Changes in a Landscape

Changes in a Landscape PDF Changes In A Landscape Keith Blackburn One Of The Bonuses Of Youth Is That It Has Not Accumulated Enough Decisions To Regret But, As Age Creeps In, Future Possibilities Of Regret Become Sparser, And Decisions Urgent At The Age Of Forty, Steve Verity, Part Time Painter And Part Time Tutor In Arts And Crafts Slightly Balding, Beer Paunch Ridden And Generally Unsatisfied With His Lot, Needs To Re Invigorate His Perspective On Life To Rub Salt In His Wounds, He Has Just Been Given Marching Orders From His Comfortable Cottage Home By His Other Half Of Four Years Standing It Is Fair To Say That It Is Time For A Thorough Self Re Assessment Notwithstanding Strong Support Around Him, Which Includes, Ironically, His Estranged Partner, Rebecca, As Well As His Long Term Friend, Colleague And Fellow Artist, The Larger Than Life Dai Not To Discount New Love Interests , Steve Has To Re Discover His True Bearings It Becomes Clear That He Has New Paths To Take And Different Directions To Choose But Will His Choices Be The Appropriate Ones It Seems As Though The Material Surroundings That Bear Down On Steve Are As Much Part Of His Discontent As Any Of His Existential Conundrums In Style, Changes In A Landscape Plays Upon The Kitchen Sink Drama Rawness Of Earlier, Important 20th Century Doom Mongering Novels, But Adds An Element Of Hope As It Tackles The Issues Of Self Identity And Place In A Subtle And Absorbing Way What Is Most Poignant, Even Frightening, However, Is That No Matter How Irritating Steve S Low Self Esteem And Inability To Act Is, And How Much You Would Like To Give Him A Kick Up His Prufrockian Back Side, There Are Glimmers Of Him In All Of Us.

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  • Changes in a Landscape
  • Keith Blackburn
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9781477268964