I Saw You That Night

I Saw You That Night[Download] ➼ I Saw You That Night By R.L. Stine – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Sand Surf Sun Roxie lives for the summer But this summer things aren't going the way Roxie plannedIt all started when she broke into Lee Blume's house just to win a stupid bet Because while she was in Sand Surf Sun Roxie lives for You That PDF Å the summer But this summer things aren't going the way Roxie plannedIt all started when she broke into Lee Blume's house just to win a stupid bet Because while she was in Lee's house Roxie saw something she shouldn't have seen Heard something she shouldn't have heardAnd now someone's looking for RoxieSomeone who wants herdead. Relatively short for a Point Horror Stine turns a simple idea into an enjoyable fast paced readRoxie believes she’s witnessed a murder having hid in Lee Blume’s house as part of a dareShe soon becomes convinced that he knew she was thereThere’s a real sense of Roxie’s paranoia slowly making her lose control The story moved along really uickly It might not be the best in the series but I found it highly entertaining 35Average fun RL Stine book I thought this is so predictable but i'm still enjoying it and then it had one plot twist up it's sleeve I didn't see coming Oh come on Bob you can do better than this I uite liked this one our MC was not the usual 'good girl' a bit of a hot mess and reading her was a bit like watching a train crash in slow motion not unlike my own life choices as a teenager I liked the red herring and the twist toward the end Fun little story if light on logic Fear Street style thrillers must always be allowed a bit of leeway The central premise that an otherwise wholesome if flighty and capricious girl would break and enter to win a 50 dollar bet strains credulity even if we're talking 1994 dollars In another Stine thriller Fear Street The Knife the protagonist also commits burglary but at least with the intention of helping a little boy she believes to be in danger Here the girl is just crazy; and rather a shame too since her other acts of silliness are much realistic and make her feel like an actual contemptible person Really she treats her boyfriend with such disdain as if he were utterly replaceable cheats on him and then he's the one who rushes to save her and gets a Phillips head to the trachea for his trouble Very disappointed he didn't get a happier ending Other lapses in logic the police would have uizzed her on exactly what house she entered no way she would be fooled into thinking she had gone into the wrong one Near the end with the ocean swim the text makes you believe she's further from the shore than she is and it's rather a surprise when she pops up near the dock in the next chapterFinally I congratulate Stine on the fun banter at the beginning of the book Ursula especially was a great side character Many nice atmospheric details as well with Roxie's dad at breakfast the small town the weather; and I have to mention the middle fake out twist which did fool me a bit even if it was logically impossibleNice pacing enjoyable characters good read As much as I adore R L Stine this one didn't work too well for me With all the huh?s faded denim cutoffs and the blue Honda Civic I could've sworn I was in Shadyside 20 Jokes aside unfortunately I didn't empathise with Roxie and couldn't suspend my disbelief when she chose to go on a date with a new beau mere hours after suspecting someone very close to her was a murderer and after she herself glimpsed the corpse The relationship between Roxie and Ursula was a bit weird too Why were they friends? What's up with Terry? Was Roxie mocking Terry so mean? How did all that time pass half hour on Ursula's break when she only ate her blueberry yogurt? How did all that time pass hours when Roxie skated a while and walked home? No not important but my inner commentary was just too distracting for me to get around the hurdles RL Stine absolutely phoning this one in No plot unlikeable characters a jump scareoh no its just something else every four pages and someone mistaking a mop for a corpse 210 must try harderWe reviewed this on Teenage Scream the podcast that fondly dissects the best and worst of 90s teen horror Listen here or subscribe on your podcast app 15 stars Not a lot of plot and the characters weren't very believable Personal Response I liked I Saw You That Night because of the idea of the story along with the many surprise twist This was not my favorite RL Stine book but it was still a pretty good book One reason why I did not like it as much was the fact that it got kind of boring in the middle As I got closer to the end the book turned completely around it became intriguingPlot Summary This book about a girl named Roxie who loves the beach and a boy named Lee Lee was shy but had a bad temper The book started with a bet a real stupid bet Roxie and UrsulaRoxie's best friend made a bet who could go out with Lee first Roxie has never won a bet against Ursula and she still agreed Roxie made the bet even harder Roxie added that you have to wear Lee´s hathe always wore it This bet was going to be difficult for Roxie considering she already has a boyfriend and Ursula is really pretty Ursula hang out with Lee and was obviously winning So Roxie had to something because she did not want to lose another bet One night Roxie decide to cheat by breaking into Lee´s house and taking his hat Roxie broke into Lee´s house and went into his room to search for his shark hat Roxie thought that since she was in his room why not take pictures to make Ursula mad As Roxie was about to leave Lee´s room she heard a girl´s scream She realized someone was home She did not know what to do so she ran through the house to escape Roxie realized that the people were fighting As Roxie ran to the door she caught a glimpse of the people and realized it was Lee and a girl Roxie kept running wondering if anyone saw her A girl was found dead near Lee´s house and Roxie recognized the girl It was the girl from Lee´s house that night After that night she got a call saying ¨I saw you that night¨ and she tried avoiding Lee Lee kept asking her to hang out but one night Roxie was skating with her friends She walked home and Lee followed her He offered to walk with her Roxie did not want to but Lee would not leave her alone They passed Lee´s house and she asked why he passed it Lee told her that it was not his house Roxie was relieved and agreed to hang out with Lee the next day The next day Lee and Roxie were going to go for a boat ride Roxie had to grab a screwdriver to help fix the boat as she handed the screwdriver to Lee he stabbed her in the back of the neck Roxie´s boyfriend Terry saw this and tried to fight Lee Lee stabbed him in the head and throat Terry was down Lee grabbed Roxie and threw her in the boat The boat moved Lee´s plan was to throw Roxie in the water miles from the beach Roxie had to make a plan she decided to jump in the water Lee chased her with his boat in attempt to hit her but Roxie went deep enough Roxie was getting tired and giving up She grabbed onto the boat in attempt to tip the boat over Lee stabbed Roxie hand with the screwdriver Roxie fell off in pain and then she saw the cops and Ursula The cops arrested Lee for murder of Matty Andrews and attempt of murdering Roxie Ursula helped Roxie to the dock and saw that Terry was on a stretcher Ursula saw Lee´s hat and grabbed it She put it on and said ¨I win¨Recommendation I would recommend this book to tweens and teens because it has some violence I would also recommend it to people who enjoy thrillers and surprise twists The book is not for a specific gender If you like other RL Stine books I recommend reading this one I read all of RL Stine's Fear Street books as a kid but read very few of his stand alone books Probably because my library didn't carry many of them except for the Babysitter ones I had never even heard of this book but I saw it at Half Price Books and it was cheap so I picked it upThis was classic RL Stine with twists at every turn I thought I had the ending solved but got thrown for a loop about halfway through I like being surprisedview spoilerI am still confused about Lee though Unless I missed something there was no explanation on how he made it home from the charity event to commit the murder We know he was there because he had witnesses and an alibi so how did he do it? hide spoiler

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