The Apple: New Crimson Petal Stories

The Apple: New Crimson Petal StoriesBOOKS The Apple New Crimson Petal Stories Author Michel Faber Enjoy Sugar Join Clara At The Rat Pit Relax With Mr Bodley As He Is Lulled To Sleep By Mrs Tremain And Her Girls Find Out What Became Of Sophie.Michel Faber Revisits The World Of His Bestselling Novel The Crimson Petal And The White, Conjuring Tantalising Glimpses Of Its Characters, Their Lives Before We First Met Them And Their Intriguing Futures You Ll Be Desperate For By The Time You Reluctantly Re Emerge Into The Twenty First Century. In 2003 The Crimson Petal and the White was published to much acclaim I read it and awarded it five plump wobbly stars But other readers had other reactions In his forward to this slender collection of short stories, Mr Faber says that he gets letters from his readers and he keeps them in a box So that s surprising right there who writes to authors I would never have the nerve I mean, what would you say to Shakespeare Dear Bard, I must say that I thought The Tempest was a wonderful note on which to bring down the curtain, as it were, on your illustrious career You are my favourite Elizabethan playwright Have a wonderful retirement Your friend, P Bryant Dear Brett Easton Ellis, I have now spoken with my lawyers and if you attempt to contact me again or come within 100 yards of myself and my immediate family note mother in law not counted as immediate you will be in breach of the court order and prompt action will be taken Yours, P Bryant Anyway, Mr Faber received letters saying Why do you make me suffer and I implore
Despite the 2 , this is not exactly a bad book, merely opportunistic, frustrating and hugely disappointing after the wonderfully rich novel which it relates to, The Crimson Petal and the White , TCP There s little point reading this collection unless you have read TCP, but huge disappointment if you have I really wouldn t advise anyone to read it.Where TCP was a luxuriously long, deep novel, this is half a dozen very short stories, jumping on that bandwagon In a lengthy Foreword that includes too much fan mail, Faber attempts to justify publishing these stories, but most of them are barely a snapshot, which could work, but really didn t for me It even opens with Close your eyes , an echo of the familiar Watch your step , but that only compounds the impression of a poor pastiche.The first story illustrates Sugar s love for Christopher, which perhaps makes her love for Sophie never quite convincing enough, I thought plausible, but it is too mawkish.The second story tells of a once respectable woman who has become a prostitute very different form Sugar s childhood initiation , focusing on a client with an unusual and increasingly unsavoury fetish.We get a glimpse of the teenage years of Emmeline Fox ne Curlew , which is enlightening, but not exactly riveting.Bodley has an existential moment, which was quite a surprise, but I never found him a very fleshed out or engaging character, and I felt much the same afterwards.The eponymous story, The Apple , is a
En mi edici n Faber cuenta que tras la publicaci n de P talo carmes , flor blanca, no dejaba de recibir cartas de lectores frustrados con su final, o nofinal , y gente que imploraba uno Me parece curiosa esa avalancha de peticiones y esa decepci n colectiva Es un final m s o menos abierto, como tantos, y algo que a m en general no me disgusta, mucho menos en una novela como esta, que cuenta vidas m s que hechos, cu ndo terminarla De todas formas, me qued engan
This is nowhere near as good or as rich as The Crimson Petal and the White I knew it wouldn t be, but I did expect subtext from this author Don t let the 199 page count fool you either The physical pages are short, the font is fairly big and it reads quickly I bought it for a pittance at a library sale, so I m fine with that, and it is a pretty little book with its own ribbon marker.The stories are technically standalones a point Faber makes in his foreword , but I wonder how much interest someone who hasn t read The Crimson Petal and the White would have in them For me, the best thing about this book is its causing me to recall from the novel favorite scenes, such as the luminous visit to the lavender fields, even though I read it several years ago.In the foreword Faber references letters he received from fans after they finished The Crimson Petal and the White space filler which was fairly interesting, as were as his responses He goes on to say that the last story the longest is as satisfying to him as one of his best novels I m paraphrasing and with that I feel he s being disingenuous The story, with its narrator s giving us a glimpse of his Edwardian life from the vantage point of his now great age in the 20th century, has a great title and a metafictional element two lines that seem to reference those 21st century fans that clad for a sequel to The Crimson Pe
Nelze se ubr nit srovn n s Kv tkem, by je toto jen takov dopln n V hudebn bran i se tomu k rarity, jsou to nevydan p sn , kter se prost z r zn ch d vod na album nedostaly Ale pro fanou ky kapely maj velk v znam Nejl pe publikovan s pat i n m odstupem Stejn tak je to s Jablkem Srovn n s t m Faberem z Kv tku je alostn , ale jako fanou ek jeho opusu mus m ci, e je to povinnost p e st U pro po
The Apple is a hard book to rate On the one hand, I enjoyed the seven stories contained in it for the additional glimpse they provide into the lives of the characters of The Crimson Petal and the White, one of the best novels I ve read this year On the other hand, they don t provide nearly enough glimpses for my liking, and I doubt they ll appeal much to people who haven t read The Crimson Petal So Yeah Conundrum Three of the stories in The Apple are set before the events of The Crimson Petal They show Sugar treating Christopher to a nice Christmas meal at Mrs Castaway s, Sugar having to deal with proselytising evangelists, and Emmeline writing letters to American slave owners They re nice enough stories, but to my critical eye, they look rather like outtakes from the book with which Faber couldn t quite part The remaining four stories, which take place after the ending of The Crimson Petal, are much better in my opinion I delighted in seeing the unpleasant fate of Clara, the Rackhams evil servant I grinned at Mr Bodley s unenthusiastic visit to a brothel, which culminates in a laugh out loud encounter with a Malaysian prostitute who hasn t had a chance to learn proper English yet I nodded with satisfaction at the poetic justice of William Rackham s fate And most of all, I relished the opportunity to see what had become of Sophie Rackham, and ho
Kv tek byl pro m skorem zjeven , nadchl m ten sv t, postavy, jazyk, kter m byl ps n a p elo en , tak e jsem se na dal p b hy t ila A tou se kr sn , n kter pov dky jsou jen st pky i st pe ky, kter klidn mohly vypadnout p i o ezu dokonal ho okna Kv tku , v tom p b hu mohly b t a neru ily by V t to pov dkov sb rce si je m eme zasadit do kontextu a rozhodn nepo e ou Akor t jsou ty st pky n kdy hodn tit rn a hladov ten by je cht l malinko v t , tak je la n po obl ben ch postav ch, m stech, p b z ch Ale mus se bohu el sm it s t m, e nikdy nebude zcela nasycen, proto e Kv tku nikdy nebude dost a vlastn by se dal st donekone na U jsem se sm ila s t m, e se zcela nedozv m, co se s t mi kter mi postavami p esn stalo, a vlastn mi nevad , e je to otev en , po d je prostor pro spekulace, i kdy Faber malinko nazna uje Ze v ech pov dek bych rozhodn vyzdvihla tu posledn Mohutn postupuj c horda en v moc velk ch klobouc ch ta by napro
I enjoyed reading some of the stories It has been a few years since I read the Crimson Petal and the White, and it was fun to recognize names I matched a few characters up to the wrong names and forgot some characters entirely, but none of that affected my understanding of the stories Had it not been for one particular quote that I really, really liked, I could have gone without reading this collection In my mind, I knew how Sugar would turn out The ending of The Crimson Petal and the White didn t bother me as much as others, and I would have been happy to stick with my imagined futures for the characters Christmas in Silver Street very sweet, an illustration of Sugar s maternal instincts, which also explain her affinity for SophieClara and the Rat Man I forgot who Clara was, but she s a whore now who completes a strange request for one of her customers The motive behind the request is pr
Ok folks, first things first If you haven t read The Crimson Petal and The White, then please don t read this collection of short stories It is worthless Thankfully, will give you a discount on a group purchase.Secondly, following the bestseller success of The Crimson Petal, Cannongate have made the commercial decision to let Faber treat us to some literary nuggets and allow us back into the lives of the central characters from the first book with glimpses into both the past and the future.We get another glimpse into Sugar s life before meeting William Rackham, and in this story there are four sentences that highlight the part of the nature of Faber s Crimson Petal stories In every story she reads, the women are limp and spineless and insufferably virtuous They harbour no hatred, they think of only marriage, they don t exist below the neck, they eat but never shit Where are the authentic, flesh and blood women in modern English fiction There aren t any In return for our commercial loyalty to the author, we learn of Sophie s fate through the memories of her son The maternal affection and bonding, so painfully absent in The Crimson Petal, is now fully realised.Does Faber rekindle the readers desire for Sugar s life story Yes, this is achieved But this tome is a crude
Ten otev en konec Kv tku m nakonec donutil po dit si i tuhle sb rku, musel jsem prost aspo r mcov v d t, jak to se Sugar a Sofi dopadlo Co jsem pot eboval, to jsem dostal, a k tomu je t p r v c nav c Hodn se mi l bila z v re n Mohutn postupuj c horda en v moc velk ch klobouc ch , pak je t

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