Mathematics EPUB Mathematics Author Trevor Johnson More Than 60 Million Teach Yourself Products Sold Worldwide Brush Up Your Skills And Rediscover The Key Math Concepts And Techniques Mathematics A Complete Introduction Provides An Invaluable, Step By Step Introduction To The Subject Packed Full Of Worked Examples And Useful Exercises, It Will Guide You Through The Essentials Quickly And Easily, Giving You The Knowledge You Need To Gain Math Confidence.Includes One, Five And Ten Minute Introductions To Key Principles To Get You Started Lots Of Instant Help With Common Problems And Quick Tips For Success, Based On The Author S Many Years Of Experience Tests To Keep Track Of Your Progress Worked Examples, Clear Explanations, And Exercises New Breakthrough Method I wanted to refresh my high school knowledge on maths and this definitely helped I found some chapters especially at the beginning a bit too basic for me but overall this is a good guide to slowly dive back into the subject The structure and explanations are clear and
I can imagine this book being useful to someone trying to relearn math from the very basics, or if you are homeschooling someone It has worked examples, little nuggets of trivia and other things, but the level is just too low for me personally It starts with basic arithmetic and goes on to cover basic algebra On the way it includes Statistics, how to read graphs, fractions, basic geometry without axioms and proofs and other such things Th

☃ Mathematics  PDF / Epub ✑ Author Trevor   Johnson –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Mathematics
  • Trevor Johnson
  • English
  • 16 October 2019
  • 9781444191004