donald A Smith S Bold Paintings Present A Dozen Figures Whose Courage And Determination To Seek Freedom Were Indomitable In Their Own Times And Remain A Shining Example In Our Own.Author S Notes, A List Of Important Dates, Source Notes, And A Selected Bibliography Expand On The Biographies Of Each Person This Is A Great Gift For Young History Buffs Interested In The Revolutionary War As Well As A Resource For Classroom Use. In my opinion, Heroes of the Revolution is a nice book for children and adults to read together It contains one page snippets from the lives of twelve patriots of the Revolutionary War, highlighting the events, quotes and achievements that they are most well known for What I liked about the book was that it features both men and women, as well as the very famous such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson alongside lesser known, but no less important figures such as Lydia Darragh and Haym Salomon In this way I thought that the book taught a lesson about the smaller contributions to a great cause being just as important as bigger ones The only thing I might have changed would be making the snippets a little longer, but in spite of their brevity, I was still able to learn a few new things as well as havin
Another book I loved I am really into true stories lately and I don t have a lot of time to read so these page long glimpses into amazing people are refreshing to me I especially liked the story of Lydia Darragh 1729 1789 Lydia was a small woman, just five feet tall just like me Her neighbors knew her as a mother of five and a nurse Few people knew that she was a spy for the Continental army It goes on to say that she hid in a linen closet and spied on the British officers, who used her house for meetings When she heard of a future attach she snuck out of the house pretending to fill her empty flour bag and told Washington s soliders of the attach They were prepared and she saved many lives I love that a five foot tall woman made such a difference.There are other a
Short one page biographies are accompanied by a facing portrait in this introduction to key players in the Revolutionary War Some are very familiar like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, some no
Cheesy, short synopses about several Revolutionary War heroes I use it during our My Brother Sam is Dead unit to stir up controversy I read the short description of Crispus Attuck s acts and ask the kids to respond in writing, Was he a HERO They are always divided, but the piece has just the ri
Thisis a childnren s picture book that has short biographies of different people during the American Revolution It shows people that are usually not talked about but that were very important to this moment in history I would use this book as a resource for a historical characters projects T
This book is very interesting It has a one page description about each of the heroes it descusses Very easy to read and important for the kids to read and learn about what people did to make sure they are free today.

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  • Heroes of the Revolution
  • David A. Adler
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
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