Relatively Risky (The Big Uneasy #1)

Relatively Risky (The Big Uneasy #1) Reading Relatively Risky The Big Uneasy 1 Pauline Baird Jones A Quirky Artist Must Unravel Her Parent S Secret Past Before The Mob Erases Her Future But Will The Protection Of A Handsome Homicide Detective Be Her Only Hope Of Surviving The Big Easy Nell Whitby Is Starting Over In New Orleans, Getting A Publisher For Her Children S Book, Sketching Tourists In The French Quarter, And Leaving The Tragic Death Of Her Parents Behind When A Handsome Detective Asks Her For A Date, Her Fresh Start Seems Perfect Until A Dangerous Family Secret Bubbles Up From The Past And Puts Her Life In Jeopardy.The Oldest Of Thirteen Children, Detective Alex Baker Has Two Goals In Life Solve Murders And Avoid Anyone Under The Age Of Ten That Is, Until The Day The Quirky Children S Book Author Foils A Carjacking, Becomes A Target For The Mob, And Makes His Libido Sit Up And Reconsider The Whole No Kids Thing If He Doesn T Protect Her, She Ll Be The Next Body To Turn Up In His Homicide Investigation As Bullets Start To Fly, Nell Can T Resist Her Sexy Bodyguard Or Ignore Her Past, And Alex Must Protect The Irresistible Kid Magnet Who Has Them Both In The Crosshairs. 4 5 4 stars A Its been awhile since I read a book by Pauline Baird Jones and it was great to refresh my memory on what makes this woman an absolute delight to read Her books are funny and light, but not lightweight There is skill and experience evident in how she builds her characters, describes their world, plots the story and takes the reader along for a great ride In Relatively Risky, Nell, the heroine is a quirky, artistic individual, yet at the same time she has her feet on the ground and possesses a cool intelligence that allows her to keep her wits about her in trying situations She meets an off duty cop who gets sucked into the mystery of her life when someone tries to kill her Nell has this really funny compulsion to turn people to vegetables in her mind As an artist, she want to draw people represented by whatever vegetable they remind her of In fact, she has had some success and published a children s book, featuring Alfonse the Artichoke I can relate to this completely because for years I ve seen people superimposed on what dog breed they remind me of I don t have any artistic ability so thankfully these visions stay in my head At one point in the stor
Nell and Alex meet quite by chance and through a her assisting rescuing him from an attempted carjacking.The beginning was a bit confusing due to the amount of information, familial relationships, and plot basics to establish However, the depth of information does help to explain the characters and plot.The plot is mufti layered, and good attention to detail helps keep the story quickly flowing Real to life, not all are likeable, characters fill the story Overall, definitely an
This was a very enjoyable book It had murder, mystery, suspense and romance Oh, and a bit of humor to make it a fun read The author has a great way of describing people and I liked the characters I felt as if I could see her drawings of the vegetable people Since this is the first book that I have read by Pauline Baird Jones, I am looking forward to reading of her books I am grateful that I have found a new author who has a terrific writing style I received a free copy of this boo
I won this book through a free giveaway at By the number of pages in the book, you think it s going to take a long while to read, but it doesn t The story is really engaging and keeps you wanting to know than the characters are willing to tell or investigate I found myself coming back to the book time and again to snatch a few pages whenever I had a free moment.The first in a series, Jones sets the groundwork in this book I was concerned that it would be a simple information dump with some romance sprinkled here or there In all honesty, it was a really well woven story that gave just enough information as necessary at the appropriate time Not all the answers are given by the end of the book hence the series But it does give a satisfying conclusion to many of the questions we, the readers, have at the beginning.Though there is some romantic moments in the story, they add to the story and not overwhelm it There is a progression of emotions and feelings by those involved that does lend a realistic feeling to the characters I couldn t help
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Relatively Risky, The Big Uneasy Book 1 by Pauline Baird Jones I had read a short story by this author a few years ago and thought it was an okay story However, this novel is very, very good The story deals with two people, Nell and Alex, who are opposites but are attracted to each other It involves surprises and secrets, only children verses a dozen siblings, along with police families and the mob families As I read, I began to care for the two characters and through their eyes was able to experience some of the unique flavor of New Orleans Besides the good writing, character development and sense of setting that I found while reading this book I loved how Ms Jones could turn a phrase Just one example is when Nell thinks about when she was younger how she wanted to fly to the moon or at least fly the coop A wonderful way with words Also I found that Relatively Risky had a profound thought After several attempts on Nell s life, Alex is driving Nell home Nell is watching Alex quoting the book She let her gaze trail over him as he started to put his cell away He was a good man Some women liked bad boys, thought good was boring Now, than ever, Nell was grateful he was good He wasn t at all boring I believe Nell is right, good men trump bad boys every time, she just said much better than I ever could have.Relatively Risky is titled Book 1 so I c
When artist children s book author Nell Whitby slams her bike into the perpetrator trying to steal New Orleans Detective Alex Baker s truck, she sets off a chain of events that leads to danger for both of them Nell is a misplaced librarian who moved from Wyoming to New Orleans after her parents death and works for her best friend s catering company while trying to get her writing career off the ground Unaware she is related to two families of a mafia trifecta active in New Orleans for years, Nell is the last person to speak to her mobster grandfather before he is killed Her life as she knows it comes crashing down around her when she learns this and that her parents were the offspring of two of the mafia families Alex, trying his best to protect a woman he likes than he wants to, begins to wonder what his father, a retired cop, and his former partner are hiding from him As Alex and Nell dod
Reviewed by Geminifor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsThe Big Uneasy Relatively Risky is about Nell Whitby and Alex Baker Nell is an illustrator librarian who has lived an ordinary life until she meets Alex Baker Alex Baker is the oldest of 13 brothers and sisters He also happens to be a New Orleans Police Officer They have an unlikely meeting one night in New Orleans that changes both of their lives forever This started out to be a difficult book to read The first 25 percent of the book seemed to have a bunch of information piled in that made the mystery surrounding Nell Whitby hard to follow Luckily, I powered through and was able to get to a point where I could follow along easily The mystery is actually rather interesting It surrounds the true identity of Nell s parents She grew up in Wyoming and
Just finished reading Relatively Risky book 1 of the The Big Uneasy series by Pauline I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book Although at first I found it hard to relate to the lead female, which then made it hard to get into the book I actually put this down for a few days before jumping back in Note to self, don t read too many of the same genre in 1 hit After my little break I was able to focus get into the book alot easier I soon found myself lost within the story I was lost in the visuals given to me by the author, laughing in some parts also I sepnt most of the book trying to figure out who was trying to kill Nell what possible information her parents left if they left any Would Alex kiss Nell soo many questions roaming my head The depth of infomation given throughout the book, helps with the depth of the plot characters Pauline s attention to detail made
What a fun read Pauline did a great job of capturing the feel of the city of New Orleans I left there six years ago but reading her description of the Quarter and the air and the smells took me right back th
Good book, first one I have read from this author Finished it in three days A little of a slow start, but once I got into it, I couldn t put it down Her book mixes suspense with humor and the great town of New Orleans what a wonderful result

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