The Crystal Needle

The Crystal Needle Ebook The Crystal Needle By Daniel J Peyton In This Novella Sequel To The Crystal Needle, Christmas Has Come To Featherville Lights Are On The Trees, The Carolers Are Singing, And Everyone Is Ready To Celebrate But, Mischief Is In The Air The Local Sheriff Is Unhappy To See Wolves As Family Pets, Which Leads The Brothers To Earn Their Spot On Santa S Naughty List.again Yet, Allison Isn T Worried About Her Brothers She Is Worried About Her Man Joseph Is Spending Less And Less Time With Her And Could It Be True Did She See Him Kissing Another Girl Perhaps This Won T Be The Merry Christmas Everyone Hoped For. Great readThe story was sweet and a quick read I loved that you got to know Joe and Allison s family a lot . This book is the sequel to The Crystal Needle and I bought it and read it immediately after finishing The Crystal Needle I loved both books and found myself emotionally invested in the characters I am hoping that Daniel Peyton write a third book to continue the storyand I think he will since the ending to this book was a cliffhanger I literally tapped my tablet like 5 times trying to get the page to turn before I realized that it said I had read 99% of the book and that it was the endI didn t want it to end.I love the characters and the way that they are developed through these books and you get to learn and about them in this novella The love story between Joseph and Allison is touching and beautiful and makes you believe in true love Some of the secondary characters really came to life in this book I loved getting to know Yoshi and Oki better and seeing their i
When I finished reading the Crystal Needle last spring, I looked forward to reading about these characters who had moved from the south to live in my neck of the woods I was delighted when Dan Peyton published his novella sequel, and I went to and downloaded it I was not disappointed.Peyton allowed his characters to mature in the months that intervened Allison has learned to assert her own personality within Joseph s family Her younger brothers, still in their wolf form, act with age appropriate behaviors despite trying to tolerate the leash required by this small New England town The sheriff of the town becomes the target of their adolescent pranks, and Peyton handles this artfully throughout the story.I do think that the first story, The Crystal Needle, ought to be read before the sequel, for it is indeed a sequel It leads the reader to believe, though, that there may yet be coming from these engaging, intriguing