Chasing Forever Down (Drenaline Surf, #1)

Chasing Forever Down (Drenaline Surf, #1) Reading Chasing Forever Down Drenaline Surf, 1 Author Nikki Godwin When Seventeen Year Old Haley Sullivan Is Dragged To A Corporate Party With Her Parents, She S Searching For One Thing The Nearest Exit Instead, She Finds A Mysterious Stranger Who Plays By His Own Rules And Chases His Own Dreams, And He S Definitely Cute Enough To Disappear With For The Night Convinced That He Can Help Her Escape The Perfectly Corporate Future That S Been Planned For Her, Haley Agrees To Meet Him The Next Day However, Mr Mysterious Is A No Show.Determined To Track Him Down, Haley Enlists Her Best Friend Linzi To Help, But According To The Local Newspapers, The Guy She Met Has Been Dead For Years Knowing He S Very Much Alive, Haley And Linzi Follow Clues On A Scavenger Hunt Style Road Trip That Ultimately Lands Them In The Surf Town Of Crescent Cove, California, Where Her Mystery Guy Is No Mystery At All He S Living As Colby Taylor, The West Coast S Biggest Professional Surfer.But Talking To The Surf Star Again Is Nearly Impossible When He S Guarded By A Hierarchy Of Beach Bums Who Are Determined To Send Haley Back To The East Coast Haley Is Up For The Challenge Of Submerging Herself In Their World, From Wild Summer Nights And Beach Parties To Ocean Air And Secret Kisses In The Dark, But When The Lines Blur Between The Ocean And The Shore, She Isn T So Sure She S Here For Colby Any Sure, Being Thrown Off A Jet Ski Sucks, But Falling In Love With One Of These California Boys Might Just Be Worse This Is Book 1 Of The Drenaline Surf Series But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Novel. I know anyone who reads this review will say I m biased because the author is my sister, but in all reality, I would say the exact same thing as I would even if she wasn t my sister.This book is one of the most well written, character driven books I have ever read in my entire life, and I read a lot The story sucks you in from the very beginning when the main character wants the chandelier to fall to the very ending You ll tell yourself, Oh, I m just going to read one chapter, and when you finish that chapter, you ll say that again The next thing you know, you re finished with the entire novel There are so many diverse characters in this book that you can relate to at least one or even two Being a girl from MS, I loved reading this book because I seriously felt like I was on the beach, jet skiing with my friends, and hanging out with super hot guys especially the West Coast Hooligans You ll be cheering Haley on through th
I really liked the premise of Chasing Forever Down I am a big fan of beachy summer books and I like scavenger hunt road trip mystery premise, but the actual book fell a bit short for me I feel like I am in the minority here though Chasing Forever Down has a really high goodreads rating and great reviews, so if this seems like the kind of book that you would enjoy, you probably will A lot of other people really really love the romance and story in this one It just wasn t for me I liked the main character Haley, but she just seemed super impulsive to me She met a guy at a party with her parents one night and they both really hit it off I thought that first night they hung out and spent together was really cute, but then he leaves and when she tries to track down who he was she found out that he had died years ago So she decides to track him across the country to figure out what is really going on It just seemed to sudden and kind of crazy to me But honestly it wouldn t have bugged me as much if she was all for the mystery aspect of him, but she had to go the love route She just knew him for a couple of house one night and she loves him so much that she is dropping everything and driving across the country It just seemed a bit obsessive to me The other characters we ok but kind of immature Some of their dialogue was hard to follow, and Colby s f
Downloaded for free from This was an okay story, but I lost interest.My main problem with this story was the pace It was so slow, nothing seemed to be happening, and I didn t like the characters enough to really care what was happening to them We did get a couple of moments where something interesting would happen, but they were few and far between It also seemed to take forever for view spoiler Haley to find Colby, even when she kne
Dieses BuchEs gab sehr sehr Viele Dinge die ich an diesem Buch geliebt habe, ich musste unbedingt wissen wie es weitergeht, obwohl es so vieles gab was mich tierisch irritiert hat.Es kam mir oft so vor wie Scott Pilgrim, der die 7 B sen Ex Lover bek mpfen musste xD Und ein Leichter TFIOS Schlag D Das Konzept chasing forever down Roadtrip Papiersterne Die Leute Die Liebesgeschichte Colbys Pers nlichkeit Die Geschwindigkeit, mehr Seiten und mehr Tage h tte
Chasing Forever Down was a bit too slow for me.The characters in this were okay, but i never warmed to any of them enough to like them The storyline in this was okay, but the pacing was a killer Everything was dragged out, so it made the book feel twice
Cute and fun book, a little over the top sometimes but it totally works And I love the final, I m going to read the next right away Fun read Slightly unreal in the social aspect, but fast paced and nice story line once you just go with it Enjoyed it Haley is at a party that her parents made me come to She is bored and really wanting to go homethat is until she sees him across the room The mysterious guy that has black hair and he is calling to her across the room They set out on a night that Haley can t forget She is so excited to see him the next day, but in his place is a single paper star waiting for her She can t seem to find out what went wrong so she goes to her parents to ask about him She finds out he is dead, but she knows he isn t She then goes on a chase cross country to find the mysterious guy that she doesn t even know his name As she starts to look for him, she finds out that he is the famous surfer, Colby Taylor from the west coast Now she has to find out if he is the guy she thought he was.As I read this, I was thinking I wasn t going to like it so much Sorry Nikki, please hear me out I read American Girl on Saturn by here, and it was my top book I read in 2013 I loved it so much So I thought that there would be no way to lov
I don t really know where to even start with this review To anyone that knows me it s no secret that I have been saying for months this is my favorite book of 2013 I read books last year than I have ever read in a year in my life and many of them were very good, but Chasing Forever Down touched me in a way that is almost hard to explain I love it so much and for so many different reasons I am going to try and capture for you the reasons it means so much to me and hopefully it will leave you wanting to read it and see for yourself.First a little history When I find an author I love I want to read ALL the books they have written Back in September I was on the American Girl on Saturn tour and loved the book Couldn t quit talking about it and couldn t quit thinking about it So of course I had to go get Nikki Godwin, immediately, and found Chasing Forever Down I read the description and immediately downloaded it and started readingand reading.and reading Addicted Crack addict level addicted I had to keep reading to find out where it was going Needless to say I LOVED the book and almost started it over immediately I have never had a book make me want to do that At that point I felt like I needed to email Nikki and tell her how much I
I really enjoyed this book This book was so much then I thought it would be Haley is looking for to her life then what is expected She meets a mysterious stranger at a function she attends with her parents He convinces her to sneak out and enjoy the night with him What follows is a simple yet life altering evening with this stranger Haley seems to have found someone who gets it or better yet knows how she feels But as the night comes to an end he leaves her with no information as to who he is or how he was able to escape his set path and create his own Upon a little digging on her part she and her best friend travel across the country to locate this mystery man I won t give away all of the things that happen to Haley and her friend on their journey to locate this mystery man You ll just have to read it yourself but it is worth it But I will say this about why this book is not at all what it seems Once Haley does come back into contact with mystery man she quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems For mystery man nor for the people she befriends along the way And that even though mystery man seemed to have had answers for her or so she thought upon the first

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