The Tree House

The Tree House❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Tree House By Shay Lynam ➝ – Hailey is an average twenty year old college student living an average life Or so she thought When a past she never knew existed is brought to light the reality she thought she knew is shattered and H Hailey is an average twenty year old college student living an average life Or so she thought When a past she never knew existed is brought to light the reality she thought she knew is shattered and Hailey is left alone to pick up the pieces Who could know this world holds such evil Who is this strange obscure boy that seems to know than he is saying And what can one girl do when a fight to stay alive becomes a fight to avenge The Tree PDF/EPUB or and protect the ones she loves. “Why are these guys chasing me?” I finally asked him No name turned his head and suinted his eyes at me Almost like he had expected a personal uestion He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again A uiet chuckle escaped his throat You have no idea what you are― Shay Lynam The Tree House I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know Thank youHailey is a 20 year old girl who's life was completely normal one minute and turned completely upside down the next People are after her and obviously ready to kill but she doesn't know why She doesn't know if you her parents and brother are safe or even alive Then she runs into a boy He's around her age and not very like able but then he saves her a promises to take her somewhere safe Somewhere with others also on the run Its called the Tree HousePhoto credit to Architectism In my head I pictured a beaten down building with the tree but this was the closest I could find and its a beautiful pictureI liked it Really I did and I finished it all in less than a day I know this sounds like it should be rated higher and I did consider giving it a 4 star rating but I had some issues with it that I just couldn't get past One is that the book likes to jump scenes without warning Many times I had to stop and go back because I didn't know what was going on There wasn't even a space between chapters On the kindle version to mark that the scene ended and that bugged me Second is that even though I enjoyed the book enough at the time It kind of forget able and I'm not sure I even want to read the second book in the series at all It a good book for a uick fun read that you will probably never really think twice about when its over How I choose my rating1 Did not finish or hated it but forced myself to finish2 Didn't really like it Didn't hate it but not sure why I finished it other then for some closure3 I liked it I had some issues with it but as a whole it was good I probably won't reread again ever but there is a chance I might finish the series If part of one But if not it's not a huge loss4 I really liked this book Maybe not a work of genius but highly entertaining I might reread this again and I will finish the series If part of one I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this books content5 I loved this book I found little to no issues with it at all I will definitely be rereading this and probably than once I will finish the series and reread it multiple times If part of one I will recommend this book to EVERYONE 35 Stars rounded up to 4 Stars for Sheer CreativityHailey is an average twenty year old college student living an average life Or so she thought When a past she never knew existed is brought to light the reality she thought she knew is shattered and she is left alone to pick up the pieces Who could know this world holds such evil? Who is this strange obscure boy who seems to know than he is saying? And what can one girl do when a fight to stay alive turns into a fight to avenge and protect the ones she loves? This is a fast paced action packed book yet well balanced with the emotional aspects necessary to make you invested in the lives and wealth fare of the characters In a world that looks very much like the one we currently inhabit just a few twists have the potential to cause a cataclysmic future event horizon for the entire human species This story is effective because it could easily happen be happening or have already happened if you are willing to stretch your mind and grab onto some strange form of conspiracy theory The characters are all different and yet on many levels share so much having been reduced to the core of themselves just to struggle to live and fight another day While we get to know Hailey and Jack as the two lead characters there are a few others that played crucial roles The fact that they weren't nearly as fully developed was frustrating as their stories were sure to have been interesting and would likely have served the larger story uite well What could have been a richer tapestry was somehow muted by denying these comrade in arms their time to shine as wellClearly not everyone can be the focal point of the story yet when there are so few characters to begin with it seems wasteful not to take full advantage of the potential arrayed before us All that being said I did enjoy this story a good bit It was uick some of the characters have wonderfully acerbic wit and the plot was creative and entertaining I guess because I enjoyed the characters as much as I did I felt cheated by not learning of their stories Additionally I was confused by the intense focus on Hailey in the beginning almost as if she was the linchpin of some master plan that she was completely unaware of And in some ways I suppose that she was just not in the ways the author had set me up to expect The jury is still out on my final reaction to that particular portion of the storyI will say that this is a very fast read easily a one sitting read thanks to the non stop tone set from the very beginning of the story It is filled with rich characters some of whom should have been fully realized for my tastes But then who am I too say which characters were leads and which were understudies? Oh yeah I'm the one reading the story My only other issue came down to things that were unexplained such as where certain characters got their training from at such a young age and how a notorious fugitive's credit cards could repeatedly be used for supplies and other items without leading the bad guys straight back to the fugitives But if those are my main take away irritants I still put the book into the win column 45 Cranky Stars The Tree House YA contemporary starts at a break neck pace and never uits We meet Hailey the main female protagonist facing off with gunmen for reasons unknown Fleeing she’s in danger Her family is in danger Her brother is missing and everything she knew about her life is a myth Answers and potential safety lie in Seattle at the eponymous Tree House There starts Hailey’s journey of discovery of herself her personal history and a group of people that share a similar fate Along the way Hayley encounters Jack He’s brash battle hardened and a reluctant hero who has secrets of his own There is a lot to like about this book the pace that never gives up the characters main secondary and fleeting the way mysteries and secrets unfold I sat down and read this book from start to finish in one nightThe one criticism I have is I found the science a bit uestionable I do not think this undermines the story nor makes it any less compelling but I thought it might have worked well in a futuristic setting than contemporaryThe Tree House ends with uestions remaining and I have already downloaded the next work The Trial to read in the seriesRecommended I absolutely loved this book It was a refreshing story that not only kept my interest but definitely kept me wanting The characters were interesting and the twists and turns were fantastic I had a difficult time putting it down and even with this book finished am still looking forward to This book was amazing from the first sentence to the very end It was definitely a page turner and kept me at the edge of my seat I can't wait for the next installment of The Tree House saga Keep it coming I received a copy of this book from the author via International YA Book Club for Girls in exchange for an honest reviewAfter I finished this book I struggled trying to figure out how I felt about it I had planned throughout my reading of it to give it 3 stars In the end I chose to give it 4 The beginning was a bit weird for me Hailey's house is broken into Her parents either killed or abducted She escapes and flees her hometown thinking that she will find safety in the big city of Seattle Along the way she runs into Jack Upon meeting for the first time they are extremely snarky to each other which I thought was strange While talking in a diner the men who ransack her house show up Again And again And again The snarkiness and the constant action in the beginning of the book made me a little wary to continue I was however pleasantly surprised About a 14 of the way into the book the author seemed to hit her stride The relationships and bonds formed in this book are a joy to experience I really enjoyed the twists and turns and surprises that the author treats you to towards the end And speaking of the endingwow For me the ending was definitely worth the extra star which turned this review from a 3 star to a 4 star As I said in the beginning I wasn't really into this book and felt like I was only reading it because I promised a review However I found that I actually really liked it I look forward to continuing the journey with Jack and Hailey and Ben Great first novel for this author Looking forward to what comes next The Tree House is not what it seems Hailey the young woman the story centers around is also not what she seems The story starts out with a bang as she has to go on the run in Seattle after gunmen come after her Without giving away too much of the plot I'll say that I really enjoyed the scientific twists and turns as well as the thriller aspect of this book The length was just about right for telling the story completely but I do wish some of the secondary characters had been fleshed out a bit All in all Ms Lynam has written a really interesting tale that will keep your interestI received a gift copy of this work in exchange for my fair and honest review This book was exciting from the first page until the last I really had a hard time putting it down It is original different and the writing is spectacular Shay had my attention the whole time I loved every character she brought into the story The twists were great and made the story even exciting sometimes painful The romance was beautiful just the right amount I can't wait to read from this author I totally agree with other reviewers when they say they felt like they were watching a movie in their head and almost forgot they were reading it and not actually living it This book grabbed me and sucked me in from the very beginning This writer is going to do amazing things and I am very excited to read her next book This book was action packed from start to finish with lovely hints of romance woven into its interesting storyline If you want a book that keeps you engaged throughout this is the book for you Check it out

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