Wild Men of Alaska (Wild Men of Alaska #1-4)

Wild Men of Alaska (Wild Men of Alaska #1-4)❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Wild Men of Alaska (Wild Men of Alaska #1-4) Author Tiffinie Helmer – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk IntenseRuggedSexyUntamedA collection of four novellas in the Wild Men of Alaska series Impact IntenseHe arrested her five years ago and has been waiting for her ever since She's vowed never to lay eye IntenseRuggedSexyUntamedA collection of four novellas in the Wild Men of Alaska series Impact IntenseHe arrested her five years ago and has been waiting for her ever since She's vowed never to lay eyes on him again Wrecked in a small plane with an arctic storm bearing down they won't survive if they don't survive each other Moosed Up Rugged He's big and hot and hungry for a mate but has a secret that seems destined to ruin his chances at Wild Men PDF or love She can't trust herself when it comes to men and knows next to knowing about surviving Alaska The moose are loose and the men are hungry Dreamweaver SexyHe led a charmed life until he was murdered Now he's a desperate man who can only touch her in her dreams She's a tempted woman who thinks she's going crazy when she starts having out of this world sex with a dream lover Is their love real Or is it just a dream Bearing All Untamed He's lured her to the edge of Alaska hoping enough time has passed that her heart has softened and her knives have dulled She's been sent to assassinate him Again This time she intends to succeed without ending up in his bed They'll be stripped bare before the night is over. 350 StarsAudiobook VersionFirstly I loved the narrator She had such a smooth confident voice that she actually lulled me to sleep once or twice which for this long suffering insomniac was not a bad thing Also her ability to seamlessly switch between dual POVs came off as effortlessThis was a box set of four novellas by author Tiffinie Helmer featuring four very intense Alaskan alpha males an Alaskan State Trooper a Wildlife Refuge Officer a murdered mountain climber an ex KGB agent all ready to find and claim their destined mates uestion is are these women ready to be found and claimed? The stories were each well thought out with well developed characters but they felt a bit rushed once the females admitted their feelings and then they ended somewhat abruptly Just saying I'm a huge fan of Kristen Ashley and thought all of these stories could have used one of KAs signature EpiloguesStill overall I enjoyed these Alaska based tales and would happily read by Tiffinie Helmer A rather disappointing buy sorry to say I liked the second story Moosed Up but not so much the rest Moosed Up was the believable story with the most plot There was an antagonist though he barely got in the way of the romance a cast of characters and a chance for the two main characters to get to know each otherThe first story Impact was not a story as far as I'm concerned It was a scene out of a story And it wasn't very believable After crashing in Alaska the hero and heroine are interested in getting it on than the fact that there is a dead body with them a blizzard is approaching and one of them is injured By the way our heroine was not really injured in the crash She had an inconvenient gash on her head the hero broke his arm but they weren't hurt in any way that would make sex impossible I found that to be unbelievable I'm sure if I were in a small plane that crashed there would be a little injury and a worry about internal bleeding and some PTSD associated with it When I read the opening I honestly thought the action would take place at the wedding both were going to While these two had a history together their get together felt like a rebound relationship than anything that would last After all both admitted in the five years they've been apart both were saving themselves because no one would compare to their lost loveAs I said Moosed Up was my favorite The two characters had a chance to get to know each other She gets to meet his family and develop a relationship that wasn't just all about sex It was the only one that I felt really had a villain though this villain didn't do anything to harm the relationship and only showed up at the end And BW the Moose was a neat addition It was the only one that felt like a real story to meDreamweaver the third story was a great let down I thought maybe the first one would be the only let down but I was wrong Again there are the main characters who have no real chemistry as far as I could tell no connection and it was all about how fast the two of them could have sex It wasn't about a relationship but a one night stand I like when I read romance to feel that the hero and heroine have a staying power after I read the end Not so with this story What do they know about each other? Not a whole lot beyond they want to have sex with each other What stood in their way? Again not a whole lot He was dead and in Limbo that was the problem We all knew before the end there would be a way for them to be together The ending felt tacked onI can't really comment on the last story I read most of the first chapter skimmed through it and deleted it from my kindle It was basically a rehash of everything I was disliking about the rest of the stories Girl and boy meet instantly fall in love and all plot revolves around them getting in bed as fast as possible and there is no believability of them staying togetherFrankly I would have loved to see Moosed Up as a longer book with development or have Impact be stretched to include plot I'm listening to the audio version of this that has books 1 4 all done togetherBook#1 Impact3 starsAudio time 0 205This is a short story about 2 ex lovers that get trapped together in a crashed plane during a storm in the wilds of Alaska Wren and Skip grew up together and were each other's first loves The full details are sketchy but it appears that certain things ended Wren on a path where she got hooked on drugs and Skip had to arrest her for her own good I didn't have an issue with that but I did find it strange that he dropped out of her life for 5 years and thought it would be easy to get back in her life There was a rather confusing mix of emotions and blame that Wren and Skip needed to work through They don't get through them completely but they do realize what they've been missing enough that Skip and Wren are back together by the end of the storyThis was an enjoyable story Wren and Skip both seemed like good people but TBH the story isn't long enough to get to know them very well especially considering all the conflicting emotions that had to be dealt with I think this would have been better if it had been a bit longer to work through things a bit better but overall is was a decent story and I'm reading book #2 in the series nextBook #2 Moosed Up4 starsAudio time 205 546This was a very good story I liked Eva and Lynx and their story was enjoyable with a bit of a surprise twistEva is a nurse practitioner She had been in a happy relationship or so she thought but her life took an unexpected turn when she discovered her boyfriend in bed with her BFF What was even shocking for Eva is that her BFF is a gay man and now her exboyfriend is living happily with her exBFF Eva needed a change so she moved to Alaska for a 2 year contract at a small clinicLynx is the law enforcement for the local Wildlife refuge in his town and he's also a vet He grew up in Alaska and most of his family lives in the same town he does Eva isn't in town too long before she gets lost in the woods near her house and gets chased by a Moose She climbs a tree to get away from it and ends up attracting Lynx's attention Lynx gets the Moose to leave her alone and then helps her with an injury she got from the tree There's a strong attraction between them but there's also a certain amount of antagonism between them since Eva can be a bit bitchy when she's stressedfreaked and Lynx isn't very good with talking to women at least it seems that way outside of sex Regardless of his annoyance at this outsider Lynx can't help but want her and feel the need to find out about her He manages to get Eva to agree to a date but unfortunately for both of them things seem to keep going wrong in ways that makes Eva unsure of where she stands if Lynx actually liked her or if he's really just a jerk I liked Lynx and Eva together though and although the story is an insta love I felt enough of a connection with them that it worked for me By the end Lynx and Eva are pretty solidly together When it ends there's still some things that need to be worked out but there's a confidence that they're good together and will do what's needed to ensure their HEA togetherI enjoyed this story very much Lynx and Eva were both likable characters They had their issues getting together but I liked how they both worked towards it even if sometimes haltingly I actually was a bit surprised by what Lynx's secret ended up being think Dr Doolittle Overall I thought this was a very good story and I'd recommend it DBook #3 Dreamweaver35 4 starsAudio time546 1019This was a pretty good story I liked both Gemma and Lucky Their story was unusual but interesting There is a bit of a love triangle but it all works out so it actually ends up being a good thingGemma is a nice lady that owns a book store in Alaska She was raised there by her hippy parents Her dad died when she was young and Gemma's mom was loony enough that Gemma became the adult of the relationship Emma hasn't had much luck with men but has recently started having very intense sex dreams with a guy she doesn't knowLucky was a professional mountain climber and the type of guy who was always looking for the next adventure He loved women but never found one he wanted to commit to Lucky was killed and now languishes in LimboLucky and Gemma were meant to be if Lucky hadn't been killed When he ended up in Limbo he found his connection to earth only existed through Gemma This connection was made stronger by the particularly strong northern lights displays going on right now Lucky fell for Gemma as soon as he saw her and hasn't been able to move on from Limbo because of his connection to Gemma and his longing to be near her Gemma thinks she might be nuts with the dream lover thing and is even worried when he mom starts talking about a dreamwalker trying to take her soul Gemma is drawn to Lucky but he's not real not real enough to have a relationship with at least and she's really not sure what to doThings get even confused by the fact that she's just starting to see a guy she knows and the whole dream lover thing makes things that much confusing It also doesn't help when Gemma's BFF for her own reasons which I found a bit disturbing suddenly starts encouraging Gemma to be with Lucky when she had previously been discouraging her I really wasn't too hot on the love triangle but it actually works out uite well when all is said and done Gemma and Lucky made a good couple but there is a good amount of angst they have to deal with Thankfully there ends up being a way for things to work out for Lucky and Gemma and they end the story starting a HEA togetherThis was and enjoyable story Gemma was a nice woman and I wanted her to get the man that was meant for her Lucky was a bit cocky but nice and proved he wanted what was best for Gemma over his own needs which I loved There were a couple points I wasn't thrilled with but overall I liked this story and am looking forward to reading the next story in the series Book #4 Bearing All4 starsAudio time1019 1337This was a very good story I liked Sergei and Kate although since the story begins with Kate trying to kill Sergei it's a bit difficult to see her likable features at firstKate and Sergei have a convoluted past She was an agent for the US and he was one for Russia and they got pitted against each other during a mission They ended up sleeping together which was part of both of their missions but they didn't kill each other which they were supposed to Kate thought that Sergei was responsible for her partner's death as well as for breaking her heart and decided to hunt him down to kill him After a couple years she finds him in Alaska and goes after himSergei knew that Kate would come for himactually he counted on it The way Sergei felt about Kate wasn't part of his mission and now he wants to see if they can be together When she comes to kill him Sergei manages to best Kate and subdue her which isn't easy at all Sergei tries talking to Kate but it's hard to get past her anger to make her realize some painful truths The time that Kate and Sergei have together isn't easy but they can't deny their attraction for each other and Sergei doesn't want toin fact he tries to fan the flames of Kate's attraction hoping it can be something Sergei and Kate have to get through some things that are rough especially for Kate but they do manage to come through things alright and ready to start a HEA togetherThis was a very enjoyable story I liked Sergei and Katre and they made a good pair once they got past their past The story could have been a bit longer but it's shortness wasn't really an issue Overall this was a very good story and I'd recommend it D note I listened to the audio version of this story and the narrator did a good job Book One IMPACTI love stories about lovers who reunite for a second chance at love And I love stories that take place in my home state of AlaskaWith this short story by Tiffinie Helmer I have bothWhen Wren Terni returns to her village for a wedding the last person she wants to see is Alaska State trooper Skip Ozhuwan the man who arrested and sent her to jail for 5 years But as luck would have it he is on the same small 3 seat plane as her When they crash in the mountains these two have to face each other and deal with their sordid past or freeze to deathI LOVED the fact that Ms Helmer does an amazing job of stay true to the reality of living in Alaska I had to laugh at some of the lines shaking my head and saying yep that’s Alaska This was the first time I read anything written by Tiffinie Helmer I was so impressed by the fact that this was a short story 67 pages on my Nook yet it was so well written that I didn’t feel rushed or cheatedAs soon as I was done with Impact I immediately went to BN and downloaded Moosed Up the second book in the Wild Men of Alaska Series Book Two Moose UpAfter reading Impact the first book in this series I had to follow up with Moosed Up And I’m so glad I did This book was hilariously witty I found myself either smiling or softly snickering while I was readingThe other thing that I noticed while this was the 2nd book in the Wild Men of Alaska these books a stand alone booksthe only thing that connects this series is the fact that they take place in Alaska and the men are smoking HOTSame as the first book Tiffinie Helmer once again captures the beauty of Alaska and her people Only this time it’s with a big dash of humor and a touch of mysteryEva and Lynx were both strong and very likable characters that you can’t help but fall in love with The bantering between these two had the grinning ear from ear And the chemistry sizzling hotBook Three DreamweaverLiving in Alaska for the past 16 years I have had the pleasure for watching the Northern Light dancing outside my living room windows almost every winter and have heard the varies native legends connected to these beautiful displaysNow Tiffinie Helmer has written an eually wonderful story about one of these legends Ms Helmer does a fantastic job of weaving the native folklore and a sweet love story It has everything it’s intense it’s emotional mystery humor and it’s very sexyAs I was reading this story I kept wondering how in the world could this have a HEA? I for the life of me couldn’t figure out how there could be one but my hats off to Tiffine she pulled it off I highly recommend this novellaSide Note Once again this 3rd book in the series can be read as a stand aloneBook Four Bearing AllI love to read a good action romance and I adore stories about second chance love Yet I have seldom found them both in one book I finally found one“Bearing All” as met all the reuirements Kate is one bad ass chick I loved her combat moves as much as I loved watching Sergei take her down while trying not to hurt her The chemistry between this two just sizzled off the pages Tiffine did a wonderful job for slowly explaining their history as we were watching the present unfoldJust like the other 3 books in this series you get a magnificent peek into the rugged Alaska terrainThis time Ms Helmer just happened to pick the area by my favorite city in Alaska Homer and in the winter There couldn’t be a magical place on earth The mentioning of the Salty Dawg saloon had me jumping for joy You can’t go to Homer and not visit the Salty Dawg even if it’s just to get one of their hoodies My whole family has one in fact some have one in almost every colorI think that “Bearing All” is my favorite so farI look forward to in this wonderful series and yes I know that I’m bias because I’m from Alaska Getting to read Tiffinie's books all in one with this bundle was such a treat It spoiled me and now I want Getting to read each story one after the other was beyond amazing I can't decide which was my favorite because to be honest they all had something special about them There was enough action passion love and smoking hot sex scenes in this bundle to burn my kindle up Each stories were very well written and uniue I truly loved this bundle Impact Skip and Wren's story This was the first book I read of Tiffinie's and it wont be the last I truly enjoyed this story It was very realistic and lovable The whole story line was amazingBoth characters were unforgettable Its a true love story and it melted me Moosed up Lynx and Eva's story After reading Impact I had to continue reading Tiffinie's books Tiffinie's writing makes me want to take a trip to Alaska to see all the wonderful things it has to offer that we get to read about in her books The details are vivid really making you feel as if you are in the storyOh wow does the title fit this wonderful story This story was packed with everything you could possibly want when reading romanceSmoking hot passion between Lynx and Eva I loved how their relationship grew as the story went on I had so many laugh out loud moments This story had exciting twists that kept you wanting Lots of action passion love emotion and plenty of laughs A complete packageTiffinie's men are to die for and her women are strong enough to stand beside their men I loved this tale Its a must read Dreamweaver Lucky and Gemma's story This book was so very magical I loved the story lineTiffinie writes heart melting love stories I can't get enough of this world Tiffinie has created It's addicting and I want This story had plenty of smoking hot passion and lots of laughs This one will stay with me forever Bearing All Sergei and Kate's story Oh wow So much action and passion in this love story I loved the whole story line Tiffinie has done it again and I am a fanWhat is there not to love about being snowed in with a sexy man? LOL Oh boy this story was smoking hot I had to fan myself a few times I sighed so much and even laughed I love when I read a book and I get physical reactions from the storyNow I want of the yummy men and kick ass women she writes Please write This set of fab books is like icing on a cake Delightful decadent and hard to put down I've read them all and enjoyed them immensily I read these books in almost one sitting;I was hooked within the first pages till I had turned the last page Tiffinie Helmer always captivates me with her writing her stories are always uniue well detailed and easily envisaged and I immensely enjoy the characters that she scripts Her settings that her stories are set in are to die forand as a reader I can envisage every detail that she scribes within these pages You are certainly taken to another place whilst reading her stories Whether they be action packed adventerous romantic or down right funny at times you will feel as though you are in the story itself I am always able to connect with the characters and submerge myself within the story something that for me is important when readingWe have actionadventureromance a few good laughs and storylines that will have you wanting and even searching out your own 007 lol An author whom I will follow with each and every new story and adventure 4 amazing story's in this boxed Wild Men of Alaska setImpact Skip and Wren are hot together The hardships they endured and be able to have love push that aside so they can work through it all Moosed up Super fun and sexy story And I think all of us can say getting Moosed Up is one heck of a thing Eva and Lynx are pure chemistry together Even heart broken Eva is such a strong person Dream Weaver This story was a bit para normal but was still a great read Gemma and Lucky were a great storyline couple you could not help but want them to be together in the endBearing All Kate comes in and plans to eliminate Sergei unknowing that Sergei has plans for Kate she is unaware of Hot sexy Russian Sergei is a woman's dream Loved the story and the conflict between the two of them All 4 books are great stories in the Wild Men of Alaska boxed set I can't say enough about Helmer's Wild Men of Alaska I started these books as individual e reads and was thrilled when they came out in a print volume Helmer does an excellent job with setting details and her heroes are simply let's just say they grow em extremely hunky in Alaska I have her latest books in my TBR pile and I'm looking forward to of whatever Helmer writes I really enjoyed the first two stories of this anthology Impact and Moosed Up both of which I would rate at 35 starsThe last two stories were not my cup of tea but the first two than make this anthology worth it Great collectionThis is a varied collection of novellas each set in that different part of Alaska and each featuring a different set of characters You will meet a recovering addict and a cop a veterinarian native and a greenhouse an ethereal spirit and a pragmatic bookseller and a couple of Russian spies They are generally likeable and strong and while the stories are novellas so pretty short and not complicated are entertaining and varied

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