Awesome Archaeology (Knowledge)

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'First came ruthless treasure hunters seeking ancient plunderNext there were heroes who found the secrets and curses of long forgotten tombsNow we use computers to bring the past to lifeFollow daring underwater archaeologists into the cave of death discover a person's face from their skull and uncover the grisly secrets of bog bodies and prehistoric poo'Plus 'delve' into the past yourself with our guide to being a time detectiveIf you have read the 'Horrible Science' series of books you will be aware of the way in which Nick Arnold puts knowledge across in a humorous wayThis book is no exception'Archaeology is dead awesomethat's because it is about dead people and how they lived in the past It's about dead ruins overgrown and abandoned to the bats and snakes or buried in the earthAnd when archaeologists dig up ancient remains they come as close as anyone can to bringing dead people to life and talking to them about the pastOf course archaeologists don't 'really' chatter to skeletons or mumble to mummies if they did you might think there was something odd about them' This book is really close to my heart Before there was Indiana Jones there was Nick ArnoldThis book was everything I EVER wanted to be I worshipped it like bible took it everywhere The humour the illustrations and everything else spoke so much to my young mind it was amazingI lost this book a long time back but I still adore it till this date As a child I absolutely adored archaeology My Father would take me to archaeology days at museums and this was a book that my Father spotted and bought for me on one of those days As an avid dinosaur lover I settled down to read it almost instantly I still remember absolutely adoring this I was enamoured; I read it 6 or 7 times and never wanted to put it back down again With avid humour that everyone can understand a basic understand of the knowledge for younger readers this is an absolutely wonderful book It works well a lot of people are able to get stuff from this and the knowledge is all 100% correct to my own knowledge or it was at the time of publication This was brilliant and I would gladly read it again even now at 20 years old Nick Arnold Yirim seni Beni arkeolog olma hayalimden men ettin ama olsun yine de mükemmelsin Kitap çok güzeldi Arkeoloji şeysinden ürktüm ama yine de çok eğlenceliydi Diğer kitaplarına göre daha çok güldüm Yazar git gide daha da komikleşiyor D

Awesome Archaeology PDF/EPUB ¿ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Awesome Archaeology (Knowledge)
  • Nick Arnold
  • English
  • 02 October 2016
  • 9780439999083