Finding Eve

Finding Eve Finding Eve Kindle Epub Author Rita Bay Terrapin Nicholas Lyons, Chief Physician To The Lyons Clan Of Shapeshifters, Has Mourned The Death Of His Promised Lifemate Until A Rogue Shapeshifter Reports Having Seen Her At An Exotic Animal Sale Accompanied By Marie Lyons Who Is No Stranger To The Dark Side, Her New Lifemate Anthony, And The Imperious Lady Bat, He Embarks On A Frantic Search For Eve Through The Dangerous World Of Exotic Animal Trafficking.Eve, Whose First Memories Are Of Recovering From An Injury At An Isolated Animal Refuge, Has Lived Through A Succession Of Owners In A World Filled With Cages And Cruelty When Eve Meets Marie At The Exotic Animal Sale, She Begins To Have Flashes Of A Different Life A Life In Which She Was Something Other Than Feline Her Last Sale, However, Has Landed Her As Prey To Exotic Animal Hunters And The Clock Is Ticking. Review forthcoming on received a copy of Finding Eve in exchange for my review.For 14 years Eve has been believed dead by the People after a plane crash killed her parents Except that instead of being dead, Eve has been trapped in her cat form and subjected to the illegal exotic animal trade, but her time is running out when the latest sale lands her feeling scared than ever before, only one thing keeps her going, and that is the woman Marie that promised to save her As the mate of the King of the People, Marie is determined to get Eve back, though not as determined as Nick, the man that is destined to be Eve s lifemate, problem is she can t remember that.This book is actually book 2 in the series, though I didn t actually know that when I read it and can safely say that you don t need to have read book 1 to enjoy Finding Eve There were two halves to this story The first half was or less about finding and saving Eve, whereas the second half was along the lines of healing Eve The first half was full of tension, there were a couple of moments where I was worried for Eve s safety, and not just that, there was a sense of disgust for the people that were keeping animals captive just to hunt and ki
3.5 stars I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review That review will come on my blog as part of a blog tour Stay tuned for the link