Buddha Breaking Up

Buddha Breaking Up KINDLE Buddha Breaking Up Stephanee Killen Bassgrotto.co.uk A Little Armageddon Can Be Good For The Soul The World Needs Another Self Help Book Like It Needs Another Reality TV Show At Least, That S What I Would Have Said Right Up Until I Found Myself In Need Of Something Anythingto Pull Me Through The Worst Breakup Of My Life What Do You Do When You Want To Be Gracious, Pragmatic, And Filled With Equanimity, But You Re So Hurt And Angry You Feel As If You Could Go Around Town Ramming Your Car Into Stationary Objects Without Batting An Eyelash What Do You Do When Your Friends And Family Run Out Of Platitudes And Old, Tired Slogans Like,Time Heals All WoundsandBetter To Have Loved And LostSlogans Which, Incidentally, Make You Want To Scoop Out Your Frontal Lobe With A Melon Baller This Is The Stuff That Drives Us To The Very Edge Of Annihilation At Least, It Feels That Way It Feels Like A Very Real Obliteration Of The Self But This Breakdown Can Be The Worst Thing That S Ever Happened To You, Or It Can Be The Best Thing For Precisely This Moment In Your Life Buddha Breaking Up Is A Modern Day Spiritual Guide For How To Embrace Dramatic, Life Altering Change And Use It As A Means Of Rediscovering The Self Combining Humor, Pop Culture, And Zen Principles, Part I Of Buddha Breaking Up Explores The Science Of Falling In Love, Provides Useful Tools For Riding Out The Heartbreak Including How To Handle Social Networking And Other Technology Designed For Liberal Applications Of Self Torment And Offers Unique And Practical Techniques For Moving Through The Lowest Depths Of The Shattering Part II, The Bodhicitta Of Breaking Up, Illuminates Methods For Battling The Wounded Ego, Dealing With Anger, Creating Better Relationships, And Finally, Loving And Valuing Yourself So You Can Reach A Place Of Acceptance And Grace In Your New Life What Readers Are Saying About Buddha Breaking Up Stephanee Killen Is Like A Buddhist Monk And An SNL Comedienne All Rolled Into One I Read This Book Slowly Because There Was So Much Rich Content, It Had To Just Soak In It S Almost Like A Little Owner S Manual For Your Heart T.M Yates, Author Of Signal Grace If You Are Going Through A Break Up Or Have Just Gone Through A Break Up, Or Plan To Go Through A Break Up, Or Have Ever Gone Through A Break Up , This Book Is For You It S Chock Full Of Warm Insights, Practical Advice, And Several Strategies For Overcoming The Particular Grief Associated With Losing An Intimate Partner The Anger, The Bitterness, And Or The Sorrow The Process The Book Outlines Is Designed To Assist You In Awakening Your Authentic Self And Bring You To A Place Of Light, Laughter, And Love As Such, It S A Transformative Book, Using The Place You Find Yourself In Grief Over Loss To Inspire You To Be A Better You This Is Not To Say That Buddha Breaking Up Is One Of Those Woo Woo, Touchy Feely, New Agey Books On The Contrary, It S Wickedly Acerbic And Wonderfully Sarcastic It S Definitely A Modern Book, With Keen, Witty Observations On The Tragi Comedy That Is The Awesome Messiness Of Dating And Romantic Involvement Barbara J Welch Buddha Breaking Up Is Than Just Zen Lessons Applied To The Common Platitudes Of Breakups It S Humor, Soul Searching And Surprisingly Deep Insight That Helps The Reader See The Benefit Of The End Of A Relationship, And How Truly Cathartic It Can Be Sam G Thank You Thank You For Writing This Book I Stumbled Across It And After A Breakup It Was A Truly Inspiring Read I Have Read Breakup Books In My Life Then I Care To Admit But This Has Been The Best One I Will Recommend This Book To Anyone In Pain After Heartbreak I Know It Will Help Ease And Mend But So I Know It Will Give Us The Confidence To Hold Our Heads High And Be Lacey Buddha Breaking Up Goes So Far Beyond The Self Help Genre It S Not Preachy, It S Not Full Of Checklists And Directions, And It S Certainly Not Saccharine This Book Is Witty, Entertaining, And Insightful, With A Depth Of Meaning That Is Subtle But Evident Yes, This Book Will Help You, But You Won T Know You Re Being Helped Buddha Breaking Up Is Less Like A Session On The Psychologist S Couch And Like A Chat With A Friend Over Coffee A Deep Chat Maybe A Late Night Discussion You Feel Like The Author Understands, Somehow, Because She Taps Into Universal Experiences Elizabeth Battle