So You Want to Hunt Ghosts?

So You Want to Hunt Ghosts?[Read] ➮ So You Want to Hunt Ghosts? By Deonna Kelli Sayed – The New Comprehensive Guide to Everything About Real Life Ghost HuntingSearch no further for the complete up to date and smart guide for the aspiring ghost hunter you Packed with insider knowledge thi Want to Epub µ The New Comprehensive Guide to Everything About Real Life Ghost HuntingSearch no further for the complete up to date and smart guide for the aspiring ghost hunter you Packed with insider knowledge this handbook covers everything about becoming a real paranormal investigatorThis essential manual provides a detailed So You eBook Þ breakdown of every step on your ghost hunting journey Explore the fascinating work of seminal figures in the history of paranormal investigation Learn how to build a cohesive team and choose your first supernatural case Discover crucial advice on the latest ghost hunter gadgets the ethical way to You Want to MOBI ó report your evidence and how to stay safe in your ghostly encountersUnlike other ghost hunting books this indispensable guide explains how to conduct historical research on your case how to properly document your discoveries and how popular media and ghost hunting TV shows have impacted the modern paranormal community So You Want to Hunt Ghosts is your key to successful investigative adventures. It’s hard to rate this book because it’s not exactly a memoir about ghostly encounters It’s a field guide using the author’s expertise By their nature guides are cut and dry They don’t have a plot or characters but they can be entertaining or boring depending on how well written they are and how they cover the subject matter For me So You Want to Hunt Ghosts? holds the middle between boring and entertaining At times I was very engrossed in the book and other times I didn’t care that muchI liked how the author described the different approaches to ghost hunting like research based and client based For a newbie ghost hunter this book would’ve been a great guide However I had trouble with the author trying to press her own beliefs on to the reader sometimes It wasn’t an overly pressing concern it just seemed to me like the author kept giving hints at how her interpretation of certain things was the only plausible explanation whereas I could’ve come up with several other explenations Mind you I’m not talking about the author’s religious beliefs since these barely have anything to do with this book but about her spiritual beliefs I wish she would’ve been open minded about other people’s spiritual beliefs in this bookSomething else that bothered me is that although the book is meant as a field guide too much of it stems from the author’s personal experiences While that is valuable it’sn ot something I would’ve expected in a field guide I did enjoy those passages though so I didn’t mind too much it was just a little pet peeve of mineOverall as far as true haunting books go this one was all right Not the best I’ve read not the worst either Probably one of the better ghost hunting books I've read After all it's Llewellyn Publishers so I have come to expect good things out of them This book isn't heavy on how to use the euipment or why you should use some euipment than others It however is probably the best I've seen as it comes down to things like how to do research or write the report This is awesome in that regard This should be in an amateur ghost hunter's collection Please note this is not a collection of ghost stories If you want that find a different book I have several in my library this is for you hunting ghosts on your own or with a team hence the title I did finish the book but I admit I skimmed a fair bit It seems to be geared towards someone who wants to form a ghost hunting group not someone with a casual interest in ghosts or a light interest in finding ghosts It was a bit dry in my opinion but there was a great deal of information on a variety of topics including technology writing reports Honestly I found the ads for other books at the back interesting than the book itself That may be simply that the book didn't match my interests

So You Want to Hunt Ghosts? PDF ✓ So You  eBook
  • ebook
  • 264 pages
  • So You Want to Hunt Ghosts?
  • Deonna Kelli Sayed
  • 05 November 2016
  • 9780738731711