The Jade Boy

The Jade Boy BOOKS The Jade Boy By Cate Cain Sorcery And Mystery With A Dose Of Horror And History Eleven Year Old Jem Green Works As A Kitchen Boy In The London Household Of A Powerful Duke He Doesn T Know Who His Father Is And His Life Consists Of Never Ending Drudgery But When The Sinister Count Cazalon Pays A Visit To The Duke, Jem S World Is Turned Upside Down The Count Is Planning Something Terrible And Jem Appears To Be Central To His Wicked Scheme With The Help Of Newfound Friends Apprentice Sorceress Ann, Mind Speaking Mute Ptolemy And His Pet Monkey Cleo, All Prisoners Of The Count In His Macabre Mansion Jem Must Find Out Why He Is So Important To Cazalon And Stop The Devastation The Count Is About To Unleash An Absorbing Adventure Set In The Reign Of Charles II, Just Before The Great Fire Of London. I am sorry to say that I found this disappointingly average The premise of the tale itself was interesting, the plague and the great fire of London providing a captivating historical backdrop for a tale of old magic, friendship and terror What let the concept down was the writing itself, it wasn t awful, but it was repetitive and slightly awkward throughout The novel never truly gains a g
This was a very surprising book but a bit gross at times The descriptions were very detailed and sometimes I felt I was in the book Not recommended for younger readers I rated it 4 but then thinking again it my be a 3. I did not like it very much. I enjoyed this rather lovely children s book.I have always liked books that take events from history, but twist it to their own purposes This book offers plenty of that I love history, so this book was already ticking a lot of boxes The book is set just before the Great Fire of London, and gives the very interesting idea of what if the fire was not an accident Reading about London during this period is great, London is a place I know well and reading about it with different eyes is always great Jem Green is a good character, clueless enough to keep things from not being too obvious, I did guess a lot of things that were going to happen, but I have read an awful lot of books, and I think the target audience would not find it quite a predicable Also the friends that Jem makes, Ann, Ptolemy and Cleo the monkey were great Ptolemy interested me the most, being a mind reading mute and I would like to read about his home of birth Count Cazalon was wonderfully awful and quite scary at times, reading about the things in his house made me shudder I loved the intrigue about Jem s father and the reveal of that was done really well I liked the magic side of the
I liked this book I guessed several of the plot points but then, I m significantly older than the target audience and that s to be expected The descriptions were good I really got a feel for the way the story worked And the main characters were well developed A few of the minor characters could have done with a bit fleshing out, perhaps, but it s not like it was their story And of course, ultimately it s a story abou
Privileged enough to be interning at Templar the publishing house who let me read this book MONTHS in advance It hits shelves in September.This is a very strong debut novel and I can t help but rave about it.For starters, the world is so well drawn that you are pulled from the kitchens of Ludlow House to Malfurneaux Place, home of the exquisitely written Cazalon.Our main characte
Young Jem Green is a mere servant of a Duke, when he encounters three young friends with slightly mysterious powers The creepy Count Cazalon has a hidden hold on all of them London in the 1660s is a great, unique setting An enthralling read on how a friendship is formed through magic and heroism. Brilliant cover, exciting premise what if the Fire of London was set deliberately , but a disappointing read for me as plot developments never felt internally believable, and historical setting wasn t as vivid as I had hoped for However, I d perhaps recommend to those who like gothic horror. I didn t hate this book Somehow I thought I had picked up a Historical Fiction, and I guess in a loose manner it could qualify, maybe Bottom line, it wasn t what I wanted to read at the moment, and I was finding the characters difficult Didn t finish. 5.5 stars The book was amazing and plot was exciting and intense but the autcrl ending was messed up.

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