Philosophy in a Week

Philosophy in a Week Ebook Philosophy In A Week Author Mel R Thompson Learn In A Week, Remember For A Lifetime In Just One Week, This Accessible Book Will Give You Knowledge To Last Forever End Of Chapter Summaries And Multiple Choice Questions Are All Designed To Help You Test Your Knowledge And Gain Confidence So Whether You Are A Student Or You Simply Want To Widen Your Knowledge, You Will Find This Seven Day Course A Very Memorable Introduction.Sunday Think About Knowledge Like A PhilosopherMonday Consider What Science Is And How We Gain Knowledge Of The Natural WorldTuesday Explore How We Speak And Think, And How This Relates To The Philosophy Of Mind.Wednesday Learn How Philosophers View And Engage With ReligionThursday Engage With Ethics How We Decide What Is The Right Thing To DoFriday Discover How Political Philosophers Have Balanced The Role Of Government With Individual Freedom.Saturday Explore Continental Ideas Such As Existentialism And How The Next Generation Of Philosophers May Build On Them. A profound, sweeping survey of every arena of philosophical thought with thousands of years condensed into a digestible 7 day study book Kidding, inevitably an obliging notice for those who cannot detect sarcasm A cute book with turtle doodles, i.e a harmless diversion from my daily woes The only new thing I learned from this book is that I need to read Nozick Oh,
I studied philosophy in college, and I kinda have a very good knowledge in this field This book, however, introduced me to some new concepts and philosophy disciplines that I did not study in my classes So, in a week, this is the right book to learn about philosophy. I d give this book a meh I like that it s categorically presented instead of historically though the individual chapters are generally presented historically, which is fine , but there really isn t enough meat in each chapter to get much out of this
Pretty poor book It s impossible to cover philosophy in this tiny book so it only leaves the reader confused Using less philosophical terms could ve helped because now too much space is spent just to explain the meaning of the terms. Interesting overview of course, the time limit of one week barely gives enough time to cover the basics of philosophy Still, the author gave an interesting overview that might pique a beginning philosopher s interest Definitely a gateway book rather than an in depth resource.

❆ Philosophy in a Week  kindle Epub ❤ Author Mel R. Thompson –
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Philosophy in a Week
  • Mel R. Thompson
  • 24 August 2018
  • 9781444196139