Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids

Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids PDF Christopher Columbus And The Age Of Exploration For Kids Ronald A Reis An NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young PeopleChristopher Columbus Is One Of The Most Famous People In World History, Yet Few Know The Full Story Of The Amazing, Resourceful, And Tragic Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus And The Age Of Exploration For Kids Portrays The Admiral Of The Ocean Seas Neither As Hero Nor Heel But As A Flawed And Complex Man Whose Significance Is Undeniably Monumental Kids Will Gain A Fuller Picture Of The Seafarer S Life, His Impact, And The Dangers And Thrills Of Exploration As They Learn About All Four Of Columbus S Voyages To The New World, Not Just His First, As Well As The Year That Columbus Spent Stranded On The Island Of Jamaica Without Hope Of Rescue Students, Parents, And Teachers Will Appreciate The In Depth Discussions Of The Indigenous Peoples Of The New World And Of The Consequences Of Columbus S Voyages The Exchange Of Diseases, Ideas, Crops, And Populations Between The New World And The Old Fun Hands On Activities Illuminate Both The Nautical Concepts Introduced And The Times In Which Columbus Lived Kids Can Tie Nautical KnotsConduct A Blanket Silent TradeMake A CompassSimulate A HurricaneTake Nautical MeasurementsAnd Much The real story of Columbus and his discoveries is such a good one, I can t imagine why textbooks keep feeding kids the insipid myths that omit most of the action and drama of the truth Well, actually I can imagine the truth certainly doesn t cast the discoverer of America and his crew in a very good light, but I don t know why that fact also can t be used as teaching material.Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids is part of a large series of similar books from the Chicago Review Press, and it is so good I went out and got some others This one tells the story of Columbus and his voyages in depth, and includes enough of a glimpse of the appalling treatment of the natives and the introduction of slavery to give kids an idea about what really happened It doesn t provide a lot of gory details though, especially with respect to how the females were used by the crew, presumably because of it being a book for kids.The author tries to be even handed He is full of praise for the navigational skills of Columbus But he also reveals just how badly used the Arawak Indians were, and how Columbus tricked them into continuing to provide him and his men with food in spite of the genocide being carried out on their people.But this is not j
I would have given this book at least 4 stars, because there are many things I really like about it, but since the very title states it is for children, I find some of the content in appropriate.I began reading the book with my children as part of our homeschool curriculum, and I was very happy with the fair treatment it gives to Columbus showing both the positive and negative qualities of his personality, and of the stories about his life It addresses the facts, as well as the unproven rumors about Columbus and shows them all in a neutral light Thus far it was well written But about halfway through, when Columbus was on his second voyage, I quit reading it with my children because a fair amount of the content was not appropriate for children graphic violence, sexual references, etc should not be in a book written for children I did continue to read the book on my own, and found it interesting and info
Within the 145 pages of this picture book there are 8 chapters, websites, notes, a glossary, and 21 activities for kids In the introduction, Ronald Reis writes, Christopher Columbus is possibly the most researched and written about individual in history That is not surprising No matter what one may think of Columbus hero, or heal, or both the significance of what he did, however interpreted, is monumental Christopher Columbus changed
Even though written for children it was available on Prime for free I really liked it and also the sections especially written for the kids to enlarge their understanding It was good enough to read again after I forget what I read It does blow a few holes in the holy version of C
Very cool read for the older upper grade middle school reader The activities were really interesting There were definitely advanced concepts As an adult, there were things that I learned about Christopher Columbus

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