The Soul of Atlas

The Soul of Atlas BOOKS The Soul Of Atlas Author Mark David Henderson In This Insightful And Practical Book, The Author Builds A Case For Common Ground Between Faith And Reason The Soul Of Atlas Is The Story Of A Conversation Between Two World Views Ayn Rand S Philosophy And Christianity These Influential Ways Of Viewing The World Are Represented By The Men Who Shaped His Life The Author S Two Fathers As Each Father Articulates His Philosophy, The Resulting Conversation Will Challenge Your Own Way Of Thinking And Suggest Surprising Ways To Engage. The Objectivism of Ayn Rand and the Christianity of the Bible have both left their thumbprint on the United States But their compatibility is often a matter of debate We have seen conservative candidates for office be attacked for claiming to be a Catholic and citing Rand as inspiration for entering public service I have been surprised in the past to hear the Left equivocate Christianity with Objectivism as well as using capitalism and Objectivism synonymously So where do these two systems agree, and are they irreconcilable in other areas This is the question Mark David Henderson unpacks in his recent book The Soul of Atlas I started this book expecting to find a side by side comparison of Christianity and Objectivism, complete with Venn diagrams showing overlaps and distinctions Instead, what I found what something much different Henderson shares his life story in great detail, and with remarkable honesty He maps out his life growing up with a father and stepfather, one of which is a Christian and the other an Objectivist Both men defend and articulate their beliefs, and Henderson wants to please them both The book is an account of how he tries to reconcile the competing beliefs and where his search leads him.Many of my friends, Christians included, have found Ayn Rand in high school or college and decided to read several of her books Her books and characters have a unique draw on the read
This book is worth the read for anyone wanting to compare Objectivism and Christianity two world views which are very influential in American life Mark takes all of the important issues facing both worldviews sex, money, capitalism, Reason, meaning,selfishness, joy and power and discusses in depth what each world view has to say about the following At the end he wrap
Summary Is there any way to reconcile the thought of Ayn Rand and the Christian faith Through a personal narrative of dialogues with his two fathers, one a Christian, and one an adherent to Ayn Rand s philosophy Objectivism the author explores what possible ground could exist between Objectivists and Christians.Ayn Rand argued that we ought to pursue that which is of chief value, which is our own selves, validated in productive work The universe is all there ever was There is no God Christians see our chief end as to glorify the creator God who made us in his image Rand criticized the altruism and self sacrifice she saw at the center of Christian ethics as weakness Christians would argue there is no virtue in selfishness It seems these two worldviews are poles apart and utterly irreconcilable.Mark David Henderson was stuck with a dilemma There are two men, both fathers, in his life One he calls Dad and he is a Christian The other is John, an adherent of Ayn Rand s philosophy of Objectivism He deeply respects both men and has experienced the imprint of both men s worldviews on his life, even though he has finally chosen Christianity over atheism, because as he explains in one place, In connecting my fathers world views to Meaning it became clear that Dad lives to glorify God and sees Meaning as dependent upon a Supreme Being
Very well done I recommend this book to friends of mine who are philosophical or maybe just searching for a world view The book asks questions that pertain to any world view, not just to Ayn Rand and the Bible But here, the author approaches two world views one of faith and one of reason But I find that they are both reasonable in their own way Very well written and honest, heart on sleeve approach to ex
I thoroughly enjoyed this book As a Christian coming into this book with a minimal understanding of Objectivism, I appreciated the conversation I haven t been converted to a Randian, and that isn t the goal of this b
for me polar opposites luv 2 win read this book What I like about this book is Mark David Henderson s self reflection, his recognition of how his personal experiences affect his beliefs and values, his attempt to set into conversation two seemingly disparate world views, and his expressed desire to engage with people who hold to a different world view than his own All of these could be enhanced with a fuller engagement with postmodern concepts Lacking this likely limits his audience to those who accept his own modernist assumptions To my mind, it is actually an illustration of the very postmodern contention that he dismisses on p 180 181 truth claim power play Ignoring postmodernism, arguably the major philosophical movement of the last 50 years, can be seen as a strategic move, in that it s a lot easier to promote absolute truth and universal values when one does not have to respond to those pesky postmodernists, with their insistence on the unavoidable slippage between language and real things, their insistence on the self interestedness of all truth claims, etc A second hand quote of Foucault via Tim Keller really does not cut the mustard. If Henderson had fully engaged with Foucault and others Saussure, Barthes, Derrida, Bhabha assertions about the constructed nature of truth, perhaps he would recognize how artificially co
I have received this book as a Good Reads Giveaway I have found this book to be difficult to read I do not know anything about Ann Rand s view of life and have found this to be a stumbling block I have only been able to get as far as the second chapter I plan to ge
Seasoned with the perfect amount of philosophy and personal story, Henderson successfully weaves together the two contrasting views of his childhood Objectivism and Christianity This thought provoking analysis unveils the depth of each, seeking unity in

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