Meaning and Value in a Secular Age

Meaning and Value in a Secular Age Ebook Meaning And Value In A Secular Age Author Paul Kurtz The Secular Age Has Confronted Human Beings With A Fundamental Challenge While The Naturalistic Worldview Rooted In Science Has Persuasively Shown That Traditional Religious Conceptions Of The Universe Are Unsustainable, It Has So Far Offered No Compelling Secular Narratives To Replace The Religious Narratives So Entrenched In Civilization In The Absence Of Religion, How Do Thoughtful Contemporary Individuals Find Meaning In A Secular World In This Book, Philosopher Paul Kurtz Argues For A New Approach That He Calls Eupraxsophy Kurtz First Coined The Term In 1988 To Characterize A Secular Orientation To Life That Stands In Contrast To Religion Derived From Three Ancient Greek Roots, Eupraxsophy Literally Means Good Practice And Wisdom Drawing Upon Philosophy, Science, And Ethics, Eupraxsophy Provides A Thoroughly Secular Moral Vision, Which Respects The Place Of Human Values In The Context Of The Natural World And Presents An Empirically Responsible Yet Hopeful Picture Of The Human Situation And The Cosmos In Which We Abide Editor Nathan Bupp Has Conveniently Gathered Together Kurtz S Key Writings About The Theory And Practice Of Eupraxsophy For The First Time In This Volume Written With Eloquence And Scope, These Incisive Essays Show How Kurtz S Brand Of Humanism Moves Above And Beyond The Current New Atheism Eupraxsophy Successfully Bridges The Cultural Divide Between Science And Value And Provides A Genuine And Constructive Alternative To Religion Bupp S Informative Introduction Places The Concept Of Eupraxsophy In Historical Perspective And Shows Why It Is Critically Important, And Relevant, Today From The Trade Paperback Edition. Paul Kurtz has been known as a great humanist for years It is in this book, he puts together a tremendous collection of his best thoughts and philosophies in one volume His writing is clear, his logic is faultless, and his conclusions flow smoothly from that logic This is destined to be a classic in the realm of secular humanism Also, it can serve as a course in advanced philosophy unto itself I would most highly recommend this rather heavy volume to my fellow freethinkers around the globe If
Thought provoking, despite the occasionally murky prose a few excellent chapters, a few ho hum, breezy ones.

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  • Meaning and Value in a Secular Age
  • Paul Kurtz
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9781616142797