Dust of My Wings

Dust of My Wings➩ Dust of My Wings Ebook ➯ Author Carrie Ann Ryan – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make up Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans t Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make up Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic But what happens when something changesNeat freak lab tech Lily Banner lives her life as any ordinary Dust of ePUB ô human She’s dedicated to her work and loves to hang out with her friends at Dante’s Circle their local bar When she discovers a strange blue dust at work she meets a handsome stranger holding secrets – and maybe her heart But after a close call with a thunderstorm she may not be as ordinary as she thinksShade Griffin is a warrior angel sent to Earth to protect the supernaturals’ secrets One problem he can’t stop leaving dust in odd places around town Now he has to find every ounce of his dust and keep the presence of the supernatural a secret But after a close encounter with a sexy lab tech and a lightning uick connection his millennia old loyalties may shift and he could lose than just his wings in the chaosWarning Contains a sexy angel with a choice to make and a green eyed lab tech who dreams of a dark winged stranger Oh yeah and a shocking spark that’s sure to leave them begging for. I enjoyed the plot and the characters of Dust of My Wings but it lost a star for not having been copyedited vile and vial are NOT interchangeable and that's just one of the most egregious examples I have come to terms with the fact that books are going to have a typo or two in them if bestsellers have them then midlist books will as well Fine But Dust of My Wings didn't seem to have been professionally edited at all and it kept throwing me out of the story I wanted to be immersed in this world of angels and other immortal races as they hide from humans but I couldn't because every time I started to sink into it I flinched at the errors in spelling grammar etc Which is really too bad because the plot and characters seemed great I love Carrie Ann I think she's funny sweet and has great stories in her head that I'd love to read but no author is perfect and everyone needs editing As a reader it's frustrating to read a book that hasn't been through that most basic process on the journey to being published Fantastic introduction to new paranormal series by Carrie Ann Ryan The angel Shade is in trouble The secret that supernatural beings exist is in danger of being exposed and it's all his fault or is it? Passionate romance and action packed intrigue will keep the pages turning My only complaint was that I wanted it to be longerso as usual Ryan has left us begging for the seuel Prepare to become a Carrie Ann Ryan addict Slow start but I still thought the story was ok I'll probably read Ambrose's story Found some typos in the Kindle version angles for angels rouge for rogue etc so this book needs polish Take one incredibly gorgeous angel stir in one human woman with expressive emerald green eyes and curves to die for and you have the recipe for a very hot explosion Shade was a very old angel with honey colored skin long blue and black hair well built muscles all over his body and midnight black wings edged with deep blue Lily was an average looking 27 year old lab technician with medium length chestnut brown hair emerald green eyes and not too skinny but not too fat body Average was how Lily saw herself Average enough that no one paid any attention to her or so she thought Shade had been given an assignment from the council of angels to find a human woman who was known to have possession of some of Shade's wing dust Shade's orders were to take care of the situation before the human race found out about their existence When Shade saw Lily there was no average about her She was gorgeous and he was smitten with her He knew that this was going to be a problem for him but he didn't care Lily had a chemistry degree and worked in a lab for a boss that she hated than her job He was a demanding and sleazy man but she needed the job He brought her a vial containing a powdery substance that was black with deep blue hi lights Her assignment was to analyze the substance and tell him what it was She would start her assignment the next day because tonight she needed to meet with her close friends that she considered like family for dinner and drinks at her favorite bar Dante's Circle But tonight there was a storm brewing a storm that would change all of their lives forever Carrie Ann Ryan has written a wonderful love story of a gorgeous Warrior Angel named Shade and Lily a young woman who has no idea of her abilities true worth and how others truly see her Carrie Ann takes us on an amazing journey through their lives as they experience adventure heartache discovery surprises character growth loyal friendships power hungry angels and a love that will outlast eternity Their loving is so intense it will satisfy the most avid erotic paranormal romance reader Carrie Ann knows what is hot and she spins it into a wonderful exciting story I absolutely loved the story of Shade and Lily I will definitely read it again and again I am anxiously waiting for the story of Ambrose next in this new series This was a good 1st book in Carrie Ann Ryan’s new series I really enjoyed the twist Carrie puts on the paranormal world in this book I loved the cast of characters that Carrie creates and am looking forward to books to learn about them I really want to know about Dante But I am getting ahead of myself Dust of My Wings is Lily and Shade’s story Shade finds himself tasked with protecting the supernatural worlds secret Because if it was not for him a mere human would not have her hands on evidence that there other things out there besides humans Should be a simple smash and crap task But Shade learns very uickly that nothing involving Lily will ever be simple Lily might hate her boss but she loves her work Her newest project is to identify a strange blue powder that her boss demands she gets done now But after running many test Lily is still not able to identify what it is Little does Lily know just how much that little vial of blue powder will forever change her life As I said earlier I enjoyed this book I enjoyed the world that Carrie created and am looking forward to books in this series Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Really enjoyable first book in a series can't wait to see what will happen next Full review The gist of the book a bad angel wants total power over everyone including humans and has to take out his biggest challengers two warrior angels he knows could bring down his nefariously ridiculous plans So he plants evidence of a supernatural existence with humans and voila I think this was an okay tale It’s got a variety of supernaturals hidden on earth a tough angel with a lonely heart the woman who captures his attention and a romance of true mates I should have been set but there were just enough spelling typos to make it difficult to really sink in and enjoy Exciting action packed heart pounding emotional dangerously sexy paranormal romance with a engaging and intriguing new world view Enjoyed every twist and turn in this exciting introduction to the awesome series excited to read the next adventureShade Griffin is a hot as all get out sexy protective warrior angel in trouble for accidentally leaving his angel dust where it can fall into the hands of a human Lily Banner is a sexy sweet supper organized lab tech and is completely fascinated by a strange blue dust she recently found and a sexy stranger she just ran into So entertaining could not put it down Great start to the series Dust Of My WingsAs an warrior angel Shade had many responsibilities Keep the secret of the paranormal community and keep other angels from spilling that secret When another angel messes up Shade delivers punishment He receives a summons from the council to fix a problem A women has obtained a vile of dust Not just any dust and not just any women The women is a scientist whose job it is to find out what it is and where it comes from The problem is it comes from Shades wings He doesn't know how she has gotten the dust but he has to find out why and fix the problem Lily Banner a scientist is working as a technician in a lab has just been given a vile of dust Her boss is a jerk has told her she has to figure out what it is On her off time she plays board games in the park and hangs with her friends at Dante;s bar One afternoon she meets someone A man approaches her and sees her alone waiting for a friend in the park They play a couple games and get to know each other Shade knows that he must be careful and find out what she knows and destroy the sample but is drawn to this women like no other Lily is extremely attracted to Shade and decides a date may be fun So they meet at Dante's Bar where Lily's friends can also meet Shade As they women are waiting and drinking together lightening strikes the bar No one is hurt just banged up and bruised Lily soon realised something has changed Something in her is different Shade and best friend Ambrose show up to the bar and know something happened Shade and Lily becoming closer as time goes on and Shade soon realises Lily is than just human How can that be because she was just a human when they met? As Shade and Ambrose try to figure out how Lily has been changed how the dust got into Lily's hands and try to keep her is the dark to keep her safe because Shade is falling in love Lilly is trying to figure out what the dust is getting sick because something happened when the lightening hit and falling in love With all this going on they soon realise someone in the council or high in the ranks of the angels is a traitor and is setting up Lilly to be killed Who would want her killed and why?This a 1st book in the Dante's circle series by Carrie Ann Ryan In this story Shade and Lily are so drawn towards each other and there is so much working against them The lightening strike was very cool and unexpected it changes Lily and the other women It starts and explains what and who are in the books to come The story was very well written and has action galore The love story is touching and you are really rooting for the two to get together A great start to a new series I am really looking forward to see what is in store for Ambrose Awesome start to what will be a great series come see this review and on juliesbookreviewblogspotcom