L' Île de Pâques

L' Île de PâquesRead L Le De Pa Ques Author Pierre Loti Wgf2011.eu Anotaciones Del Diario De Pierre Loti Julien Viaud Al Visitar Isla De Pascua, El A O 1872, Siendo Aspirante En Una Fragata De La Armada Francesa, Cuyo Texto Definitivo Se Public Reci N En 1899, Cuando Ya Era Un Escritor Famoso Sus P Ginas Nos Ofrecen Un Mundo Sorprendente Y Lleno De Misterio, Distinto De Cuanto Conoc An E Imaginaban Los Europeos De La Poca. Julien Viaud, is not yet Pierre Loti, he is young aspirant of the French navy on the frigate La Flore when it arrives in view of Easter Island on January 3, 1872 Most of the texts of this book comes from his diary, because at that time he is a draftsman than a writer Both in drawing and in writing, he describes admirably the natives he discovers, the book opens with a drawn portrait of Vanta , the chiefess , further is his body, then the detail of tattoos , and costumes, headdresses made of feathers He then goes on to describe the huts, the organization of the villages, and his contacts and exchanges with this population He has such a passion to learn, to communicate, but also to be loved that he quickly binds with the natives, barter objects, costumes, primitive weapons that he brings back into his cabin of which we find a drawing Then he discovers the statues I was perched on the chin of one of these colossi, who, spilled on the back, they are all there, lying pell mell, half broken By the detail, he tells us the extraction and transport of the head of one of these gigantic statues, several drawings show them, a map of the island tells us the location The combination of his talents as a draftsman and writer made him a great reporter of the time He can describe everything, men, faces, bodies, tattoos, fetishes, customs, organization of their society, homes, landscapes, weather conditions We follow him on