The Assassin's Blade

The Assassin's Blade❮Download❯ ➼ The Assassin's Blade ➾ Author Sarah J. Maas – Contains all five novellasCelaena Sardothien is Adarlan's most feared assassin As part of the Assassin's Guild her allegiance is to her master Arobynn Hamel yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts on Contains all five novellasCelaena Sardothien is Adarlan's most feared assassin As part of the Assassin's Guild her allegiance is to her master Arobynn Hamel yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer for hire Sam In these action packed novellas together in one edition for the first time Celaena embarks on five daring missions They take her from remote The Assassin's Kindle - islands to hostile deserts where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous But she is acting against Arobynn's orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery Will Celaena ever be truly free Explore the dark underworld of this kick ass heroine to find out. I loved this I'll have a review of this on the channel soon You said you didn't care what I thought Or what I did Or if I died if I'm not mistakenI lied And you know I lied you stupid bastard Ohmygosh I'm still reeling The five novellas are so well written and woven together that this almost feels like a book in its own rightSet far before Celaena bacame the King's Assassin we watch as she fights to the top of the assassin's guild and claim her rightful spot Along the way she meets true friends and dire enemies She learns exactly what she's capable of and she manages to piss off some very very important people Ansel stalked past her and said You're just a spoiled selfish bitch The Assassin and the Pirate Lord Celaena Sardothien and her ever present companion Sam are sent to secure a deal with the Pirate Lord on behalf of their master Arobynn Only when they arrive they uickly realize that Arobynn wants to get in on the slave trade Celaena may be many things to many people but she will never condone slavery She's about to disobey the ruler of the Assassins for the first and possibly last time everThe Assassin and the Healer Celaena bruised and battered due to her fallout with Arobynn meets a young healer girl whose family used to be gifted with magic That magic is gone now and while the girl dreams of leaving this crumbly tavern she hasn't the courage to make that final step That is until Celaena comes byThe Assassin and the Desert Exiled Sent to train among the mute assassins in the desert Celaena must obtain a sealed letter from the leader in order to return to Arobynn That proves nearly impossible and while she makes a true friend she also loses a part of herself in the processThe Assassin and the Underworld Arobynn allows Celaena to return under a few conditions She accepts but remains wary of him He sends her to kill a man involved in the Empire's slave trade and during the process Celaena becomes absolutely shattered by her own actions She swears off Arobynn and the Assassin's Guild foreverThe Assassin and the Empire Celaena and Sam are determined to leave the guild but to do that they need to buy their freedom from Arobynn done and the Assassin's Guild not done Celaena and Sam take one last jobonly to realize far too late that it really will be their last job When we die she said I don't think the gods will even know what to do with us YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading ”My name is Celaena Sardothien” she whispered “and I will not be afraid”So here’s the thingI read “Throne of Glass” at the beginning of the year but never continued with the series because back then I just didn’t have the necessary time to read all that much Well and then I met Gemma on goodreads and we decided to read the entire series as a buddy read ; So far so goodSaid and doneStill before I re read “Throne of Glass” I wanted to read “The Assassin’s Blade” because I already knew that the five novellas play before the book and ToG was full of references to Celaena’s time before Endovier ; In short It got me damn freaking curious XDI already knew I was in for a heartbreak And my naïve me decided that she’d survive it That it couldn’t be that bad that it would be okay I mean I already knew what would happen so how could it hurt?See that’s where I made my mistake I was prepared and yet I still wasn’t able to anticipate how much this would actually hurtI certainly wasn’t prepared for THIS kind of pain And now I’m desperately trying to glue my heart together thinking of Sam gentle sweet and caring Sam I can’t even TTWell I guess what my rather deranged mind is trying to tell you is that I really loved this bookEvery single story every moment that formed Celaena into the person she’s become I freaking love Celaena Sardothien and by now I feel like her pain is my own 3333The plotThere are five novellas in this book an every single story is so carefully woven that you can’t help but have to get lost in it I enjoyed them immensely and even though the first two stories weren’t all that exceptional they still contributed to the overall plot ; I won’t go into detail until I reach my characters section also known as “The Spoiler Zone” but for those of you who are afraid to read the entire book because they know what’s going to happen and don’t want to be heartbroken here’s a little tip view spoilerYou can read the first four novellas without regret Sam’s still alive until the last story Just thought I’d let you know ; P hide spoiler This review will be a little different from my others for several reasons This is a series we are way too deep into for me to go over each character or plot I won’t me writing a super detailed review for each one just a small summary my favorite uote and the rating The Assassin's Blade is a bind up of five novellas for the Throne of Glass Series I’m just going to say this right way I wish I would have read this right after Throne of Glass I wish I wouldn't have waited till I was four books in to pick this up This book would have changed the way I viewed this series and I mean that in the best way These stories changed the way I see Celaena answered both little and big uestions I had and ultimately decided whose team I'm on but I'll get to that part in a few These stories cover everything from young Celaena up until the point she ends up atEndovier a salt mine prison The Assassin and the Pirate Lord 1010Celaena is sent with Sam to meet up with a Pirate Lord obviously to set up a deal for her boss This is the first time we really get too see her and Sam actually interact If you’ve read any of the other books even just the first then you know how sassy Celaena is and we get a look into why she is this way Especially towards Sam We get to see how she got her start and how their relationship actually started I know we’ve heard bits a pieces in the other books but these start filling in all the cracks After a twist in the plan is presented the two they have to deceive what path they want to take and pick whose side they are going to be on Favorite uote “You want my advice?” he asked her “No” “I’d watch my back around Sam You might be the best Sardothien but there’s always someone waiting for you to slip” Sam the traitorous bastard didn’t hide his smirk The other pirate captains chuckled Celaena stared hard at Rolfe “You want my advice?” He waved a hand beckoning her to go on “Mind your own business” TheAssassin and the Healer 910After returning home from her mission with the Pirate Lord she is sent to the Red Deseret This is where she will spend her summer as punishment Before arriving to the Red Desert she is stuck in a small town waiting for her boat to arrive the next day She finds herself helping a barmaid and teaching her how to defend herself This was my least favorite story in the book I also believe it is the shortest one I didn’t hate it; it just didn’t have the same effect on me the other ones did I didn’t feel like it gave me as much I did like that it had a lot of the bitter angry Celaena that I love so much Favorite uote “Let me give you a bitof advice from one working girl to another Life isn’t easy no matter whereyou are You’ll make choices you think are right and then suffer for them” TheAssassin and the Desert 1010Celaena finally arrives at the Red Desert to spend the summer training withthe Mute Master as punishment While she is there she has to go through a Kill Bill style training to redeem a letter from the master before she can return back to the Guild While there we learn how she got to be as good as she is how she is starting to feel for Sam and we get to hear about the “first real” friend she’s ever made This is thestory that I feel lays down the foundation for why Celaena became the softer version of herself that we have all grown to love so much Think this is where she goes from villain to something Some might disagree or think it happened at some other point and some might think it hasn’t happened at all Favorite uote “Go to Hell” Anselchuckled “I’ve been to Hell” The Assassin and the Underworld 1010Celaena is back from the desert and ready distract herself from owning up to her feeling Not just the feelings she has for Sam but towards everything She decides throwing herself fully into a mission is the best way to do this The Underworld was the biggest surprise read to me Out of all five this one was my favorite Everything finallyclicks things really starts happening and everything we’ve been waiting for is slammed into us This story will always have a special place in my heart and in this series The best part is we get so much Sam and Celaena time I thought that the last story was going to be the one that choked me up but this is the novella that got meI was sneak reading at work and had to cry on the inside like a winner So manyfeelsFavorite uote “and from today onwardI want to never be separated from you Where you go I go Even if that meansgoing to Hell itself where you are that’s where I want to be Forever” TheAssassin and the Empire 1010 If you’ve read even just the first few chapters of Throne of Glass then you already know what is going to happen in this story I would like to say that you’ll be ready for it but I won’t lie You won’t be This story has everything in it The emotions the fighting the betrayal the answers about what really happened to Sam that terrible eveningand how Celaena ultimately got caught This story will break you Second favorite in this bind up Favorite uotes “Deep down she said“I’m a coward” His brows rose “I’m a coward” she repeats “And I’m scared I’mscared all the time Always” “I am Celaena Sardothien and I willnot be afraid” This book had me laughing crying swearing praying and completed me I thought it would help with the pain of waiting for book five but all it did was make me crave it even I loveCelaena she is my favorite literary female She falls in this area of being a villainand being a hero She is everything I want from my leading lady She is fireand smoke She is hard and soft Loving strong and weak She is changing the gameI thank Sarah J every day for this series I finally want to end this long review with these two statements this isn’t a spoiler it’s just my theory I in no way shape or form believeSam is dead I might be in denial but I just don’t I think the biggest twist in this series will be that he is still alive Also for the uestion I left hanging at the beginning of this; whose team am I on Thought it was Rowan but then again something always felt like it was missing That’s because Sam is what was missing I am officially and 100% on Team Sam If he really really isn’taround then I want Celaena to stand on her own This series is phenomenalREAD THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOGSBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR i dont want to talk about my feelings right now i need a couple weeks to process this I really enjoyed this Some stories I liked than others but it was nice to see what happened to Celaena leading up to Throne of Glass I would have liked to have seen of her when she was younger and training thoughNow on to rereading Throne of Glass I don't know how this book continues to destroy me with every reread This will always be one of the most heart wrenching stories for me The way Sarah J Maas fleshed out the characters in this book and their emotions pulled at my insides It hurt like nothing else I hate it And I'm incredibly in love with this collection of novellas Original review“She would tuck Sam into her heart a bright light for her to take out whenever things were darkest”Reread 5 stars of course This is the kind of book that once you're finished reading you'll need all the chocolates and ice cream to stuff yourself with and all the comedy movies to watch because the gaping hole pain and emotional heaviness it leaves you with is slightly torturous This book is a bind up of 5 novellas which explore events that took place before Throne of Glass Rereading it now I think that it's probably best to start off with this book then continue on with the rest of the series because you'll gain a better appreciation for our main character Celaena is such a great female protagonist Utter boss This book sheds a lot light into her history and how she became the person she is There's so much emotion and vulnerability to her in this book that we don't get to see that often But she's also an assassin Hardcore and cruel and the fact that she encompasses both ends of the spectrum is so great to see I love how that human element has been added that not everything you know about a person and how they react to certain situations is always going to be black and white Your past has a lot to do with it Your circumstances which will have shaped you The people you surround yourself with and I adore Sarah J Maas for incorporating that into a story about assassins view spoilerAnd Sam Sam for fucks same Sam I'm in mourning I keep wishing Celaena was able to declare her love for him Something verbal that at least he could've taken with him I don't know why it destroys my heart because I'm pretty sure Celaena regrets this in the other books but every time I think about it I want to die tbh hide spoiler My name is Sarah J Maas Broke My Heartand i will not stop weeping I can't believe I have had this book forever and just now read it Such is life I guess I knew it was going to break my heart and it did it so much did But I needed to read the story of Sam Sam ♥ Reviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsPlease be aware that while refraining from spoiling the specific novella I'm reviewing at the time there may be spoilers from any prior novellasI view these stories as five separate but related tales like a series bc that's how I originally read them I'll include links at the bottom of the post to the individual reviews on Goodreads for those of you who are afraid of being inadvertently spoiledIn the summer of '12 I was desperately seeking new reading material and stumbled across the preview chapters of THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J MaasI downloaded them devoured them and gashed my teeth in impatience when I discovered the full book wasn't due to be released for several weeksBUTThere were four preuel novellas that were available So I one clicked all of them and read them immediatelyThey only increased my hunger for THRONE OF GLASSThe Assassin and the Pirate LordFirst I think it's important to recognize that one of if not the main purposes of these novellas is to grow Celaena from an intolerably insolent and arrogant adolescent into a world wiser but still cocky young adultThe #1 complaint about this series is that readers don't like CelaenaPersonally I love her but I understand why others might not She's a superlative character and some people can't handle her extremes and that's only one of a dozen legitimate issuesBUTThere are several loudly voiced complaints that as far as I'm concerned don't hold water I've already addressed my feelings in regards to the claim that she is too girly to make a believable assassin in my Throne of Glass reviewThe other assertion I cannot abide is that Celaena never does anything or never kills anyoneThat she's basically all talkMaybe I'm confused but I've never supposed that assassins are meant to go around killing EVERYONE indiscriminately And she's not just an assassin She's the King of Assassins' heir Adarlan's AssassinAt least half of her identity is reputation and it wouldn't behoove that reputation or be good for business to run around like a maniac slitting throats and eviserating passersbyIn this novella she's a sixteen year old girl who single handedly disarms and disables the entire crew of a pirate ship She easily defeats the Pirate Lord in combat using his own weapons to do itHow is that nothing? How is that all talk? mind is boggledBeyond establishing herself as a seriously kick ass heroine the foundation for something that will shred your heart into teeny tiny pieces is also laid WAILSAnd you know there are piratesEverything is better with piratesSO Not my favorite of the bunch but a closeish secondThe Assassin and the HealerThis novella wasn't part of the original four I chased down pieces of it on various blogs over the course of several days before CROWN OF MIDNIGHT was releasedAnyway I liked this one a lot tooSo should anyone who thinks Celaena doesn't kill often enough How about six or eight mercs in a dark alley after they try to rob and attack a barmaid?All I'm saying is that's an awful lot of bodies piling up for an assassin who allegedly doesn't assassinMoving onWe also learn some Celaena background that her country was destroyed by war and she feels a kinship with others who have suffered similar fates That as a child she had dreams that are in complete contradiction to her current statusAaaannddd we once again get to observe the softer side of Celaena The side that compels her to intervene on behalf of others when she can one of the many reasons I'm able to overlook her abrasive ualitiesBottom line a worthy addition to the canonThe Assassin and the DesertOh my FEELS They hurrrrrrt sobsSo what does is say about me that this is my favorite of the group? Hmm In the inevitable aftermath of her actions in Pirateville Celaena is sent into the blistering unforgiving heat of the desert to train with the Mute Master Arobynn's infinitely benevolent Southern counterpartShe has one month to train with the Silent Assasssins One month to earn the Mute Master's respect in the form of a letter to Hamel on Celaena's behalf commending her efforts and abilitiesOne MonthThis is the novella that makes me determinedly profess that readers' NEED to read the preuelsThere are people and places and events that have already begun to play a greater role in the main books with half a dozen foreshadowings of things to comeYou NEED To Read ItAnd it won't make sense if you haven't read the first one and after that Well why not just read them all?Besides Don't you want to see Celaena fumble her way through her first friendship? And not just her first friendship but her first friendship with a GIRL? Of course you doAnd who could blame you?The Assassin and the UnderworldThis novella should have been called THE ASSASSIN AND THE TANGLED WEB OF AROBYNN HAMEL but I guess it doesn't rollllll off the tongue the same wayI really wish I could give you an accounting of the events that take place here unhindered by the knowledge of what's to comeBut I can'tI read it too many times and it broke my heart too completelyTHE ASSASSIN AND THE UNDERWORLD is about what happens when Celaena returns to the Assassin's Keep after Arobynn beat her into unconsciousness and sent her to the desertCelaena arrives full of confidence and than a little bit of self satisfactionShe succeeded in accomplishing her nearly impossible to complete task More than succeeded Was sent home from the Red Desert with a fortune great enough to purchase her freedomWhen she struts into Arobynn's office she has every intention of telling him and leaving himUnfortunately It doesn't work out that wayInstead she allows herself to fall back under his spell Not fully she's been made too wary for that but enough that she becomes an unwilling accomplice in his nefarious plans one last timeThis is where we first see the depth of Arobynn's treacheryMy thoughts on Celaena's lack of immediate response to said treachery upon her return to Rifthold in ToG view spoilerMany think Celaena is being willfully obtuse about the role her mentor played in the events that led to Sam's horrific death and her imprisonment at Endovier but this is something I understand Father brother lover—he’d never really declared himself any of them Certainly not the lover part though if Celaena had been another sort of girl and if Arobynn had raised her differently perhaps it might have come to that He loved her like family yet he put her in the most dangerous positions He nurtured and educated her yet he’d obliterated her innocence the first time he’d made her end a life He’d given her everything but he’d also taken everything away She could no sooner sort out her feelings toward the King of the Assassins than she could count the stars in the sky And there's nothing she can DO about it in the course of the first few books She knows they'll see each other again but as much as she desires vengeance and is determined to get it In the silence of her bedroom she swore an oath to the moonlight that if Sam were hurt no force in the world would hold her back from slaughtering everyone responsible She also dreads itCelaena is a work in progress She's headstrong and stubborn Arrogant with poor impulse control BUT She is growing Steadily Consistently Eventually she'll reach the point where she can take an unobscured look at Arobynn and acknowledge not only how he betrayed her to the king but how he was none of things to her she'd struggled with reconciling father brother loverHe was a plague hide spoiler

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