Batman – Detective Comics, Volume 2: Scare Tactics

Batman – Detective Comics, Volume 2: Scare TacticsPDF Epub Batman Detective Comics, Volume 2 Scare Tactics Tony S Daniel Batman Must Face The Madness Of The Mad Hatter, And Then Take On The Talons Of The Court Of Owls But Even If He Survives That, He Must Face A Whole New Set Of Fears When The Scarecrow Returns Can The Dark Knight Overcome The Terror The Scarecrow Brings And Explore The Bizarre Similarities Between These Two Enemies And How The Idea Of Fear Has Shaped Their Lives Collects DETECTIVE COMICS 8 12, 0 And DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL 1 B 70% Satisfactory Notes The last slow drips and dregs from a stale bottle of weak sauce Lacking vigor, it confuses convolution for cleverness. I am not really sure what I should tell you This did not really work Utterly confusing Too much that does not really mash together was forced together You have Catwoman, Scarecrow, Owls which really shocked me cause I had no idea why those were there , Mad Hatter, T
Detective Comics, Volume 2 Scare Tactics is an assortment of bad Batman short stories, mostly written by Tony S Daniel, a guy who can draw right good but cannot write right at all Catwoman steals something for Scarecrow or something Batman stops her There s a Night of the Owls crossover where chaos erupts inside Arkham Asylum after the Talons target Dr Arkham Batman stop them This is followed by a tedious three part story involving a mad scientist cloning himself Batman stops him Black Mask and Mad Hatter do something Batman stops them And finally there s another Bruce Wayne origin set in the Himalayas and the book closes out with a series of short Two Face stories about nothing.So yeah the writing is formulaic, tedious, unimpressive and the stories are almost instantly forgettable so it goes with Tony Daniel s Batman comics Still, even though it s obviously heavily influenced by Jim Lee, I love his sleek art style which is so damn near perfect for Batman s look In fact generally it s impressive how many artists there are contributi
Visually, this is nice, and the story didn t stinkbut it s not going to knock you socks off.I m not sure how to classify this one, other than to say that it s a decent piece of Batman filler Nothing about the story pissed me off, and nothing made me go Wow .And maybe that s not entirely Daniel s fault.I mean, this title is competing with Snyder s excellent run on Batman, so most anything is going to seem meh compared to it, right There s a small portion of the Owls crossover, where they attack the Assylum and try to take out Jeremiah Arkham It involves Black Mask, which in turn, brings the Mad Hatter into the story Ehhhhh.Kudos to Daniel for trying to make Jervis Tetch look like a badass It didn t work But I think he should get an I Participated medal for the effort.Then there s another storyline with Mr Toxic.Something, something, clones, something, something, evil scientistAnd so on The moral of the story Radiation isn t something you should play around with The
Breaking the tried and true concept of the New 52 books being subpar is this volume from Detective Comics Scare Tactics is pretty decent.It shows Batman being of a Detective considering the name of the comic no surprise There is someone who is manipulating people by mind control Batman suspects it is the Black mask, but events show that it isn t Who is behind this There is also another story about someone named Mr Toxic and his plan to destroy Gotham.Tony Daniel manages to focus on the Batman and that is a nice change from the fascination with new C or D list heroes For the most part the stories are fairly well done and the artists are similarly decent.One story, IMHO, stands far above the rest The Final Lesson, showing what Bruce was doing post his parents murder, has Bruce training under a famed zen warrior He learns a great many lessons about love and loss It is a great little story and the ending is sublime.Al
To any Batman fan who wishes to read him in the comics medium for the first time ever Please don t bother with this and avoid it at all cost You are not missing out on anything I want you to enjoy your precious reading experiences when it comes to Batman, and Tony S Daniel s two collected volumes entitled Faces of Death and Scare Tactics will never be a good place for you start I would only recommend you to check out the first issue which included some information about the Joker That was a fairly acceptable story There is also the issue zero for New 52 s Detective Comics which happens to be a part of this collection as well, but that s it I would not waste writing a longer review for this one because I quite frankly had no energy, let alone affection or love, to spare this
Certainly the lesser New 52 Batman title but still ok to pass the time. Just disappointing Stupid as hell Tony S Daniel can draw, but he sure can t write. An okay collection, but not as good as the Batman 2011 collections that I have read so far Vols I, II, III, and IV More stories that tie into the Court of Owls and a few other good stories Next up is a Joker collection Endgame. I like trying to find the good in books, even when I don t like them Focusing on the ideas or the interesting moments that are on the right track, or something Unfortunately, this book is simply unreadable Tony Daniel, who I believe got this Batman writing job based solely on his ability to draw Batman in Grant Morrison s Batman R.I.P two skills that are absolutely not the same , just cannot string a story together His structure is borderline unfollowable, his mysteries proceed with no sense of revelation or surprise, and his broader premises regarding villains and plot are boring at best, extremely overdone at worst And, to make matters worse, I think whatever time he spent writing this ended up taking away from his time pencilling, because his art isn t even worth the price of admission not to mention the fact that sometimes he doesn t even do the penc

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