Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis PDF Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis By George Jelinek A Deeply Personal Exploration Of The Journeys Of 12 Ordinary Men And Women Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Around The World, Showing That Recovery Is PossibleA Diagnosis Of Multiple Sclerosis Conjures Up Images Of Wheelchairs, Paralysis, And A Shortened Life, But In Fact It S Possible To Regain Mobility And Make A Recovery This Is A Collection Of 12 Life Stories Of People Who Have Been Diagnosed With MS, And Have Been Able To Halt The Progression Of The Disease And Recover Mobility By Following A Program Of Drug Treatment, Diet, Sunshine, Meditation, And Exercise These Stories Offer Hope And Inspiration To Others Diagnosed With MS, And An Insight Into The Different Journeys People Take To Recovery Based On Extended Interviews, They Also Offer An Understanding Of The Challenges Faced By People With Different Types Of MS And At Different Stages In The Progression Of The Disease. This book is a collection of accounts of twelve different people, mostly from Australia and New Zealand who have, for all intents and purposes, recovered from MS by following the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis protocol designed by Australian physici
This was an excellent book It was so great reading the stories of others who have MS, and how they maintain positive attitudes and lived a lifestyle that has led to healing.This book gave me hope And has led me to make many positive changes in my life.I hope the authors will publish another similar book sharing the stories of additional people.There are two suggestions I would have to the authors 1 Include the basics of the Overcoming MS lifestyle in the preface or introduction to the book The interviews refer to the lifestyle again and again I am reading the Overcoming MS book and have read about the lifestyle elsewhere, but maybe some readers are in the dark about the lifestyle Some people I would like to share the book with are unlikely to read Overcoming MS , so I know they would greatly benefit from this addition.2 I would love to see a story about a stay at home mom with young kids I think a lot of us in the early stages of diagnosis fall into this category an
Like many MS lifestyle change books this one continually harps on the solutions it espouses From what I read I came away with the following vitamin D is key, exercise is to be pursued no matter how limited you are, everyone gets their own ride, determination is key, meditation is a great and powerful tool I am not completely convinced by the full diet change argument, other diets like Wahls protocol use the same argum
I picked up this book at the library because someone in the family has just been diagnosed with M.S Although I didn t quite finish it, as each story is based on the same principles, it outlines a very informative and thought provoking treatment for the disease B

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  • Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis
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  • 24 May 2018
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