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Small Space Organizing[PDF / Epub] ☁ Small Space Organizing Author Kathryn Bechen – Best Organizing | Small Spaces images | Nov Small spaces aka cozy Organizing small spaces Ideas to make it bigger See ideas about Small spaces Home Home decor Clever Tricks to Organizing Small Spaces Best Organizing | Small Spaces images | Nov Small spaces aka cozy Organizing small spaces Ideas Small Space ePUB ô to make it bigger See ideas about Small spaces Home Home decor Clever Tricks to Organizing Small Spaces And along the way I’ve picked up some great Small Space Organizing ideas and hacks that have come in uite useful over the years Now we live in a s foot apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto Yes tiny I know but I love the space we’re in now and the location is immaculate And while small space living definitely has its perks organizing small spaces is Best Organizing Small Spaces images | small Feb Explore Rebekah Co Media | Social M's board Organizing Small Spaces followed by people on Pinterest See ideas about Small spaces IKEA Catalog Small Space Organizing Tips | Il y a heuresMaking a small space functional comfortable and sophisticated is a challenge and even the tiniest of design decisions can make a big difference Luckily the IKEA catalog is filled to the brim with Small Space Organizing solutions that maximize areas while making them look mindfully designed Here are nine of the best tips pulled right from the digital pages This Easy Steps for Organizing Small Spaces Fun START SMALL Don't pull everything out at once when you're organizing small spaces I know it's exciting to think about organizing a pantry and tossing everything out onto your kitchen counter to sort but there's also nothing worse than running out of time and energy and then being stuck with a huge mess everywhere Instead remember what I teach in my Productivity Boot Camp Brilliant Small Space Organizing Tips from the Il y a heuresMaximize your small spaces while making them look mindfully designed read MORE from from waaaay over here — Brilliant Small Space Organizing Tips from the IKEA Catalog from Organizing Small Spaces on a Budget October Here are some of the storage ideas for you that will help you to utilize your Small Space Organizing Small Spaces on a Budget Tip Installing a Closet Organizing System No matter what the size of your closet is you can make it feel larger if you utilize the space practically You can use customizable drawers and baskets to make your closet much functional You Clever Ideas for Small Space Organizing and Clever Ideas for Small Space Organizing and Storage That Actually Looks Cool Too Small space living has it’s perks but trying to keep things organized in a tiny house is not one of them Whether you actually live in a tiny house though OR it just feels like you do getting a whole house organized can feel a bit intimidating SMALL SPACES Organizing Storage Makers Cleaning Cloths We talk a lot about decluttering and organizing tips for the home However because we get asked uite ofte How to Organize Small Spaces for Maximum Storage If you live in a tiny home or apartment you probably know the conundrum all too well clutter makes any space look smaller But how do you get rid of clutter if you don’t have enough storage space? Luckily it’s not that difficult With a few creative storage solutions you can get rid of that clutter in no time Here are some ideas on how to organize small spaces for maximum storage. My husband and I live in small apartment two small bedrooms a tiny bath and toilet kitchen and living room all in 650 suare feet This book was not written for people like meIf you have a reasonably sized home and would like to minimize how much space your stuff is taking up there may be some tips you can use Best if you own though as a good chunk of the solutions would never get past the landlord like completely reworking closets putting holes in the walls and adding under the counter glass racksThe chapter that struck me as the most tone deaf was Kitchen and Dining Delights Bechen assumes you have space to work with I don't My total counter space is less than three foot suare so her recommendations of keeping knives in a butcher block or lining up colorful canisters made me laugh And lose half of my workspace? No wayI wouldn't mind so much if she was suarely targeting empty nest couples moving into a smaller home say or people who need help sifting through a mountain of possessions But right there in the first chapter she lists out her audience including new college students heading to a dorm room and those living out your jet set fantasy life in a tiny studio apartment in a trendy and expensive area of New York Tokyo or Paris Those people will have even less to learn from Bechen than meIt's tempting to give one star but I did glean a couple of interesting tidbits so two it is Only slightly to moderately insightful I think I think most people are aware that glass and mirrors can make a room look bigger and that plastic silverware trays help keep drawers organized I did come away with the concept of a sink skirt but that's pretty much the only completely new idea I gotAlso I never want to see an alliterative sub heading again Please Surprisingly I disagreed with most of this bookIt teaches you how to organize but not minimize and seems to focus on baskets and storage containers as your solutionsThe only part I felt any bit of helpful was the bathroom section where it talked about replacing makeup and cleaning your medicine cabinet but even that didn't go into details Helpful book of lists for organizing no pictures Each chapter has a list of resources websites in the back January often brings the urge to purge We've gotten a new load of stuff at Christmas maybe watched a few too many episodes of Hoarders and before you know it ugh We just want to get rid of some of the stuff that most of us in America have way too much ofKathryn Bechen addresses this is her book Small Space Organizing She advocates living in smaller spaces which is kind of an in sentiment given the state of our economy Current trends are actually to downsize and live in smaller spaces and this book addresses that What do we really need in an apartment dorm room studio apartment or smaller home? How can we decide what to keep and what to give away and how can we organize what we do have?Kathryn's best small space organizing tips?1 Keep your gadgets and appliances simple by buying only what you'll truly use2 Use all white dishes and clear glassware to cut down on how many dish sets you buy If a dish breaks you can easily find a new similar white piece and not have to get a whole new setI found this book to be repetitive in spots and offer little in the way of earth shaking new ideas But it was helpful nonetheless in making me think about the objects I surround myself with what's important and what's not? In the end it's all just stuff so we're best not to attach too much emotional sentiment to items This would be a great book for a teen heading to college for a couple getting married or for anyone who's downsizing Kathryn Bechen is no stranger to small living spaces having lived in than a fair share over the past 30 years Instead of despairing Kathryn has allowed God to develop a talent at organization and style that make small space living livable and peaceful As a mother of 4 children that home schools living in a 3 bedroom home that has a separate school room I am always looking a ways to maximize the space I have My children are two to a room and there is furniture every where Sometimes I feel claustrophobic even thinking about entering their roomsThis book is just the book for a person like me It is very practical and well layed out making it an easy and enjoyable read The down side if you could even consider it thus is that you will feel motivated to tackle each room even the ones that are pretty well organized I particularly enjoyed the fact that she included helpful websites and products and that much of it was very reasonably priced This is certainly a book I would recommend as it is helpful and does not leave you feeling utterly discouraged by the clutter you once thought was so very organizedThanks to Revel for this review copy I am not the target audience for this book It really wasn't helpful to me We have lived in our house for over 9 years with four children and a dog I think it's meant for the college age newly weds looking for their first small home or maybe those who are downsizing and want to start afresh with a new smaller space with all new furniture Her tone was pleasant though and she had lists that showed where you could find certain items to organize your home that might be convenient for some people Her idea of what a small space is and mine are radically different I laughed out loud when I got to her suggestion about the Bathroom closet Sure lady; in my dreams Not a bad read that will help you organize the small spaces in your home but I’d rather stick to Pinterest I really didn't like this book It was all about getting rid of what you have and then how to buy a bunch of cute containers to store the rest of your crap in I really didn't read anything new or inspired in the whole book I live in a small older house on a tight budget and this book just wasn't for me

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