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Population and Development➸ [Read] ➳ Population and Development By Tim Dyson ➽ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The demographic transition and its related effects of population growth fertility decline and ageing populations are fraught with controversy When discussed in relation to the global south and the mod The demographic transition and its related effects of population growth fertility decline and ageing populations are fraught with controversy When discussed in relation to the global south and the modern project of development the uestions and answers become problematic Population and Development offers an expert guide on the demographic transition from its origins in Enlightenment Europe through to the rest of the world Tim Dyson Population and PDF or examines how while the phenomenon continues to cause unsustainable population growth with serious economic and environmental implications its processes have underlain previous periods of sustained economic growth helped to liberate women from the domestic domain and contributed greatly to the rise of modern democracy This accessible yet scholarly analysis will enable any student or expert in development studies to understand complex and vital demographic theory. The writing can be a bit dry and repetitive it is a very academic work but this is a fascinating book This uote gives a good sense of the central thesis It is important to emphasize that the present argument is that if mortality decline occurs in a pre transitional society then the population will grow fertility will decline sooner or later and the society will eventually both urbanize and age Thus while development processes eg economic growth the spread of modern education and the overall context eg the culture and institutions will be significant in conditioning the details of the transition – including the extent of population growth – in the final resort such considerations are secondary In short the demographic transition has its own causal pathway” 220 Essentially once a decline in mortality rate occurs a series of other demographic processes get set off and somewhat inevitably follow Variation in rate of transition is due to other local factors but this causal process is relatively independent of economic growth and responsible for many important socio political downstream effects This is a really strong and bold thesis when you think about it and Dyson goes to great length to defend it That being said I am not sure how convinced I am For one the initial domino of decline in mortality rates seems to be a little too simple in the way Dyson presents things Because it is not just that there needs to be a decline in mortality rates but that mortality rates must continue to decline across large swathes of the transition In order to explain this appealing to enlightenment ideas of science probably isn't enough and needs to be said about the back and forth feedback processes with economic growth That style of critiue extends to the other parts of Dyson's causal claims I would need to do critical thinking about comparative analyses and counterfactual possibilities to really get a grip on how persuasive they are but I'm inclined to think he argues for the causal autonomy of these demographic processes a little too strongly probably the most important one to clarify is the mortality decline fertility decline pathway Needless to say the book is ripe for interesting uestions about the nature of historical causation and what types of causal explanations should be admitted I also appreciate that it does have some real substantial predictions about the future The degree to which sub Saharan African countries and other still developing countries play out the other steps of the demographic transition will provide at least some test of the book's claims As Dyson acknowledges most of the speculation about the downstream effects of the demographic transition on societyculture are incompletely explored and I think even ripe for debates about causality and stripping human agency from explanation but they are all intriguing and plausible In general thinking about demography in this way provides an entire framework for certain patterns of societal transformation that the other long scale economic history approaches I have read do not I'm not sure how to adjudicate between competing claims in such accounts would need to do a lot research but this book left me convinced demography is a perspective worth greater consideration Excelente libro Aprendí en realidad cómo estudiar un país de otra manera Una herramienta importantísima

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