The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For?

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For?PDF Epub The Purpose Driven Life What On Earth Am I Here For Author Rick Warren A 1 New York Times Bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life Will Help You Understand Why You Are Alive And Reveal God S Amazing Plan For You Both Here And Now, And For Eternity Rick Warren Will Guide You Through A Personal Forty Day Spiritual Journey That Will Transform Your Answer To Life S Most Important Question What On Earth Am I Here For Knowing God S Purpose For Creating You Will Reduce Your Stress, Focus Your Energy, Simplify Your Decisions, Give Meaning To Your Life, And Most Important, Prepare You For Eternity Movie Stars And Political Leaders Aren T The Only Ones Turning To Rick Warren For Spiritual Guidance Millions Of People From NBA And LPGA Players To Corporate Executives To High School Students To Prison Inmates Meet Regularly To Discuss The Purpose Driven Life. Simply put.there is no worldly method to achieving a closer walk with God It will take time reading God s Word and praying There is no short cut to spirituality The Purpose Driven Life and other similar series attempt to provide a short cut and may encourage new believers to think that once they have achieved the twelve steps they can cease striving after God I gave up on this book half way through and threw it away as I felt as if it was a deception I have since read many concerning things about the author and his links with ecumenism and new age.I m not surprised this book was and is a best seller as it provides an easy Christianity and broad is the road that leads to destruction.I am concerned that some churches are abandoning Bibles for their studies and studying this book instead Any book
At its best, this book is filled with porous theology that is modestly helpful to someone who has no knowledge of Christianity whatsoever At its worst, Warren mangles scripture to fit his own agenda 40 days to find purpose in your life and promotes personal experience over the truth found in scripture.This book is symptomatic of feel good consumerized Christianity so prevalent in America today Finding your purpose in life takes far longer than 40 days and it cannot be easily summarized besides the obvious to love and worship God The Purpose Driven Life offers nothing new and while not quite heretical, it is very unsound and I cannot recommend this book to anyone The fact that Warren makes references to the other Purpose Driven branded items in his book that one can purchase pretty much sums it up.I was given a free copy of this book by a friend at my church a few years ago I finished reading the book
It s not about you Changed my life.I took Warren s challenge and found that I was not where I should have been Paradoxically, I was at that time employed by a Christian ministry highly regarded by many and vilified by some , but I knew I kn
God made you so he could love you p 24 , Warren tells us, and the purpose that drives our lives should be loving God in return Worship is as natural as eating or breathing If we fail to worship God, we always find a substitute, even if it ends up being ourselves The reason God made us with this desire is that he desires worshipers p 64 This worldview quickly becomes incoherent Consider these two statements, made side by side You are free to choose what you surrender to, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice E Stanley Jones said, If you don t surrender to Christ, you surrender to chaos p 82 The first sentence is a scientific worldview Actions have consequences that should, at least in principle, be predictable The second sentence says that our actions have consequences that are chaotic, meaning unpredictable Being bound to consequences and surrendering to chaos are two quite different things unless one has some quantum physics approach that reconciles them.In Warren s worldview, people are pawns who unknowingly carry out a plan that is beyond their comprehension Most amazing, God decided how you would be bornThey your parents had the DNA God wanted to make youMany children are unplanned by their parents, but they are not unplanned by God God s purpose took into account human error, and even sin p 23 Such an absolutist stance against free will is difficult to maintain For example, if God creates everything about us
This is a disgusting book The goal of this book is to make you a slave Don t take my word for it I ll just read straight from the book Worship isn t for you It s for God p.66, God smiles when we obey him wholeheartedly, You have no right to argue with your Creator You are merely a clay pot shaped by a potter p.75 Or the chapters titles Thinking like a Servant and How Real Servants Act.For me, the most revolting thing about the book came on p.80 and this theme was repeated throughout the book Surrendered people obey God s word even if it doesn t make sense A few sentences before that Warren says God would not waste the mind he gave you God doesn t want a lot of mindless robots following him Anyone who doesn t see the clear contradiction between those two sentences is a fool And Warren put them on the same page Warren says it over and over and over again, the purpose of life isn t to learn, or to teach or even to just enjoy life, but to OBEY God It doesn t matter what your own thoughts are or what you think of yourself, it only matters what the Great Self Appointed Tyrant in the Sky thinks of you and your life According to this book, your only goal in life is to be forever groveling and praising this God and doing your damnedest to get others to do likewise There are some decent lessons in the book but all of them are corrupted by the awful dog
Rick Warren was a customer of mine The Bible Museum before he released this best selling and now extremely famous book I find it curious that so many of my Christian friends are quick to criticize this book as being a primer of Christianity 101 or an introduction to the Christian Faith and Life and they feel it does not go deep enough theologically That is not a valid criticism of this book in my opinion, because this book does not represent itself to be a seminary level text of a theologically comprehensive nature It is precisely and unashamedly what they criticize it for being an introduction to Christianity It is an excellent introduction to Christianity, and I see why it is so well received It
I don t even know where to begin with this book It has been suggested that the information provided within is Christian in its delivery Though, I would suggest to you that everything in this world that refers to itself as Christian is not necessarily soSimply because a book includes Bible verses does not mean that those verses have anything to do with what the Word of God is commanding of those who would follow Him Marilyn Manson s song lyrics contain scripture, however, no one in their right mind would ever even suggest that his music has anything to do with God s Plan Based upon the idea that 40 days is some sort of spiritually significant span of time in God s Daytimer, this book encourages it s readers to embark on a sort of 40 day study into what God s plan is for youWhat s dangerous about this book, in my opinion, is that it professes to hold some sort of secret about God and His desire for mankind, that perhaps He has not clearly revealed in His Word The scripture that Rick Warren uses to make his points, and state his case that we should be a purpose driven people, seeking out a church driven life, is simply mis used as many of the books of Mr Warren s contemporaries, such as Joel Osteen and T.D Jakes Both megachurch pastors publishing works that encourage their readers and followers to seek out their divine purp
This book teaches its reader God s five purposes for his or her life on earth He makes you a member of His family, a model of His character, a magnifier of His glory, a minister of His grace, and a messenger of His Good News to others Among those five purposes, at this stage in my life, the only engaging read for me was the first one There was nothing new about it really as I basically studied at several Catholic universities during my younger years However, there were some bible passages and pointers that Warren reminded me of and the book had the usual positive impact to me so I still liked it It s just that pages after pages of it sounded like some of the religion teachers that I had in the past Maybe when I am in the twilight years, I will read this book again and its the impact will be greater than it has on me now.There are also many quotable quotes that were able to inspire me there past few weeks The book is designed to be read one chapter a day for the reader to digest and ponder the point that the chapter wants to convey I recently had a couple of misunderstandings with someone close to me and this book became my companion in threshing out what could be done to fix things Warren actually helped me in seeing things at that someone s points of view so saying sorry, forgett
Dear Mr R.W,Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.For years, I ve been battling loneliness within me, always reading some help books that didn t really help at all Actually, I d read your book when I was in high school and maybe I m too young at that time or not interested at all that s why I didn t took it seriously And then, one day, I just woke up and decided that I don t want to live my life like this any a life with no purpose, a life full of regrets, worry, mediocrity and anxiety I stopped I felt this hunger within me, a hunger for peace and contentment and I start reading your book again, slowly.It is painful for me to read that book Every chapter is like a slap Every paragraph had given me heartaches But it s okay because your book deserves to be read.Your book taught me a lot I learned that it s okay to stumble, you just have to stand up again and never ever forget the faith you have in Christ I learned that if we center our lives on Him, everything would fall into their right places Earth is not heaven This is one of the quotes that I really like in your book We are experiencing pain because we are not ho
I believe, this book was written to change the life of the reader, it gives answers to every questions you re asking to GOD, telling you your purpose and that is to live for GOD It clarifies everything This is really an amazing book Life changing