The Brendan Voyage An Epic Crossing of the Atlantic by Leather Boat

The Brendan Voyage An Epic Crossing of the Atlantic by Leather Boat✹ [BOOKS] ✭ The Brendan Voyage An Epic Crossing of the Atlantic by Leather Boat By Tim Severin ❃ – It has been described as the greatest epic voyage in modern Irish historyTim Severin and his companions built a boat using only techniues and materials available in the sixth century AD when St Brenda It has Voyage An PDF/EPUB ã been described as the greatest epic voyage in modern Irish historyTim Severin and his companions built a boat using only techniues and materials available in the sixth century AD when St Brendan was supposed to have sailed to America The vessel comprised forty nine ox hides stitched together in a patchwork and stretched over a wooden frame This leather skin was only a uarter of an inch thick Yet The Brendan PDF or Severin and his crew sailed Brendan from Brandon Creek in Dingle to Newfoundland surviving storms and a puncture from pack ice The Brendan Voyage is Tim Severin's Brendan Voyage An Epic Crossing Kindle - dramatic account of their journey This new edition of a book already translated into twenty seven languages introduces a new generation of readers to an enduring classicTim Severin didn't prove St Brendan reached America only that he could have that it was possible Brilliantly written Brendan Voyage An MOBI ó The Brendan Voyage conveys unforgettably the sensation of being in a small open boat in the vastness of the North Atlantic visited by inuisitive whales reaching mist shrouded landfalls and receiving a welcome from seafaring folk wherever the crew touched land. Read as part of my Goodreads Ireland challenge for 2017 Been meaning to get around to reading one of Tim Severin’s voyage books after loving his Odinn’s Child Viking series so this challenge was the perfect excuse as first up was the genre “Travel” so as a lateral move I plumped for this as being my “travel” book” I think it jus about countsHaving stood next to the Kon tiki raft in Oslo Museum seeing the size of it they sailed across the Pacific in THAT Madness It does add an element of bewilderment whilst reading the Brendan voyage at their bravadoThe opening chapter is entitled STORM we begin only 30 miles into our journey off the West Coast of Ireland it’s a start full of trepidation as experienced sailors cast nervous glances at each other Tim Severin muses about a conversation he had months previously about the effect of salt water on leather the boat is constructed of leather Ox hides stretched over a wooden frame It’s a frightening start in part awe inspiring as you realise almost immediately what an undertaking this actually wasThe basis for the voyage was a text called the Navgatio which describe the legendary voyage of the Irish monk St Brendan from Ireland it is a fantastical tale at first as the text describes The Isle of Sheep Faroe Islands the isle of Smiths Iceland the promised land North America makes reference to all sorts of beasts strange experiences Was the text actually a factual account of a voyage of Irish monks that found the Americas hundreds of years before the Vikings a 1000 years before Columbus? The book relates to the text throughout evidencesimilarities amass during the Brendan voyage as too the accuracy of the text it’s certainly compellingTim Severin is very much a can do type of explorer his first experience of a similar boat was to ask locals if they could go out to sea in one of their hide canoes there like you don’t wanna be doing that It takes a fair bit of bribery to make it happen as he basically puts one to sea to see how it “handles” – certainly a brave adventurer the book is full of similar stories which makes it very entertaining as ive already said “awe inspiring” There is a LOT of background to the history of such boats construction methods etc but it’s never boring as the people he meets all have stories to tell along the way it’s a very good flowing read – probably so than his foray into non fiction in truth Anecdotes humour intermingle with the text make for an entertaining flowing read its not overdone padding as some books can be the balance is jus spot onAn incredible amount of time went into the building of this boat with three years spent in research development construction sea trials before it’s eventual launch One incredible statistic for you – there was over 30000 hand stitches put into the sewing of the Oxhide leather framework There’s so many stories about the adventure throughout such as the Orca encounter when the Bull whale comes up sniffs the Cow hide leather smeared in sheep fat boat the Ice floes chapter where they hole the boat have to stitch a patch on it partly underwater in freezing cold temperatures in an area that only days before had holed sunk an 8000 tones ice breaker now ferry off the Canadian coast the encounters with other ships who are jus amazed at coming across them in the middle of the Ocean all say “your doing what??” “you’ve come from where??” repeated the US Navy ship three timesThe anticsinteraction of the crew is a tale in itself enliven the journey despite the at times awful potentially deadly conditionsAt the end there is a section on the Navgatio chronicles which clearly show compelling evidence that such an undertaking was achieved as well as the boat specifications voyage tests that were performed to measure the changes in the boat constructionstrength etcFor me it’s 45 stars rounded upto 5 a great read highly recommend The Brendan VoyageBy Tim SeverinAcross the Atlantic in a leather boat This true story is told in the first person by the skipper of an exceptional historical and archaeological sailing adventureTim Severin was inspired by “Navigato” an ancient Latin document from the legend of Saint Brendan of the sixth century He decided to make a copy of the ancient leather vessel and undertake the voyage to America He wanted to prove that it had been done in the sixth century and thereby confirm that America was discovered long before Erik the Viking and long before Christoph Columbus He was able to raise enormous interest in the Irish seafaring community and found sponsors as well as scientists and friends to help him build the boat with the right kind of wood and leather and with the exact specifications he had found in ancient recordsAfter succeeding to build the boat Tim had the great fortune to find the right crew for his adventureThe journey followed Saint Brendan’s northern course using the same ‘stepping stones’ for provisions and foodThey started in May 1976 from Ireland then along Scotland and later arriving at the Faroes The Sheep Islands Against strong winds Gail storms unfavourable tides enormous waves they had to learn how to handle the boat which behaved like a surfboard as it had no keel and only two suare sails It could be steered just downwind Directional navigation proved to be very difficult So they skidded along confronting hair raising dangers and adventures Wherever the ship anchored the welcome was extraordinary Everyone seemed to know the team and the Brendan on its way to America From the Faroes they turned west and reached Reykjavik in Iceland in good shape Annual wind patterns were the reason they decided to make a winter break thereIt is likely the ancient monks would have proceeded in the same fashionIn spring with favourable winds prevailing the leather boat was put afloat and the last leg of the trip was to be mastered in one stretch Passing along Greenland without landing The adventure almost ended in disaster when the boat got trapped in pack ice Enormous ice blocks were surrounding them and tended to crash the little vessel at any moment With a tiny mirror blinking they succeeded in attracting a coastguard ship that came to their rescue They made landfall in Newfoundland in June 1977Tim Severin is not only a good skipper but also a good storytellerI have been gripped by this adventure as if I had been one of them and wish I could have This is a book not to be missed by any reader of real life adventure stories I recently finished reading Odinn's Child by the same author and wasn't overly impressed but the fact that the book was well written and was very descriptive led me to believe that Severin's non fiction books might just be on the mark I read the free kindle excerpt and was happily proved right needless to say i subseuently downloaded the complete book Whereas Severin's writing style tends to bog the reader down when writing historical fiction in this book it really flows creating a veritable page turner The only problem I had was the lack of detailed diagrams of the Brendan and a map of the route taken I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in medieval history and shipbuilding as well as kon tiki esue adventures One of the most fascinating books I've read in a long time The author tells the step by step how he researched and then built a replica of the boat St Brendan used in the Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis His object is to prove it was possible for Brendan and his monks to have sailed to America from Ireland and he does so by completing the voyage himself in his replicated boat Several things I really liked about this First was the description of all the craftsmanship that went into the construction of this boat In order to follow as exactly as possible the processes that would have been used by a seventh century Irishman Severin had to find craftsman in the United Kingdom who still practised the ancient techniues from tanning and stitching the leather to the actual construction of a traditional Irish curragh Severin stopped several times to mention how difficult in some cases impossible it was for modern artisans to reach the level of skill found in ancient leatherwork of the timesIt struck me that this skills handiwork of all sorts were exactly suited to monastic life reuiring as they did slow patient incredibly tedious and detailed work repeated with infinite patience And the amount of sheer observation experiment and perseverance it would have taken to arrive at these techniues in the first place could probably only have arisen in a contemplative societySecondly I really enjoyed reading about their encounters with marine life They were surrounded by whales who seemed uite curious about the other leather skinned object in the water with them and Severin mentioned several times how the whales would disappear the instant a large modern boat hove into sight It sounds like we don't know what we're missed by sailing around in the monstrous ships of todayThey also watched a school of whales being attacked by a killer whale a possible parallel to St Brendan's encounter with a sea monster that was attacked and driven off by a second monster of fiercer aspect yetLastly it made me really want to visit the Hebrides and the Faroes islands He met a family on the Faroes that had lived in the same house for eighteen generations They were invited to a feast for which the head of the family dressed in a splendid 17th century costume So anyway I'm out of breath from gasping I'm oxygen deprived from holding my breath My husband is battered by my insistent demands that he listen to this What a thrillerTim Severin retraces the route St Brendan c 489 AD sailed in a curragh covered with forty nine oxhides He calls his open boat Brendan in honor of the Irish Saint who wrote the Navigatio and the journey he takes The Brendan Voyage It dawned on me that the Brendan Voyage was going to be a detective storyThe narrative is divided between the research and making of the Brendan the crew recruited to sail and the journey itself interspersed with landfalls along the Stepping Stone Route Of course I had a world atlas at my side and followed the adventure with my index finger Our advance was a cross between bumper cars at a fairground and a country suare dance except that our dancing partners were leviathans of ice as they dipped circled and curtsied Again and again we slithered past floes listening to the bump and crunch as ice brushed the leather hull the sharper tremor and rattle as we ran over scraps of small ice the shudder as ice fragments the size of table tops and weighing a couple of hundred pounds ricocheted off the blade of the steering paddleborrowed from Kindle Lending Library great tale I loved this It started a little slow for me but before I knew what hit me I was eyeball deep in the adventure And what an adventure I want to know about what has happened to the sailors since this voyage I loved reading about all of the meticulous care they took to make sure that the boat was as close to medieval as it could be I was on the edge of my seat when they were navigating the ice field If you like boats and adventures and intrepid monks don't miss this one AmazingIrish historydangerous journeyindomitable spiritcooperation above and beyond what is typical I really enjoyed the description of the materials needed to build a leather boat and the work and science involvedThe journey was harrowing and reading about it was tense in the extremeThis book is a keeper An interesting book in line with the ancient boat trips series of Thor Heyerdahl This one rebuilds a leather and wood boat and sails from Ireland to the Americasuite enjoyable with some interesting descriptions of the places wildlife and characters they meet The building of the boat and sourcing material and comparing it to ancient techniues is a highlight Re experiencing the adventures of Saint Brendan and finding out the ancient stories are most likely real places and events was also fascinating What an absolutely delightful read I wasn't expecting to like this book having no knowledge of sailing except what I've read in children's books like Swallows and s There's something here for everyone the historian the scientist the adventurer the Catholic etc Bonus content in the appendix a summary of St Brendan's Navigatio which I was thankful for as I got curious enough to want to read it The author and his crew are daring resourceful intelligent and humorous Manly men No snowflakes here Breathtaking action and adventure interspersed with uiet observation that inspires reflection A moving account which for me made it a perfect book to read for Lent particularly this Lent when it often feels like we are on a boat sailing this vast unknown ocean often or rather always at the mercy of our Lord who nevertheless cares for and protects and provides for us Cannot wait to watch the documentary Would not hesitate to recommend or gift this book to fellow readers

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