Autism All-Stars

Autism All-Stars Reading Autism All Stars Author Jose Santomauro Looking At The Positive Influences, Great Talents And Unique Thought Processes Of Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders, This Book Is A Celebration Of Those Who Have Used Their Autism To Shine In Life Writers From All Over The World At Different Stages In Their Careers, And From Very Different Backgrounds, Share Their Experiences Of Creating A Successful Life On The Autism Spectrum Each Explains How It Is Possible To Draw On Autistic Strengths Not Just To Make Your Way In The World, Overcoming Challenges And Obstacles, But Also To Make Your Life A Real Success Education, The World Of Work, And Relationships Are The Focus Of The First Part Of The Book, Which Then Goes On To Look At Exceptional Creativity, And The Use Of Special Interests.The Autobiographical Stories In This Book Are Full Of Wisdom And Humour, And Will Be An Inspiration For Anyone With High Functioning Autism Or Asperger Syndrome, Their Family And Friends, And The Professionals Who Work Alongside Them. I m honestly pulled in so many directions over this short book I m unable to review it coherently Yet I did want to say at least something so here s my abortive attempt I suppose the ideal approach would be to tackle each of the authors on their own, but I just don t have that in me Some entries I thought were very well done and quite touching Will Hadcroft some I had no idea what they were saying, or trying to say Donna Williams, Leith McMurray and at least one gave what I can only consider erroneous advice Malcolm Johnson Not a bad book, by any means, but I m still unclear how ANY of the entries did or do as the subtitle suggests How We Use Our Autism and Asperger Traits to Shine In Life And I d include even Temple Grandin in that bit.I v
2.5 stars Ok collection of personal success stories from people with autism spectrum disorders I found the introduction by Tony Attwood to be the most useful part of the book, particularly this In the typical brain, there is a preference for noticing and analyzing social information for example, to prioritize the information contained in someone s facial expression rather than the shape of his ears In autism, the brain notices, and finds interesting and informative, other aspects of experience My simple definition of autism is that the
I liked the book, great stories of people with Autism I loved reading it because I have an interest in Autism, though I think it would be a little boring for people who didn t have basic interest in Autism or knowledge about autism Some of the success don t seem like successes in our eyes but to someone with autism some of these achievements are huge It s a story about life
I picked this book up to read during downtime while working with high school students with autism It s always interesting to read first hand accounts from people with autism I wouldn t necessarily consider all of these stories success stories, but they do show some positive w
An excellent book that shows how having an autism spectrum disorder need not define you as a person or limit what you are able to do The degree to which these authors are affected by autism and Asperger s varies quite considerably as th
I enjoyed reading stories from other people who were diagnosed However, this book limits itself to mostly older aged people It would have been nice to read a couple pieces by people of all ages It s a bit repetitive and cliche this book was pretty good I found some of the essays boring but some some interesting.