Condemned to Repeat (Randy Craig Mystery #4)

Condemned to Repeat (Randy Craig Mystery #4)❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Condemned to Repeat (Randy Craig Mystery #4) By Janice MacDonald ➟ – For anyone other than Randy Craig a contract to do archival research and web development for Alberta's famed Rutherford House should have been a uiet gig But when she discovers an unsolved mystery lin For anyone other than Randy Craig a contract to do archival research and web development for Alberta's famed Rutherford House should have been a uiet gig But when she discovers an unsolved mystery linked to Rutherford House in the Alberta Archives and the bodies begin to pile up Randy can't help but wonder if her modern day troubles are linked to the intrigues of the past Also available as an e book for Kindle readers. Edmonton’s Literary Ambassador Bone chilling cold isolation that’s Edmonton for most people But Janice MacDonald finds the sunshine in her established amateur sleuth series starring Randy Craig an English major and itinerant researcher in tough economic times Condemned to Repeat is the latest entry This time web maven Randy is contracted to the iconic 1912 Rutherford House to develop an interactive on line website to draw tourist attention to the noble brick house steeped in history and documented by Mrs Rutherford’s considerable diaries The Friends of Rutherford House manage the lovely building home to the first Premier and site of many events and a popular restaurant On the tours docents ensure that visitors stay behind the velvet ropes says Randy “Everything in the house is an artifactI sure didn’t want to go down in history as the girl who broke Alexander Rutherford’s chair” The great man’s imprint upon the city endures in the thriving university he founded another haunt of Randy’s A gala candlelit mystery dinner theatre hosted by a talented magician at the stately home starts with than a bang when just before dessert and coffee are served an employee is found dead upstairs and it’s not the “fake body” This locked room mystery has sixty guests and six actors on board a nightmare for the police But with all the commotion of the presentation who was out of place? Back stairs and window exits complicate the timeline for movement scheduled or unscheduled Among puzzled others Randy can’t understand why anyone would wish harm to a young woman with no apparent enemies when there are plenty of characters with nasty dispositions in the cutthroat and game playing world of grants for historic sites With her cop boyfriend on her side but not in charge of the case Randy sifts through possibilities It’s easy to like Randy She’s hard working talented and prone to very human traits like sleeping in and procrastination Faced with hostility she manages to bite her tongue during presentations and walk a politic line And like many women she’s dithering about moving in with Steve a paragon of organization and neatness who serves her tea toast and marmalade and keeps apple strudel in the fridge for breakfast But is she really comfortable in this perfect condo? “Then I thought about my toaster full of crumbs and my lowly dishpan and ratty bedroom slippersI needed to be home” Needless to say the killer is far from finished and each new assault raises problems The crimes must be connected but how? Where did that magician go? What about the crabby board member? Is Randy’s boss also a suspect? What will the helpful archivist say when he discovers that a diary has gone missing after Randy’s research? The upstairs downstairs theme in the Rutherford family history speaks volumes for the social s of the times Randy shepherds the reader through many of the highlights of this complex city its history short but rich Whether delving into the Ukrainian background celebrating the Spooktacular Hallowe’en at the Fort Edmonton complex cider and pumpkin muffins at the farmhouse bobbing for apples tagging zombies or hearing screams from the old Jasper House Hotel Randy makes the perfect tour guide Fascinated I actually went to the Rutherford House website to see some of this Edwardian prairie world This book walks a delicate tightrope between fact and fiction not an easy feat Locals love the series and those who know little about the great province of Alberta have a treat in store Maybe I just like reading all the references to Edmonton landmarks but I really enjoy these Randy Craig mysteries My favorite was probably Hang Down Your Head because of the use of the Folk Festival and Folkways Alive settings but this one rates right up there too This one features Rutherford House Fort Edmonton and The Provincial Archives Even though Randy herself can be annoying because she never sees what's coming her way she does convey the idea that murder is abhorrent alien and mostly unreal to ordinary law abiding people which I suppose is a good thing I also think her policeman boyfriend Steve is a accurate portrayal of an ordinary cop than most novelists depict All in all an enjoyable series BH This is another fun and funny Edmonton mystery with reluctant sleuth Miranda Randy Craig still kicking around the fringes of academe and finding herself lured into a web of dark secrets at Alberta historical sites She goes to Rutherford House Fort Edmonton the Ukrainian Village old St Stephen's College the Provincial Archives and many other real sites in an attempt to sort out clues from the past before the body count gets too highThe last book in this series Hang Down Your Head had a murder at Edmonton FolkFest and was a big best seller here in the city I think this new one is destined for of the same success Highly recommended Oooh oooh oooh I had so much fun reading a grown up Nancy Drew like mystery novel which takes place where I live I loved that I knew all the locations and roads that were mentioned and that places like my all time favourite bake shop Duchess were the backdrop to some great sleuthing It was easy to connect with amateur sleuth Randy Craig and her uirky waysI am a new fan and will definitely be reading all of the Randy Craig mysteries written by local author Janice McDonald Thanks for writing the Edmonton version of my favourite sleuth LOVED IT This was by far the best of the series which means it can only get better from here I loved the history lesson told through the story It was a great story I was totally immersed This is a mystery noteworthy not for its plot or characters though Randy Craig is a likeable independent woman but for its wonderful descriptions of Edmonton Having attended university there for two years I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting HUB Rutherford House Saskatchewan Drive the Provincial Archives Fort Edmonton and Whyte Avenue The fact that the mystery cantered around historic sites was an added bonus for me A fun read An enjoyable mystery with a practical protagonist Randy who thinks to do things that it seems characters in other mystery series don't Like Randy on remembering what could be an important detail in the case dashes off a uick email to her policeman boyfriend instead of just NOT DOING ANYTHING which tends to drive me crazy in other books CONDEMNED TO REPEAT is set very firmly in Edmonton and as a former Edmontonian it was fun to read about the neighbourhoods shops and buildings I knew so well Lots of Alberta history threaded throughout as well I'm always iffy on amateur detectives but I enjoy the ones where they are connected to a professional detective because it never makes sense to me in the ones where the amateur is alone against a hostile police force Randy straddles those two tropes and it worksI liked Randy a lot an academic researcher who is drawn into the history of the Rutherford house and the person willing to kill to keep its secrets I love books where the setting comes to life and I felt like I got to know Edmonton Canada in this I'm looking forward to others in this series A good murder mystery academicesue novel set in Edmonton academicesue because it features not a tenure track prof but rather someone on the edges of Academia It was especially fun to see Edmonton and Rutherford House and Strathcona featured so prominently I'm looking forward to finding the earlier novels featuring Randy Craig and will keep an eye out for future novels as well I'm not a mystery fan but I loved how this was set in Edmonton with a strong plot and female lead character

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  • Paperback
  • 395 pages
  • Condemned to Repeat (Randy Craig Mystery #4)
  • Janice MacDonald
  • 23 March 2016
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