Raffles and the British Invasion of Java

Raffles and the British Invasion of Java[PDF / Epub] ☂ Raffles and the British Invasion of Java ✐ Tim Hannigan – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk On a hot August afternoon in 1811 an army of 10000 British redcoats splashed ashore through the muddy shallows off Batavia the former name of Jakarta Indonesia's capital to conuer the Dutch colony of On a hot August afternoon in the British PDF/EPUB Ä an army of British redcoats splashed ashore through the muddy shallows off Batavia the former name of Jakarta Indonesia's capital to conuer the Dutch colony of Java They would remain there for five turbulent years Raffles and PDF/EPUB ² Drawing on both British and Javanese archival sources this entertaining and highly readable narrative history cum biography explores the bloody battles and furious controversies that marked British rule in Java and reveals the future founder of Singapore Thomas Stamford Raffles long celebrated as a and the British PDF/EPUB Ä hero a liberal and a visionary in a shocking new light showing how he crushed dissent looted palaces and incited massacres to further his own insatiable ambitions The book features the dramatic Battle of Batavia the sinister British expedition to Palembang the sacking and the British Invasion of Epub / and looting of Yogyakarta and various fights between soldiers and civilians buffaloes and tigers and Englishmen and Javanese. My knowledge of Asian history is very poor I thought Thomas Stamford Raffles was a famous hotelier I now know that he was the founder of modern Singapore and the hotel that bears his name was named in his honour long after Raffles had diedBut what of Raffles in his younger years? In this work by Tim Hannigan Raffles is far from a heroic figure Engraving of Raffles from his Wikipedia pageAmbitious greedy brutal and in some cases incompetent The only thing Hannigan and most historians agreed on was that Raffles adored his first wife and that she was a notable flirt As yet I haven't found another source that says Olivia was an alcoholic After Olivia's death at a relatively young age Raffles was heartbroken and erected a beautiful monument as tribute to her in what is now the Bogor Botanical Gardens in West JavaHe remarriedto the plain Sophia and Hannigan alleges she and Raffles faithful underling Otho Travers are responsible for much of the reinvention of the Raffles legend after Raffles died of a brain tumour in England in 1826My lack of knowledge of the history means I'm rating this book as how it was as a read and for me it was very entertaining Hannigan has a lovely relaxed writing style which kept me entertained to the end But harping on certain issues like Rollo Gillespie's small stature Olivia's alleged alcoholism did become tiresome Raffles and the British Invasion of Java by Tim Hannigan is a well researched and well written book Tim Hannigan presents Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles 6 July 1781 – 5 July 1826 in a way he has rarely been seen; not as a liberal paragon but as a flawed overly ambitious man He is presented as intelligent and creative but also as willful petty and somewhat of a hypocrite An examination of the life and legacy of the man often credited with the success that is Singapore This book looks at what happened when the British invaded Java It's not an alternate history or an episode of Doctor Who The British did invade and occupied Java for almost five years Aug 1811 March 1816 The changes reforms and conseuences of that half decade resonated long after they left From government structure land division and the administration of tax districts Raffles policies and decisions would have lasting conseuences for himself his family Indonesia and for Great BritainThe man who is touted as a great reformer is often revealed as an example of colonial excess greed and cultural disregard I do not normally read biographies but having met Tim Hannigan at The Penzance Literary Festival in July where he was running a workshop on travel writing I thought I would give this book a try I was not disappointed The author puts the reader suarely in the thick of the action We can smell the jungle the smoke and cordite of the muskets and hear the sound of canon fire the cries of the combatants and the rattling of the sabers This is an account of a short lived campaign of the British army at the height of its empire and according to Hannigan Raffles comes out of it with an extremely tarnished reputation Raffles is famous as the founder of Singapore and London zoo But it seems he was an opportunist out to make a uick buck He was involved with corruption turned a blind eye to slavery and complicit in inciting the massacre of Dutch citizens This is all the shocking because of the high esteem in which his memory is held by manyThis book is an extremely good read and I highly recommend it As a Singaporean trying to understand about the man whose overwhelming charm intellect and preeminence is second only to founding father Lee Kuan Yew this book served its purposeIt also came with than a bag full of unexpected surprises The author Tim Hannigan is prone to losing himself in exceedingly long poetic descriptions of scenic Java I found this rather disorientating and out of place for what essentially is a book on history but perhaps that was because the history I was used to reading were too heavy In any case once Hannigan is satisfied with his literary indulgences he rolls up his sleeves and gets into the mud of facts and boy was it muddyClearly the author intended the reader to leave the book disillusioned with Raffle's gloriously bright legacy Yet that legacy was so ridiculously clean it should have been obvious in the first place So what Hannigan has truly done was to breathe life back into a historic figure who had prematurely lost all remnants of character due to excessive whitewashingThrough Hannigan's descriptions we see Raffle's insecurity and psychopathic ambition Through Raffle's insecurity and psychopathic ambition we come to realise the extent of his humanness Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles had been a very bad boy indeed but ironically that inspires love for him than the impeccable image epitomized in his statue along Singapore River I picked up Raffles and the British Invasion of Java expecting a Napoleon a Caesar an epic with highs and lows and historic greatness What Raffles offered was very much less both in terms of historical significance and greatness of character Yet it was exactly his small mindedness and reckless ambition that made me feel attached to Raffles than either Napoleon or Caesar Put simply the story of Raffles resonates precisely because it is the story of a flawed human pretending to greatness a story that I can relate to There is a fantastic amount of research that went into writing this book It is well cited and uite in depth Despite all this the author does a pretty good job of maintaining a decent narrative flow throughout the bookThe writer doesn't hide his disdain for Raffles and explores some other intriguing characters as well The book has some wonderful passages of prose that add to the mystiue of the real java as opposed to simply focusing on the colonial characters as the title might suggest I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to others Entertaining historical book of someone that usually called as pioneer and reformer of Southeast Asia during the colonial era This book explained Raffles as the other side of a coin a person with greed ambition racist view and never hesitated to crush his rival his own or other nations I read that the Indonesian translation is a messy one so I opted to read this book in its original language and I enjoyed it This book vividly described Java in the 19th century and while reading it I can imagine a lush green mythical Java and its people the smell of blood and gunpowder Despite living two thirds of my life in Bogor or Buitenzorg as it is referred to in this book I did not know much about Raffles Sure I have seen several times the monument built for his first wife Olivia which can be found in the Kebun Raya Botanical Garden I know that we drive on the left side thanks to the British I know he wrote The History of Java I know that for around five years in the early 19th century the British temporarily replaced the Dutch as the colonisers of Indonesia And in an afternoon in Singapore I finally saw the man as depicted in his statue a proud glorious manIn short what I knew about Raffles was his glory I had no interest whatsoever in finding out until one day a few years ago I read a review of Hannigan's book in a national newspaper It piued my interest and for the next few years whenever I visited a library I tried to find this book I finally did in UI's own libraryHannigan chose the perfect way to open this book by drawing attention to one of the most freuent complaints Indonesians say about our history of colonisation Instead of complaining about being colonised at all we complaint about being colonised by the wrong people A sentiment that I admit I used to share Hard not to when almost everyone you know say the same thing Sure we know that the British was here for a short time; it is in every history textbook But there is no adeuate explanation on the impacts the British's short term rule had on IndonesiaHannigan's prose in truly engaging although he does have the tendency to talk in length about the minor details before returning to his main pointnarration I personally like it even though in some parts one may have to return a few pages back to remind oneself of who's who I also like the fact that he has lived in Java and has some grasp on the culture and the fact that he included sources written by the Javanese themselves So what did the book taught me about Raffles? Well he is no hero no great glorious man as many think he is He was a man full of ambition who tended to overestimate himself; a man who thought that he was greater than he actually was However his actions in Java did leave a lasting impact primarily the splitting of the Keraton Beside giving me another perspective on Raffles this book also revealed some facts about Indonesia that I did not know before such as the fact that slavery happened here It is not something that show up in the history textbooks I can tell youHannigan's book enlightened me on this little talked about aspect of Indonesia's history More importantly it reminded me that there is still a lot of things I do not know about my own history Homework for me then to learn Raffles and the British Invasion of JavaReadRate this book1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 starsRaffles and the British Invasion of Javaby Tim Hannigan Goodreads Author392 of 5 stars 392 · rating details · 25 ratings · 3 reviewsOn a hot August afternoon in 1811 an army of 10000 British redcoats splashed ashore through the muddy shallows off Batavia the former name of Jakarta Indonesia s capital to conuer the Dutch colony of Java They would remain there for five turbulent years Drawing on both British and Javanese archival sources this entertaining and highly readable narrative history cuebook 340 pagesPublished November 1st 2012 by Monsoon BooksISBN981435886X ISBN13 9789814358866other editions 2 Raffles and the British Invasion of Java Raffles and the British Invasion of Javaall editions | add a new edition | combineless detail edit detailsGet a copy online stores ▼ LibrariesMoreFriend Reviewsrecommend this book None of your friends have reviewed this book yetLists with This BookThis book is not yet featured on Listopia Add this book to your favorite list »Community Reviewsshowing 1 30 of 51filter | sort default ? | rating detailsZayn GregoryJun 29 2013 Zayn Gregory rated it 3 of 5 starsShelves history nusantaraThe book covers a fascinating obscure moment in colonial history the launching of Stamford Raffles' career with the five year invasion of Java Those five years are rich with material that Hannigan presents with a fresh eye sensitive to the Javanese side of the story The author sometimes seems to be nursing a grudge against his subject the treatment of Olivia Raffles is downright mean but the cloud of myth around Raffles is apparently pretty thick and the author cuts through it with somflag like · comment · see reviewmahatmaApr 20 2013 mahatma rated it 3 of 5 stars · review of another editionShelves belum selesaiit would have been better if we had been colonized by the british not the dutchungkapan ini sering terdengar di telinga kita juga di telinga penulis buku ini seorang guru bahasa inggris ketika ia tinggal di surabayasebagai orang inggris rasa ingin tahunya sangat besar ketika ia mengherani betapa orang indonesia malah merasa ketinggalan dibandingkan singapura dan malaysia bahkan india indonesia menurutnya jauh lebih kaya dan lebih menarik apalagi cuma dibandingkan dengan ketiga negeflag like · comment · see reviewLiaJan 05 2014 Lia rated it 5 of 5 starsShelves read while in surabaya 2011Absolutely fascinating history telling and a wonderful writing styleflag like · comment · see reviewshannonshannon marked it as to readMar 30 2014Riri WibiantoRiri Wibianto marked it as to readMar 05 2014CraigCraig marked it as to readFeb 16 2014MaureenMaureen marked it as to readFeb 05 2014ExchelExchel marked it as to readJan 25 2014AlexandreAlexandre rated it 4 of 5 starsJan 05 2014Nabilah MNabilah M marked it as to readDec 31 2013Geert BarbierGeert Barbier rated it 3 of 5 starsDec 29 2013JonJon rated it 4 of 5 starsDec 18 2013EmmaEmma rated it 5 of 5 starsDec 21 2013Liang JiemingLiang Jieming rated it 4 of 5 starsNov 30 2013RosemaryRosemary added itNov 14 2013Eko Fajar CahyadiEko Fajar Cahyadi marked it as to readNov 11 2013Kristina JKristina J rated it 3 of 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Penzance in Cornwall in the far west of the United Kingdom and specialises in writing about Indonesia and the Indian Subcontinent He has contributed features and images to various newspapers and magazines in Asia the Middle East and the UKTim formerly worked as a professional chef before studying journalism at the UniversMore about Tim HanniganBooks by Tim HanniganMurder in the Hindu Kush George Hayward and the Great GameMoresponsored booksHarry Potter meets The HobbitHarry Potter meets The HobbitPortals Passages Pathways is a teen fantasy fiction novel that follows extraordinary characters in a spellbinding epic adventurewww8 five star ratings »Parable of the ForgottenParable of the ForgottenA broken misfit has a premonition that finding the killer of his friend will bring him his own endwwwgoodreadscomBroken Faith Spiritual Discord #1Broken Faith Spiritual Discord #1They've been enemies since the dawn of their creation But a chance encounter makes them allies as they face a greater enemy Hell's houndswwwgoodreadscomview 50 reviews » booksShare This Book Share on your websiteTrivia About Raffles and the BNo trivia or uizzes yet Add some now »© 2014 Goodreads Inc about us advertise author program jobs api our blog terms privacy help switch to mobile versionEdit Your ReviewRaffles and the British Invasion of Java by Tim HanniganRaffles and the British Invasion of Javaby Tim HanniganChange editionMy rating 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 starsclearBookshelvesTagscreate as many as you like closechoose shelves read currently reading to read anarchism anthropology asia studies Stamford Raffles may be a figure that is often worshipped in Singapore but through meticulous research drawing on a vast volume of primary sources British writer Tim Hannigan proves that the man was a scheming murderer ruthless plunderer and corrupt administrator who wrecked havoc on the island of Java despite occupying it for just five years between 1811 and 1816 During his tenure as the governor of the Indonesian island Raffles was not only an inept but also arrogant in the way he dealt with the natives of Java For example after he attacked and looted the Kraton at Yogyakarta he ordered the murder of courtiers and insisted that surviving royals kiss his knees during a coronation ceremony As a result of his inability to govern the Javanese economy spiralled out of control and was in shambles by the time the Dutch re took the island in 1816 A must read for avid historians especially in this art of the world who are accustomed to disproportionately glowing praises of Raffles A 35 stars because I didn’t take to the writing style but otherwise it’s a well researched and informative book Full of amusing tidbits about Britishers and everyone else really behaving rather badly in Java Sir Raffles was apparently an unhinged egomaniacal douchebag completely detached from reality There are two small sections that are uite interesting and can be topics for further writings one the disturbing close relationship between Raffles and a thoroughly unsavory character one Alexander Hare Among many disturbing facts Raffles put him in charge of Banjarmasin and helped him procured young slave girls for Hare’s personal fiefdom The second is Mount Tambora eruption in 1815 Apparently it was a much much bigger eruption than Krakatoa It wiped out completely two existing kingdoms in a single explosion

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