Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial Arts

Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial Arts✿ [EPUB] ✷ Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial Arts By Joseph Cardillo ❥ – In the vein of Bruce Lee's famous be water my friend speech as referenced by Tom Brady comes a guide to harnessing your energy to increase focus and peace A fascinating and helpful book for everyone t In the vein of Water: Practical PDF/EPUB Á Bruce Lee's famous be water my friend speech as referenced by Tom Brady comes a guide to harnessing your energy to increase focus and peace A fascinating and helpful book for everyone trying to make sense of our crazy world Joe Hyams Author of Zen in the Martial Arts Joseph Cardillo Be Like PDF/EPUB or PhD and top selling author reveals the philosophy behind the martial arts techniues that lead to a creative and fulfilled life in this entertaining and insightful guide Using the techniues outlined in this book you will feel deeply and gain confidence in your ability to take care of yourself. This was a hard on to tell people about For those that work internal martial arts this is about taking internal principles such as centering yourself and then applying them to your daily life so they are embedded in your personalityIf you are looking for martial techniues and counter attacks this is not for you It's looking at than just the physical side to the art it's about being in touch with yourself and how your art can be than just fightingI would say that an art can change you and it's a good teacher that will do this for you But all in all it is an insightful book for those looking for the spiritual side of thingsEnjoy Read this book in college while studying martial arts Very helpful Some useful and interesting ideas here worth a read It is my favourite PHILOSOPHER BRUCE LEE who said it first 'Be like water' This book can become very interesting and refreshing for those who are uite novice in the filed of philosophy behind all martial arts Balance harmony flexibility adaptability agility swiftness peace OK Not a great or deep book yet a good one If you have interest in philosophy of martial art or its application to various aspects of one's life you may read this book uite light And it can spread uite light internally tooYou may skip it soon after reading its superb title in case you have already read many books on ways of martial art meditation tao balance et cetera So so Focused short essays and associated meditationsexercises directed at specific areas of self improvement I found the author's personal examples self aggrandizing than helpful but they were in keeping with whatever he happened to be talking about at the moment I recommend reading a chapter or two in short burst and practicing the exercises for a while before trying another to get the most of the book I stumbled onto this book while doing some research and picked it up primarily out of curiosity Once I began reading it though I was so taken in by Cardillo's style and curiosity that I couldn't help but continueIn each short chapter Cardillo takes on one core principle of the martial arts explaining how it relates to the art how he experienced it in his own training and how it can relate to the average person's daily experiences and aid them in their own personalprofessional development At the end of each chapter he finishes with explaining an exercise usually meditation related to help the reader get a sincere feel for the principle and then concludes with a short list of resolutions for moving forward with the principle as a tool for moving forward in lifeIn many ways I think this book could be classified either as philosophy or as self help I can't say that I gained something from every chapter but I did gain enough from the reading that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book At the very least it gave me some tools for mediating conflicts around me and for dealing with colleagues who I tend to have trouble understanding or relating to few as they are they are a distraction for most everyone I'm guessing On the whole I do think I benefitted from reading it And while I'm not generally an anxious personI think I will return to this work the next time I'm feeling intimidated or anxious about a decision or relationshipLast I'll note that I'm generally skeptical of the idea of meditating I'm not good at sitting still and always thought of meditating as something that would reuire significant chunks of time Cardillo's approach and exercises though felt both approachable and worthwhile which really surprised meI can't say how this would compare to similar books but I'm glad to have stumbled across it Recommended Filled with ways to center and relax this book is for the Martial Artist and non Martial Artist alike Using examples from his own training and experiences Cardillo is easily able to lay things out simply and make it easy for the reader to understand The ultimate goal in being like water is to be fluid and free unable to be contained and always flowing Basically relax take a deep breath and enjoy in the beauty of the world and your life which is something I can totally get behind Kind of a basis book on the spiritual aspects of martial arts Much of the content was superficial and not much depth Touch on various subject matters within martial arts for a few pages and then provides an example from his own personnel life Felt the examples while probably real were modified to try an fit into the content of the subject For someone who is new to martial arts this would probably be a helpful introduction to the spiritual side of it I read this book back in 1984 when I was a young Stock Broker and Entrepreneur A good book to read for anyone going into business or just wants to learn how to negotiate a better deal or price for anything Mandatory reading for professor Cardillo's creative writing course this was nonetheless a decent read

Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial Arts PDF
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  • 155 pages
  • Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial Arts
  • Joseph Cardillo
  • English
  • 15 February 2016
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