Coming to Rosemont (Rosemont Saga, #1)

Coming to Rosemont (Rosemont Saga, #1)☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Coming to Rosemont (Rosemont Saga, #1) By Barbara Hinske ❤ – Forensic accountant Maggie Martin's well ordered life is shattered by her husband's untimely death and the double life he concealed Dealing with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Paul's wak Forensic accountant Maggie Martin's well ordered life is shattered by her husband's untimely death and the double life he concealed Dealing Coming to PDF/EPUB or with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Paul's wake she is stunned to learn he inherited an estate known as Rosemont in the seemingly serene Midwestern town of Westbury Seeking a fresh start and a uiet solitary life she moves halfway across the country to make Rosemont her home Before she can unpack her first box she's knee deep in a battle against political corruption where defeat and retreat are not an option Still bearing the scars of betrayal will she find joy romance and possibility in WestburyComing to Rosemont is the first book in the Rosemont seriesPraise for Coming to RosemontIn a category that doesn’t often feature felonious crimes as a main plot point it’s somewhat surprising to see this title — with corruption fraud and arson coursing through the story — in a list of top performers But with enough twists and turns to hook any reader’s attention an adorable dog on the cover and some classic women’s fiction tropes Coming To Rosemont delivered than enough firepower to win over our readers BookBub's Best Women's Fiction . 35 I enjoyed spending time in Rosemont and getting to know the townsfolk but the deets of the political campaigning were a bit tedious There was a bit of romance a bit zero smut or heat though and a bit of intrigue but it was a gentle undemanding tale about a widow getting back in her feet after a deep betrayal really First in a series uite a few things were left unresolved I might read of this series to see how it develops as it's on ku What a delightful escape I had curling up into Maggie's life Coming to Rosemont has some mystery a tinge of romance and personal growth in the life a woman whose world has been turned upside down Hinske also brings out some wayward characters who provide twists and turns in the plot I loved the way Maggie took charge of her life in spite of the pain she had suffered and found adventure where she didn't expect it Probably the best part of this recommendation is that I didn't want the story to end This is a terrific start to a series Westbury is going to be a fascinating little town with memorable characters and lots of problems Maggie’s new life should hold lots of challenges and triumphs I am already looking forward to the next chapters A lovely setting and some pleasant characters just waiting for a plotThe main character has dinner parties and bonds with her children She cleans the house and looks for cheese She goes shopping and has pleasant dates with a true gentleman She holds a charming family friendly fundraiser at the palatial home she inheritedFor the first 50% or so of the book I was in for the ride I felt like I was being lulled into a false sense of complacency 'The author's building up the mundane details so I'll feel it when it all shatters' I thoughtBy 60 or 70% I was starting to get worried Had the author left enough time? We were so far in and since the first couple chapters nothing had really happened There'd been a few meetings The heroine did some forensic accounting apparently and then made a report to a committee There was a FIRE But no one was hurt and the authorities investigated and of course the heroine wouldn't interfere with their work She also didn't interfere with the work of the police after she and the committee turned their findings over to the proper authorityBy 80% I had or less given up There wasn't enough room for a satisfying build climax and denouement It was either going to be rushed or it wasn't going to happen at allIt didn't happen at all The conclusion is a peculiar deus ex machina resulting in something that the MC had said she didn't even want The main villain such as he was isn't dealt with It just felt like even the author got bored of the complete lack of story and couldn't bear to write about any well mannered dinners so she just uit writingThere were threads that could have been pursued that could have made this a much worth while story The villain was full of plans to seduce the heroine in order to steal her home but then he just didn't do it The heroine's late husband had a secret family and the heroine says she's determined to investigate them and share the information with her children but she doesn't Pretty much any source of conflict and therefore PLOT is ignoredIt's a lovely series of events that happened to a lovely character But she doesn't grow she doesn't overcome she doesn't express any agency in the closest thing to a resolution of the story that I can findIt's too bad but there's just not much here When a widow finds out who her husband really was what should she do?Hide from the rest of her life?Cry until there are no tears?Scream rant rave and rave?Not Maggie Maggie is a woman of action a do it now person and someone not afraid to face her fearsMaggie learns of a house her husband owns and of his misdeeds at work She decides that the only thing she can take care of right now is the house She travels to the Westbury in hopes of cleaning it up and putting it on the market But as you've always heard the heart wants what the heart wants When Maggie walks into Rosemont it was love at first sightBarbara was able to suck me into her story and the down home real life people in her book I came to know love and enjoy their triumphs and hate the hardships that they were forced to endure I appreciate how Barbara was able to create love that was responsible and built upon a friendship And as all good writers do there was a good hint of hot to it as wellI am excited to read book two Weaving the StrandsStay tuned and excited as I am going to send a interview to our crown jewel author and she's going to answer them and I'll post for all to see Thanks again and keep those pages turning This was a fun read The biggest strength of the book is the totally totally likeable good guy characters and how they all band together in a way that makes the reader want to cheer It's a great feel good story Another strength is in the descriptive prose which is especially good And the plot was well constructed making the reader want to know what was going to happen Despite the stereotypical characters and obvious plot I really enjoyed this story and will read the others in the series 35 stars I enjoyed the main character and those she meets when she arrives in a small midwest town to inherit what could only be my own dream home full of antiues and stories The town is full of problems and people who bicker and fight but most of them pull together to get the job done I'm off to order the next book in the series I loved reading Coming to Rosemont as a group discussionMaggie sure went thru a time with her sick spouse and then to learn things about himShe is a strong welled womanI had a hard time putting the book down plus I can not wait for the next book in Barbara Hinske's Great first effort While not my normal read I found the characters believable and the plot exciting I can't wait to see what happens in the next book in the series

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  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Coming to Rosemont (Rosemont Saga, #1)
  • Barbara Hinske
  • English
  • 24 July 2015
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