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I Can Get It For You WholesaleReading I Can Get It For You Wholesale Author Jerome Weidman Josephfedericonjmet.us Jerome Weidman S Enduring Classic Novel About Life In New York S Cutthroat Garment DistrictJust South Of Times Square, Than Six Thousand Manufacturers Of Dresses Are Crammed Into The Few Blocks That Make Up Manhattan S Garment District Their Factories Are Cramped, Noisy, And Incredibly Profitable And Harry Bogen Is Going To Take Them For All They Re Worth A Classic Conniver, He Knows That It S Easier, And A Hell Of A Lot Fun, To Turn A Buck By Lying Than By Telling The Truth First He Convinces The Shipping Clerks The Pack Animals Of The Garment Industry To Go On Strike With The Dress Manufacturers Brought To Their Knees, Harry Will Be There To Pick Them Up Again His Conscience Might Be Conflicted, If He Had One In The First Place A Bracing Comic Sensation When First Published, I Can Get It For You Wholesale Remains A Timeless Masterpiece Its Hero Still A Scoundrel, And His Charm As Irresistible As Ever.This Ebook Features A Foreword By Alistair Cooke. Second Generation NeurosesThe first generation of 20th century immigrants to New York City underwent a remarkably difficult transition to The American Way By grit and luck they survived and clawed their way out of their Lower East Side slums to the relative splendour of The Bronx They didn t get rich but they were on the ladder of at least modest prosperity They had lost only a nominal, often hostile, homeland and perhaps the stifling culture of an isolated shtetl Their new life than compensated for the loss.The cultural calculus for the next generation, however, is less than clear cut These children of immigrants know nothing of the historical community that produced and sustained their parents What they do know is what it s like to be on the bottom of an economic and social system which offers opportunity but only at the price of cultural identity They have assimilated the disdain for the foreigner that they have experienced for their entire lives And that includes the foreigner that they know themselves to be when they look at their own families Their parents survival is not something they can hold as a success They refuse to settle for lower middle class respectability They hate the system that demands that they conform to its ethos of the moral and ec
Harry Bogen has to be one of the most loathsome characters I have encountered in fiction in a long time A transformed Gregor Samsa seems appealing But in the age of Trump, no doubt there is an abundance of Bogens around, including in the Administration. Unjustly NeglectedFormat Kindle EditionWell maybe not neglected People who have read pre war Depression era American fiction know this book Heck, Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald knew this book People who treasure New York business noir movies and plays, and the books they re based on, from Sweet Smell of Success to Man in the Grey Flannel Suit to Rod Serling s Patterns , to John O Hara s From the Terrace , know the dramatized version of this book.So, maybe the caption of this book review should be Books That Still Resonate Because even though this book is set in New York s garment district in the 1930 s, its lessons, insights, humor and dramatic power can easily make the jump to Silicon Valley Just change street hustler businessman salesman to entrepreneur and you re almost there This book made a strong impression on me when I read it as a young man in the 1950 s its message fits the Facebook generation just as well.Harry Bogen, unscrupulous heal, conniver, back stabber and almost gleefully unethical shark, is a man for our times In 1937 the garment district was a powerful engine behind New York city s prosper
Written in 1937, I Can Get It for You Wholesale remains as fresh today as when it was first published Set in New York s garment district, it chronicles the rise of Harry Bogen, who will stop at nothing to make as much money as he possibly can often crookedly, and in doing so betraying those closest to him.Although Harry is not the most likeable of characters, we are drawn to him thro
Set in New York s garment district The main character, Harry Bogen, is a total schmuck The sexism and sexual harassment in this book are amazing He d fire any secretary that wouldn t put out in a heartbeat He makes quite a lot of money running crooked businesses and spends it all on shiksas His good Jewish mother wants him to marry a nice Jewish girl, Ruthie Rivkin, but Harry seems to be determined to rid himself of all signs of his Jewishness To the point where he even calls his business partner a hebe at one point He is the definition of unscrupulous, incarnate I must say, after I got
I was very disappointed in this I went into it thinking it was going to be an expose of the garment industry similar to what Upton Sinclair s The Jungle was to the meat industry It wasn t It was page after page after page of smart alec remarks spewing from the mouth of a psychopathic, misogynistic, money grubbing huckster I realize it is a story of its time There are many good stories of this time This is not one of them This is a story with a main character I
Yes, well.Well, apart from the fact that the protagonist was a wee bit of a sociopathic conman, and the archaic slang was wearing, hey, not a bad book I can see how this style of writing was a departure from the style of the time and le
Don t waste your time If the author s motive was to try the reader s patience, he succeeded Assuming it would get better soon, I read this entire waste of good ink I hope this will save you the time investment An oldie but a goodie a rags to riches story set in the NY rag trade in the 40s Brilliant insight into the corrupting nature of greed It had overtones of that excellent noir movie The Sweet Smell of Success Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis.

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